Person:William Reed (2)

William Reed
d.Bet 11 Jan 1657/58 and 6 Apr 1658 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
  1. William Reed - Bet 1657/58 & 1658
  • HWilliam Reed - Bet 1657/58 & 1658
  • WAvis Chepman1610 - Aft 1670
m. 26 Oct 1635
  1. Margaret Reed1635/36 - 1659
  2. Hannah ReedBet 1637 & 1640 -
  3. Mary ReedBet 1640 & 1655 - 1655
  4. Ruth ReedAbt 1644 - Bef 1662
  5. Thomas Reed1645 - 1719
  6. John ReedAbt 1649 - 1720/21
  7. William ReedBef 1650 - Bef 1706
  8. James ReedAbt 1657 - 1726
Facts and Events
Name William Reed
Alt Name William Read
Gender Male
Marriage 26 Oct 1635 Long Sutton, Somerset, Englandto Avis Chepman
Immigration[1] Bef 1653
Residence[1] 18 May 1653 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United StatesMade a freeman
Death[1] Bet 11 Jan 1657/58 and 6 Apr 1658 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States

Nearly all Reed Genealogies before 1909 confuse the two William Reeds who lived in Weymouth. This includes both Source:Reed, John Ludovicus. The Reed genealogy and Source:History of the Reed family in Europe and America.

Source:The Reade record (111971), No. 2, p. 2 (28 Oct 1909), No. 3, p. 2, and No. 10, p. 2 and p. 11 are must-reads for serious researchers of either William Reed of Weymouth. The Source:History of Weymouth, Massachusetts, published in 1923 appears to use its conclusions.

There was a William Reed, of Batcombe, Somersetshire, England, tailor (age 28), who emigrated with wife Susan (age 29, maiden name Hayme) in 1635, daughters Hannah (age 3) and Susan (age 1) with Rev. Joseph Hull's party in 1635. This was the first William Reed of Weymouth. He removed to Boston about 1646. There he m. (2) a Ruth Crooke. Birthdates of 1605 probably originate from this man.

The second William Reed who came to Weymouth, immigrated shortly before 18 May 1653 when he was made a freeman. (The other William Reed had already been made a freeman on 2 Sep 1635, see Reade Record, No. 10, p. 2.) His daughter Margaret m. 11 May 1657 John Vining, and then died 6 Jul 1659. Records from 6 Apr 1658 refer to his widow Avis Reade. He is the William Reed who this page describes.

The rarity of the name Avis has caused much research to center on her, and has led to the mistaken conclusion that she was the Avis Deacon who sailed from England in 1635. But like the Assurance de Lo, port logs in England make it appear this ship was headed to Virginia and there is therefore no reason, much less evidence, to think she was the Avis who was wife of the second William Reed of Weymouth.

George S. Stewart, one of the primary researchers writing about William Reed in the Reade Record, No. 4, p. 2, found the following records in the parish records of Long Sutton, Somersetshire, England (among others):

Avice the daughter of Tho: Chepman bapt. 19 May 1610.
William Reed m. Avis Chepman of Knole, Oct. 25, 1635.
Margret, the daughter of William Reed was baptized the 20th of Januarie, 1635/6.

This is thought to be the same couple who immigrated to Weymouth, Massachusetts in the early 1650's but there is no definitive proof. However, the wife's name of Avis and the daughter's name of Margaret are consistent with the family of William Reed of Weymouth.

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    William Reed made freeman 18 May 1653 as an inhabitant of Weymouth. According to town records, on 11 Jan 1657/58, "William Read payd Thos. Dyer 2s. 6d. for 2000 bolts", and on 6 Apr 1658, his wife was referred to as a widow, so his death must have occurred in that interval.