Person:William Dutton (9)

William Cavaso Dutton
m. 4 Dec 1822
  1. William Cavaso Dutton1852 - 1917
m. 31 Jul 1873
  1. Hattie Cornelia "Granny" DUTTON1881 - 1963
Facts and Events
Name William Cavaso Dutton
Gender Male
Birth? 1 Jun 1852 Anson County, North Carolina
Marriage 31 Jul 1873 Wadesboro, Anson Co., North Carolinato Martha Jane Maner
Death? 28 Apr 1917 Anson County, North Carolina

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Hey, Suzette.

First, let me tell you a some stories I've heard over the years about the Duttons ..

It seems that when the Duttons lived in the house on #74 highway just outside of Wadesboro, and I don't know the dates or the ages of the children, but evidently they were all becoming teens or pre-teens. There were neighbors nearby with boys who liked Cavaso's daughters. Two of the girls became pregnant, which made Cavaso decide to move away from the "city" and he traded the 74 property for the Hightower estates, which was way out in the country on #109 out of Wadesboro, bordering the SC line. There were many houses out there back then, and they all attended the Long Pine United Methodist Church. No one knows what became of the pregnancies .. or which daughters it was in the story.

Another interesting story is that Jimmy, the oldest of Cavaso's children, was making occasional trips out of state when a sister "got in trouble" and he had to "make arrangements" evidently for an abortion. This is not verifiable .. just a tale overheard by a child somewhere at some time but was never forgotten nor investigated. Again, who knows which daughter.

One more rather bizarre story is that one daughter who married and had children one day climbed on a buckboard wagon with some man and disappeared for 30 years; after the evidently abusive husband died, she suddenly reappeared at home as if nothing had ever happened. Someone told my grandpa her brother Charlie that she was home and he said "she's dead" .. which is what they believed .. but he went over to see and sure enough there she was big as life. No one ever asked or told any details. But I've also heard "anger" stories about her husband, like how he threatened his neighbors he'd kill them if they crossed his property line. Another un-verifiable story.

The siblings I've talked with do not really remember Aunt Hattie because she lived away all the time. She'd visit; the children would be underfoot at family dinners so they met her, but only remember things like her big feet. Nor do they remember much about Aunt Alice, other than she lived on the homeplace in a little house and her mother lived with her after the dad CAvaso died and the estate was divided up among the children with the "draw out of his hat" of the parcels of land that had little houses on them already, with the exception that he left the real homeplace "house" to Minnie, who had married and had children. All the other borthers and sisters had their babies at that "house" with Aunt Alice tending to the birthing. She was not a real nurse, but she might as well have been. She took care of her mother all those years, and everyone else who got sick.

Daddy remembers everyone getting the mumps at his house, everybody .. and Grandma (Cavaso's widow) coming to cook for them. These were farm hands, who ate heartily because they had to work all day; Grandma's biscuits were tiny, she cooked small pots of vegetables, certainly enough for her and her daughter, which is what she was accustomed to cooking for, but he remembers being hungry and getting up and fixing meals because of the need for his brothers and sisters. I think his mom had died by then. Again, these stories are tidbits with no time line attached to them ..

One thing for sure, if your Granny worked in an orphanage and adopted some sweet little lad because he did not have anyone else, that shows that her heart was in the right place and that she was very proud of her little man. She might have been totally in love with a guy named Northum; whether she married him or not or if he was or was not the father of her child, she still was a mighty brave woman to do what she did in her lifetime, bringing a child into her home to love and raise as her own. And you know it had to have been pretty hard on her because she hardly ever came home to visit. Probably only on sparse vacations. Those are the stories I would love to have heard from her.

And Aunt Alice, raising her daughter Lila Geneva Dutton, in the homeplace, with her head held high, did the right thing to keep her baby. I fully believe that our family members may have made what we might label as "mistakes" in their past, but I also can see that when they stood up to their responsibilities that it all turned out very well indeed. I would not have had JB Lowery and his brothers and sister nor would I have had you and your family as my new cousins here after all these years, had these two wonderful ladies not been the true Dutton ladies that they were.

Wouldn't this be an appropriate time for a time machine .. I'd love to have been on the farm at those family gatherings. Daddy said all the cousins gathered at Aunt Minnie's (the old homeplace house) for everyone's weddings, funerals, birthdays, teen gatherings from the neighborhood, etc. and that they ate like rich people .. everyone bringing pies, cakes, vegetables and fruit from their harvests, and probably a calf was cooked! Sounds like the prodigal son in the Bible, doesn't it .. partying ..

Goodness, I have sent you another long winded message .. sorry. Love, Barbara Ann


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