Person:William Jeffery (4)

William George Villiers Jeffery
m. 11 Jun 1947
  1. William George Villiers Jeffery1948 - 2004
Facts and Events
Name William George Villiers Jeffery
Gender Male
Birth? 28 DEC 1948 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Death? 8 JUL 2004 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Occupation? Graphic arts

== William and Kim were soon divorced.

Bill had a varied career, from tugboat captain to graphic artist to sheriff. He kept in touch with his uncle Chester Claff; he and his brother Rick were the primary link between the East Coast and the West Coast. Bill took seriously his mother's request to keep his younger sister Lesley under his protection until "she could fly on her own."

Memorial July 24, 2004

On behalf of Bil and our family, thank you for coming. Thanks as well to all of you who lent Bil your love and support throughout his life. I know Bil appreciated everyone, especially recently. Bil and his siblings were close though they chose assorted paths. The varied successful careers pursued by Bil illustrate his strength of character and free spirit.

Bil was devoted to the next generation. He enjoyed his nieces and nephews, and, I think, enjoyed that he could give them back to parents whenever he liked. All children were special to Bil. Always time to watch kid’s sports and give a kind word. When my son, Kevin,was born, he was immediately taken to the special care nursery at Lions Gate. Bil was so adamant that he see him, they thought he was the father. They wouldn’t let me in. We laughed about it later at Dino’s Restaurant. Of course this was significant, because years prior, we had returned a painting to Dino’s Restaurant, after borrowing it on a dare during a late night meal. We were trying to rationalize how we would explain that activity to the newborn boy!

Bil’s part in our family was huge, ever the peacemaker. I can say in 48 years I never had a real fight with Bil. Well, not one that he participated in anyway. Bil would always find a way to give in, and leave you with your pride intact. Yet his resolve to listen was ever present. Ending conflicts between other family members was his specialty.

However that did not change his role as the big brother, let anybody from outside the family get after a Jeffery, and the story was quite different. Bil was there like a shot. In return he got no less from his siblings. It was an unconditional deal for family, we could do whatever we wanted. Bil was always there with pride to back us up.

On occasion he got to call on us. Years ago on a Saturday morning, about 8:00 am, I got a call from Bil, a favorite tactic of his to wake you up, by phoning at an early hour. He needed a hand to fix his 65 Mustang, normally my role, he preferring the polish routine. I quickly went down to the Palace, as he affectionately called the house he shared with three other guys. I knew it was serious when I arrived, because Bil had not completed his usual 1 hour, shower and look good ritual. The right side of the B’s car was completely demolished. The windshield had a couple spider’s from the passenger’s heads. I asked what had happened, but got little info, something about a girl, needing a ride home to Seymour Blvd. from the Coach House. Curious, I said let’s cruise up there and see what we find. There we found the parked car he hit, with worse damage. Bil looked at me with wide eyes and asked, what should I do? Cracking a smile because he was not badly hurt, I said "Beeman you better report this somehow, because the other car owner will". After a brief discussion we headed to the RCMP office, where the woman constable, obviously enchanted by Bil, took the report Bil filed. When he asked how much damage? Bil said ”around $100.00 and I think my brother can fix the Mustang.” I nearly choked trying not to laugh. The car was totalled, probably both cars. Never heard another word about it from the police.

That night Bil, and some of his friends, rescued me from trouble at a local night spot. I laughed and said. “ I guess we are even B”. Bil said, no----- just brothers”.

Years later, while watching the movie “Michael” with John Travolta, the irresistible archangel, who enjoys mortal pleasures, or a good battle, I emarked to Hillary. "Hil, Michael is just like Beeman". I made Bil watch the movie, but he didn’t get the connection.

That was the essence of our Bil, CAPTIVATING INNOCENT CHARM. Polite, gentle, loyal, playful, respectful. Always trying to please everybody. Top that off with photogenic. Never a bad picture. That is how we hope he is remembered.

Thank you

Richard Jeffery

July 23, 2004