Person:William Spencer (5)

Lieutenant William Spencer 4 May 1640 and 22 May 1640 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
m. 10 Nov 1600
  1. Lieutenant William Spencer1601 - bet 1640
  2. Elizabeth Spencer1602 - ABT 1645
  3. John Spencer1603/04 - bef 1645/46
  4. Henry Spencer1605 - 1607
  5. Sergeant Thomas Spencer1607 - 1687
  6. Richard Spencer1608 - 1614
  7. Unknown Spencerbef 1609/10 - 1609/10
  8. Michael Spencer1611 - bef 1653
  9. Ensign Gerard Spencer1614 - bef 1685
  • HLieutenant William Spencer1601 - bet 1640
  • WAgnes Harris1604 - aft 1680
m. bef 1633
  1. Elizabeth Spencerest 1633 - aft 1690/91
  2. Sarah Spencer1635 - 1691
  3. Samuel Spencerest 1639 - est 1716
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][4] Lieutenant William Spencer
Gender Male
Christening[1][4][5] 11 Oct 1601 Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England
Emigration[1] 1631
Residence[1] 1631 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage bef 1633 to Agnes Harris
Other[1][2] 4 Mar 1632/33 Admitted freeman of Massachusetts Bay.
Residence[1] 1639 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[1] bet 4 May 1640 and 22 May 1640 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Will[3][6] 4 May 1640 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesnuncupative

William and Agnes Spencer settled at Newtown (Cambridge), MA in 1632, and he took the Freeman's Oath on Mar. 4, 1632/3. He was Deputy to the General Court seven times 1634-1638, Selectman in 1635, Lt. of the Train Band 1632, and charter member of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company in 1638/9. The family moved to Hartford, CT in 1639. [7]

5g grandfather of Harriett Beecher Stowe, through daughter Elizabeth and her husband Jacob Joy.


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    "CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to a Massachusetts Bay church (probably Watertown) prior to 4 March 1632/3 implied by freemanship.
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    "BIRTH: Baptized Stotfold, Bedfordshire, 11 October 1601, son of Gerrard and Alice (Whitbread) Spencer [TAG 27:162].
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    Spencer, Willia. Invt. £231-12-02.

    A coppy of the will & testament of Willia Spencer, late of Hartford, deceased, prsented in Court vpon oath by John Taylcott & John Pratt, of the said towne. A noate of the mynd and will of Willia Spencer, for prsent the 4th of May, 1640.

    Imprs. His will is that the estate that he hath in New Ingland, and also that wch may com to his wife hereafter, that is, any prte of his wifes portion yf any doe com, that all the estate be dyuyded as followeth:

    I give to my wife one third prte of all my estate.

    I give to my sonne Samuell one third prte:

    I give to my two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, one third partte.

    The children to be brought vppe wth the improvement of the whole estate that I leaue both to my wife and children.

    Also my mynd is, my Cosen Matthew Allyn, my brother John Pratt, and John Taylcoate, that these three partyes or any two of them shall have the Ouersight of my Estate; and in case that they shall see in theire judgement the Estate to be wasted, that they shall haue power to take the children and their portions (_____) for their bringing vppe, and to pay the Children their portions that remayne at the severall tymes above written.

    Also my mynd is, that my wife shall have no power to alienatt or make sale of my howse or any prte of my land I leave wthout the consent of two of the prtyes that are to ouersee my Estate.

    These last three lines were added subsequently in the hand writing of Secretary John Allyn. The distribution of the estate appeares in the Records of the perticular Courte, the 24th June, 1650, fol. 10, and the Coppyes of the bills given to the Courte for the payment of the £30 to the children are in the Booke of Records of Lands for the Severall townes, at ye other end of it The original Bills are vppon fyle of wills & Inventories.

    Land Records. Vol. II, Page - (Not paged in this side of the Book). Know all men by these prss, that I, John Tayllcott, of Hartford, upon Connecticut River, do hereby Bynde my selfe, my Heires, Executors, Administers and Assigns, to pay or cause to be paid unto Sara Spencer, and to Elizabeth Spencer, the full value of tenn pounds when they shall bee of full age of eighteen yeares, in some pay that is Current for so much when the said payments are to be made. John Tallcott.

    Witness: Richard Lord. John Steele 14 March, 1650.

    It is also agreed, that if either of the children dye before the time that they are of age, then the survivour & survivours shall receive it at the time when it should have been paid to the deceased, if he or she had lived. And if they all dye before the said time, then it shall bee paid to Agnes Edwards, or her Lawfull Attorney of the said Agnes, the mother of the said children. John Tallcott, John Steele.

    March the twelth, one thousand Six hundreth and fifty. Know all men by these prsents, that I, Richard Lord, of Hartford, doe owe and confess my self to be Indebted unto the Executors & supervisors of William Spencers Last will and Testament, the full sum of Twenty pounds Sterling for the aloane use of Samuel Spencer and Sara Spencer, to be paid as follows: fifteene pounds when the said Samuel shall be of full age, which will bee in the yeare 1660, in any pay that shall be Current in the Country at that time for so much; and five pounds unto Sara Spencer, at the age of eighteen yeares, wch will be in the yeare 1653. Richard Lord.

    Witness: John Steele. William Edwards.

    Court Record, Page 10 - (Vol. II) 24 June, 1650.

    With the Information of the Overseers, in presence of Thomas Spencer, the brother of sd. Decd, with the Consent of the wife of William Edwards, this Court do judge that £30 is as much as the Estate here will bear to be sequestered for the Use of the Children, also provided that what shall be paid here or in England of any Estate due to the wife of the sd. William Spencer, 2-3 shall be and remain to the Children."

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