Person:William Harry (8)

William Richard Harry
m. 19 Oct 1808
  1. John Harry1812 - 1853
  2. Elizabeth Harry1814 - 1883
  3. Mary Ann Harry1816 - 1817
  4. Mary Ann Harry1818 - 1887
  5. Richard Harry1821 - 1824
  6. William Richard Harry1827 - 1884
  • HWilliam Richard Harry1827 - 1884
  • WJane Drake1824 - 1894
m. 17 Nov 1850
  1. Mary Ann Harry1851 - 1852
  2. Mary Ann Harry1853 - 1895
  3. Amelia Jane Harry1855 - 1909
  4. Louisa Kate Harry1857 - 1933
  5. William Richard Harry1859 - 1916
  6. Sarah Eleanor Harry1861 - 1862
  7. John Edwin Harry1863 - 1935
  8. Ellen Sarah Harry1866 - 1944
  9. Lilian Harry1868 - 1869
  10. Elizabeth Mary Harry1870 - 1878
Facts and Events
Name William Richard Harry
Gender Male
Birth[1] 19 Feb 1827 Saltash, Cornwall, England
Christening[1] 11 Mar 1827 Saltash, Cornwall, EnglandSt Nicholas
Census[2] 6 Jun 1841 Saltash, Cornwall, EnglandBack Lane
Marriage 17 Nov 1850 Plymouth, Devon, EnglandSt Andrew
to Jane Drake
Census[3] 30 Mar 1851 Southampton, Hampshire, England39 Millbank Street, Northam
Census[4] 7 Apr 1861 Plymouth, Devon, England12 Claremont Street
Census[5] 2 Apr 1871 Plymouth, Devon, England25 Claremont Street
Census[6] 3 Apr 1881 Plymouth, Devon, England3 Claremont Place
Death[7] 13 Sep 1884 Plymouth, Devon, England3 Claremont Place, North Road


William Richard Harry was born on 19th February 1827 and baptised the following month at Saltash in Cornwall, son of Mary Harry, formerly Tucker, and her husband John Harry, a waterman - presumably running boats across the River Tamar between Cornwall and Devon. William appears to have been the youngest of six children, although some of his older siblings appear to have already died young before William was born.

William appears in the 1841 census living with his parents at Back Lane in Saltash.


On 17th November 1850, William was married at Plymouth in Devon to Jane Drake. She was three years his senior and from Bere Ferrers on the Devon banks of the River Tamar. William was by this time working as a shipwright. At the time of their marriage William was living at 11 Claremont Street with his older sister Elizabeth and her family. After their marriage William and Jane moved around extensively for a few years to several different south coast ports. Their first daughter, Mary Ann, was born in Jane's native Bere Ferrers in 1851. The census finds Jane and baby Mary Ann living with Jane's father in Bere Ferrers, whilst William was lodging in Southampton. Sadly young Mary died the following year. Their next daughter, also called Mary Ann, was born in 1853 at Portsmouth. Back in Saltash, William's father died in 1855.

William and Jane returned to Bere Ferrers by 1855 when their daughter Amelia Jane was born. They then moved to Dartmouth in Devon where their daughter Louisa Kate was born in 1857. They then settled in Plymouth, having five more children there, although the youngest two both died young, leaving them with six surviving children. William's mother died in Saltash in 1861.

In each census from 1861 to 1881 the family was living at Claremont Street or neighbouring Claremont Place in Plymouth, which was the same area William and Jane had lived in at the time of their marriage. William's sister Elizabeth and her family were still living at 11 Claremont Street. William continued working as a shipwright for the rest of his life, but in 1871 he was described as "out of employ".

William appears to have become a grandfather in 1872, aged 44, when his daughter Mary Ann had her first baby.

William died at home at 3 Claremont Place on 13th September 1884, aged 57. Jane survived him by about ten years.

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    Amelia Jane Harry, daughter, female, 6 [1854/5], Scholar, b. Beerferris, Devon
    Louisa Kate Harry, daughter, female, 3 [1857/8], Scholar, b. Dartmouth, Devon
    W[illia]m R[ichar]d Harry, son, male, 1 [1859/60], b. Plymouth, Devon

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    Louisa K. Harry, daughter, female, 13 [1857/8], Domestic Serv[an]t, b. Dartmouth, Devon
    William R. Harry, son, male, 11 [1859/60], Scholar, b. Plymouth, Devon
    John E. Harry, son, male, 7 [1863/4], Scholar, b. Plymouth, Devon
    Ellen S. Harry, daughter, female, 4 [1864/5], Scholar, b. Plymouth, Devon
    Elisabeth M. Harry, daughter, female, 1 [1869/70], b. Plymouth, Devon

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    Jane Harry, wife, married, female, 57 [1823/4], b. Beer Ferris, Devon
    William R. Harry, son, unmarried, male, 21 [1859/60], Plasterer, b. Plymouth, Devon
    John E. Harry, son, male, 17 [1863/4], Painter's App[rentice] (House), b. Plymouth, Devon
    Ellen S. Harry, daughter, female, 14 [1866/7], Sch[olar], b. Plymouth, Devon

  7. Death certificate, in General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration. (London: General Register Office).
    Registration District Plymouth
    1884 Death in the Sub-district of Saint Andrew in the County of Devon
    No.When and where diedName and surnameSexAgeOccupationCause of deathSignature, description and residence of informantWhen registeredSignature of registrar
    334Thirteenth September 1884
    3 Claremont Place
    North Road
    William Richard Harrymale57 years [1826/7]Shipwright H.M. DockyardDebility
    Certified by Eustace B. Thomson M.D.
    W.R. Harry
    Present at the death
    1 Archer Place
    Fifteenth September 1884H.J. Barter
  8.   This baptism can be linked to the adult William who married Jane Drake in 1850 on the basis that the 1850 marriage certificate gives William's father's name as John Harry, and in the censuses after his marriage William consistently claimed to have been born in Saltash in about 1827.