Person:Avis Chepman (1)

  • HWilliam Reed - Bet 1657/58 & 1658
  • WAvis Chepman1610 - Aft 1670
m. 26 Oct 1635
  1. Margaret Reed1635/36 - 1659
  2. Hannah ReedBet 1637 & 1640 -
  3. Mary ReedBet 1640 & 1655 - 1655
  4. Ruth ReedAbt 1644 - Bef 1662
  5. Thomas Reed1645 - 1719
  6. John ReedAbt 1649 - 1720/21
  7. William ReedBef 1650 - Bef 1706
  8. James ReedAbt 1657 - 1726
Facts and Events
Name[1] Avis Chepman
Gender Female
Christening[2] 19 May 1610 Long Sutton, Somerset, England
Marriage 26 Oct 1635 Long Sutton, Somerset, Englandto William Reed
Death[1] Aft 19 Dec 1670 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States

Identification of William Reed's wife as Avis Deacon are based on faulty assumptions, probably caused by confusing the two William Reeds of Weymouth. Alice Deacon who sailed from England on the "Alice" in 1635, appears, from port logs in London, to have gone to Virginia. The William Reade who sailed with her brother Thomas Deacon on the "Assurance de Lo" in 1635 also appears to have gone to Virginia, and so, this appears to be an unrelated William Reade. The William Reed who came to Weymouth in 1635 is a different William Reed than the one who a wife named Avis, and that William Reed came over in Rev. Joseph Hull's party, not on the "Assurance de Lo". The William Reed of Weymouth who had a wife named Avis appears not to come to New England until shortly before 1653. See Source:The Reade record (111971), no. 2, p. 2.

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    Her given name is known from references to Widow Avis Read in town records starting 6 Apr 1658 through 19 Dec 1670. The last date refers to a deed from John Whitman [son-in-law, married daughter Ruth] to John Vining [son-in-law, married daughter Margaret] that mentioned "the Land of Widdow Avis Reed", so she is assumed to have been living on that date. No records of her death or estate have been found.

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    From the parish records of Long Sutton, Somersetshire, England:
    Avice the daughter of Tho: Chepman bapt. 19 May 1610.
    William Reed m. Avis Chepman of Knole, Oct. 25, 1635.
    Margret, the daughter of William Reed was baptized the 20th of Januarie, 1635/6.