Person:William Strother (5)

William Strother, (the Immigrant)
b.Abt 1630
  • HWilliam Strother, (the Immigrant)Abt 1630 - Abt 1702
  • WDorothy Savage1635 - 1716
m. 1651
  1. Jeremiah Strother1655 - 1741
  2. James Strother1663 - 1716
  3. William B Strother1674 - 1724
  4. Robert Strother1680 - 1735
  5. Benjamin Strother1683 - 1752
  6. Joseph Strother1685 - 1766
Facts and Events
Name William Strother, (the Immigrant)
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1630 (estimated)
Marriage 1651 Gloucester County, Virginiato Dorothy Savage
Will? 30 Dec 1700 Richmond County, Virginiawill written
Death? Abt 1702 Richmond County, Virginia
Probate? 4 Nov 1702 Richmond County, Virginia

Strother Family Descendants (disambiguation)


The parents of William are, at present, unknown. There are GEDCOMSs circulating on the Internet which incorrectly show him as the child of Family:William Strother and Elizabeth Unknown (1). No documentation has been provided and there is evidence to the contrary.

The William Strother Society has had a committee[2] searching for the origins of William. DNA testing has provided negative results in connecting him to the descendants of the candidates for William Strother's ancestors. However, DNA results are positive for connections to several present-day Struther families who originate in the county of Lanark in Scotland. Continuing research is being done genealogically and with DNS testing. Those interested in the Strother origins may visit the Society website. Those who join the society receive newsletters with the latest research news.

Will of William Strother [1]

The will of William Strother is dated Dec. 30, 1700, and was probated in Richmond County, Nov. 4, 1702. In it he names wife Dorothy; devises one-half the land he lives on with "mansion" to his eldest son William, after death of testator's wife. The other half to son James; rest of his lands to sons Robert and Benjamin, after providing for the education of his son Joseph; special bequest to grandson "Will" Strother; all the rest and residue of personal estate, with crops of corn, tobacco and servants, to wife Dorothy .Strother, during the time of her widowhood, but if she should marry again, son James to order an account to be taken of the personal estate, that it may be equally divided between her and sons James, Jeremy, Robert, Benjamin and Joseph. Executors: Wife and son James. Witnesses: James Phillips, Edward Langdree, William Smith.
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  2. English Ancestry Committee, in William Strother Society Website.

    Research and DNA results indicate that William was possibly descended from the Struther family who come from the county of Lanark [Lanarkshire] Scotland.
    See the website for the latest information.

  3.   "Strother of Old Rappahannock, Virginia and Georgia", in Boddie, John Bennett. Historical Southern Families. (Redwood City, California: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1957-1980)
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    William Strother, the first of Virginia, is said to have married Dorothy, daughter of his neighbor, Capt. Anthony Savage, but there seems to be no documentary proof of this.
    Old Rappahnnock was divided into Richmond and Essex in 1692.
    William Strother made his will in Richmond County "sick and weak" Oct 2, 1700, probated Nov 4, 1702.

    "...eldest son, William Strother, 150 acres of land including plantation I live upon...
    except that while my wife Dorothy shall live she shall peacefully and quietly possess one half of said plantation, with housing, etc.;
    upon her death same is to return to son William"
    to son James 150 acres next to William,
    the remaining part of my land to be divided between sons Robert and Benjamin;
    son Joseph to be put to school and to be free at his own disposing at age of 16;
    to grandson Will Strother 2100 lbs. tbco. to be sent to England and proceeds paid him at age of 10.
    All rest of my personal estate is to be equally divided between her and my sons James, Jeremiah, Robert, Benjamin and Joseph.
    Wits: James Phillips, Edward Langdres, Wm. Smith

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