Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p150

Volume 4, Page 150

Sarah, Hannah, Deborah, to neither of wh. could Goodwin give date,
nor name of mo. nor m.; beside Ruth, b. 1689; and Jonathan, 1692;
and d. 1704. * WILLIAM, Cambridge 1631, br. of Thomas, was much
betrust. one of that Comtee. appoint. 9 May 1632, at the gen. meet. of
the whole people, to confer with the Assist. a. rais. common stock, wh.
soon led to erect. of ho. of reps. of wh. he was at the first, 1634, and
most succeed. ones until 1638, but previously made freem. 4 Mar. 1633,
was of the Com. to form body of fundam. laws, Mar. 1638, and lieut. of
the milit. one of the found. of the Anc. and Hon. Artil. Co. being fourth
nam. in its chart. Mar. 1639, rem. to Hartford that yr. was rep. in Apr.
Aug. Jan. foll. beside Apr. 1640; and d. 1640. His will of 4 May of
that yr. pro. 4 Mar. foll. part. his est. to w. one third. Samuel his s. one
third, Sarah, and Eliz. his ds. one third. Sarah m. a. 1657, John Case
of Windsor, and Eliz. m. 1649, William Wellman, and, next, 23 May
1672, Jacob Joy. The wid. Agnes m. William Edwards, and so was the
happy instrum. of diffus. that illustr. name; of wh. Farmer MS. says
eleven had in 1834 been gr. at N. E. coll. six at Yale alone. WILLIAM
was the name of a passeng. in the John and Mary 1634, from London,
with John, aforement. and may have been his br. but where he sat down
is unkn. Yet one William was Kittery 1663. WILLIAM, Haddam,
s. of Jared of the same, m. Sarah, d. of Nicholas Ackley[1], had Joseph,
Elizabeth, James, Micajah, Margaret, Hezekiah, William, Jonathan, and Ichabod;
but no date is found for either of them.

New Haven 1639, liv. on the Delaware afterwards; there by a w. dec.
had L200, and a d. Mary, came back to N. H. made his will, 20 June
1649 (intending a voyage to Boston, wh. he outliv. and came safe back),
in wh. he gave half his prop. to Mary, wh. m.....Rice of Stratford, and a
quarter ea. to Edward, and Lettice, ch. of his w. whose surname is not told;
and what he had at Delware to his neph. Humphrey Spenning. Aft. his ret.
from the Bay, he d. bef. 29 Sept. 1656, for this was the date of his inv. HUMPHREY,
New Haven, neph. and legatee of the preced. m. 14 Oct. 1657,
Abigail, d. of George Hubbard, of Guilford, had John, b. 22 Feb. 1659;
and Daniel 5 Feb. 1662, wh. perhaps d. young; and so may have both
f. and mo. bec. the gr.f. George Hubbard names John,gr.s. as a legatee,
without more.

    SPERRY, RICHARD, New Haven 1643, sw. freem. 1644, had Ebenezer,
b. July, bapt. 30 Aug. 1663; and Daniel, 1665; beside Esther, wh. m.
21 June 1683, Daniel Hotchkiss; had liv. on the W. side of the rock, a.
one mile from the cave, where Goffe and Whalley, the regicides, enjoy.
their hiding, and he had supplied them, with food; was a propr. 1685, as
were JOHN, RICHARD Jun. NATHANIEL, and THOMAS, perhaps his s.
Mary, prob. his d. m. 29 Mar. 1670, Benjamin Peck. JOHN m. Elizabeth