Person:Samuel Dutton (12)

Samuel Sneed Dutton
m. 1773
  1. Samuel Sneed Dutton1796 - 1874
m. 4 Dec 1822
  1. William Cavaso Dutton1852 - 1917
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Sneed Dutton
Gender Male
Birth? 1796 Granville Co., North Carolina
Marriage 4 Dec 1822 Anson Co., North Carolinato Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill
Death? 31 Dec 1874 Anson Co., North Carolina
Burial? 1874 Buried in Old Threadgill Cemetery, Anson County, North Carolina.Burial


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Per Granny's hand-written note: "Grandpa was in the war 1812, but I find no record of the states he fought in. He came to N. C. from Penn." ---On this point she is mistaken as it has been shown that they are not from Pennsylvania, but from Maryland and that Samuel was the only one of Zachariah's children to be born in North Carolina.

From Michael R. Dutton's Website... not sure of authentication:

Samuel Sneed Dutton (son of Zachariah Dutton and Elizabeth Penn) was born Abt. 1795 in Granville Co. N.C., and died December 31, 1874 in Anson Co. N.C.. He married Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill on December 04, 1822 in Anson Co. N.C..

Includes Notes for Samuel Sneed Dutton:

1. From the notes of James L. Dutton of Wadesboro, NC;

He was soldier in the War of 1812. He served from June 1 1814 to Dec 6 1814 as a private in Captain William Greens and Captain William Palmers companies Virginia Militia.

After he left Granville Co. N.C. he came to Anson Co. N.C. where he met his wife to be. He went to Charleston S.C. where is reported to have served a short time on the police force in that city. After leaving there he lived in Horry Co. S.C. for a short time. After writing to his soon to be wife Betsey Threadgill he moved back to Anson Co. N.C. where he married, raised a large family of sixteen children and settled down to the life of a farmer. He was awarded a land bounty of eighty acres of land for his service in the War of 1812.

A statement made by him in 1853 relates some of his wartime service as follows:

State of North Carolina, Anson Co. Samuel Dutton aged 58 years a resident of county and state aforesaid this day came before the undersigned and acting Justice of Court of Pleas and quarter for said county and state aforesaid who being first sworn according to law makes this his declaration in order to receive the benefits of the acts of Congress on the 28 day of September a1850 for the military service rendered by him in the war against Great Britian declared by the United States on the eighteenth day of June 1812, who entered the service in said war in Lunningburg County in the state of Virginia as a substitute in Capt. Greens company in the place of James Yancy for six months service in the 5th regiment commanded by Col. Streat. On or about the 1st day of June 1814 he marched to Norfolk town in Virginia under said officers and there continued under their command until the 4th of July a1814 then the magazine took fire and was blown open and Capt. Green was so badly mangled that he did no more service. A transfer of his company took place and myself and there remained under Lieutenant Joseph Meradith and continued in said company under him at Fort Nelson near Norfolk Town until I was discharged on or about the 16th of December 1814. I served six months and was Honorably Discharged by my officers.

2. Samuel Sneed Dutton and his wife Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill had 16 children. This file only shows 1 of those 16, William C. Dutton because William is a direct ancestor of James L. Dutton. The other children of Samuel Sneed Dutton and Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill Dutton can be researched and view on James L. Dutton's file: v33t0371.ftw.

More About Samuel Sneed Dutton and Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill: Marriage: December 04, 1822, Anson Co. N.C..

Children of Samuel Sneed Dutton and Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill are:

  1. +William Cavasso Dutton, b. June 01, 1852, Anson Co. N.C., d. April 28, 1917, Anson Co. N.C..

Per Rootsweb and Ancestry Website: From: Richardson <> Subject: [DUTTON-Z] James K. Polk Dutton, and George Washington Dutton(s) Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 10:47:23 -0500

> ------------------------------------------------------------ > > Subject: James Dutton > Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 21:28:26 -0500 > From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <> > To: > > I found the following: > James K Dutton > Claimed Residence in Anson County > Enlist Date: 17 Jan 1864 > Enlist Place: Wake County, NC > Enlist Rank Priv. > Enlist Age: not listed > 17 January 1864 Wake County, NC > Priv > > Served North Carolina > Enlisted H Co. 43rd Inf Reg. NC > Source: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster > Abbreviation: NCRosterC > Published by on 1993 > > I assumed this to be s/o Samuel Sneed and Elizabeth. However, when I > looked found they did have a son, James, b. abt 1847, but died young. > Any ideas who this James is????? Susie > > ------------------------------------------------------------ > > Subject: Re: James Dutton > Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 08:46:00 EDT > From: > To: > > This could very well be the son of Samuel Dutton. the only information that > I had on him was from Census records. I assumed that he was dead because I > could not find any more information that found him living anywhere. This > Co. H 43rd N.C. is the same Co. that his brother Edmund was in so the pieces > of a new puzzel are beginning to come in place. Great piece of information. > > James


Hey, I'm home again this long Labor Day weekend. School is going great-- I'm really getting into it.

I remember seeing this info on James K. Dutton this summer, and thinking the same thing Susie thought-- but I guess it kind of "slipped through the cracks" :> It looks to me also that this James Dutton is the son of Samuel Sneed Dutton. Who else could it be? He was the right age to have served, and there weren't a whole lot of other Duttons in Anson County at the time (weren't any, as far as I know). When I saw that he had served, I assumed that he probably died in the war, but I found another record that stated that he survived, and gave his discharge date. (Actually, this looks like the same source Susie is quoting...)

North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster. Compiled by Weymouth T. Jordan, Jr., Raliegh, N.C.; Division of Archives & History, 1985.

[This is a very interesting source, by the way. I found the entire collection of some ten or so volumes at the Huntsville Library. It had the complete compiled service records of almost every regiment in the state, and listed probably all of the information available from those records for each soldier.]

Co. H, 43rd Reg., N.C. Troops

[I copied the info for both Edmund H. Dutton and James K. Dutton, so I'll list both.]

DUTTON, Edmund H., Private

Born in Anson County where he resided as a farmer prior to enlisting in Anson County at age 20, February 24, 1862. Present or accounted for until captured at Fisher's Hill, Virginia, September 22, 1864. Confined at Point Lookout, Maryland, October 3, 1864. Paroled at Point Lookout on February 18, 1865. Received at Boulware's Wharf, James River, Virginia, on or about February 20, 1865, for exchange.

[Ironic that he was captured and sent to Maryland, the land of his ancestors, of all places, to be confined. Point Lookout was an infamous prison camp-- a lot of soldiers never returned from that place.]

DUTTON, James K. POLK, Private

Enlisted at Wake County on January 17, 1864, for the war. Present or accounted for through April 1, 1865. Paroled at Lynchburg, Virginia, April 15, 1865.

[Interestingly, a little different than the info provided by Susie. Was he listed more than once in the book, I wonder? Or did Susie find a newer edition? By the way, I also have a copy of listing of all the Duttons who served in the Confederate Army (at least, all that have compiled service records) from the books ROSTER OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS, 1861-1865, Compiled by Janet B. Hewett. James K. Polk DUTTON is also listed-- in fact, that's where I first learned that he served.]

Samuel Sneed Dutton seems to have been a pretty patriotic guy. After serving in the War of 1812, he named at least two sons after United States presidents: Martin Van Buren Dutton and James K. Polk Dutton. (Both Martin Van Buren and James K. Polk seem to have been pretty popular presidents; I've seen a lot of people across the country named after them.) Also, his oldest son was George W. Dutton-- and I'm betting pretty heavily that he was named after George Washington.

Along that same line: I recall a while back some of you expressing confusion at all of the Duttons named George Washington Dutton. No need to be confused; there really are a lot! It seems that this George Washington was a pretty popular fellow! I've got five confirmed George Washington Duttons in my database-- and another seven George W. Duttons who, more likely than not, are also named George Washington:

First, there are three first cousins named George W. Dutton; the grandchildren of Zachariah Dutton, Sr.:

(1) George Washington Dutton, son of Alexander Dutton and Rachel Feazel, born 22 Mar 1814 in Madison Co., Miss. Territory (now Alabama), died 3 Oct 1864 at Confederate Veterans' Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana.

(2) George W. Dutton, oldest child of Samuel Sneed Dutton and Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill, born ca. 1822 in Anson Co., N.C., died ca. 1858 in Anson Co., N.C.

(3) George Washington Dutton, youngest child of Edmund Dutton and Margaret Barnett Ross, born 15 Apr 1848 in Lawrence Co., Ala., died 14 Apr 1923 in Danville, Morgan Co., Ala.

Next, there are six second cousins; great-grandchildren of Zachariah Dutton, Sr.:

(1) George W. Dutton, son of James Dutton (son of John) and Mary Irwin, born 12 Jun 1841 in Walker Co., Ala., died between 1872 and 1885, probably in Walker Co.

[Note these next three: three first cousins, grandchildren of Jarrett Dutton, all named George W. Dutton, and all born within a year or so of each other! It would seem that all three of Jarrett's sons named children George W. Dutton-- which can make for quite a confusing picture!]

(2) George Washington Dutton, son of Zachariah Dutton (son of Jarrett) and Mary Emily Rushing, born 9 Aug 1858 in Walker Co., Ala., died 24 Dec 1924 in Walker Co., Ala.

(3) George W. Dutton, son of William M. Dutton (son of Jarrett) and Martha (maiden name unknown), born ca. 1859 in Alabama (prob. Walker Co.), died between 1860 and 1870 in Walker Co. or Marion Co., Ala.

(4) George W. Dutton, *probably* son of Levi Dutton (son of Jarrett) and Nancy Allen, born ca. 1859 in Cherokee Co., Texas, died ca. 1860-1870?

(5) George W. Dutton, son of James Zachary Dutton (son of William) and Margaret Elizabeth Hunter, born ca. 1867 in Morgan Co., Ala., died between 1870 and 1876 in Morgan Co., Ala.

(6) George W. Dutton, son of Edmond Dutton (son of Edmund) and Letha B. Nance, born 28 Dec 1876 in Morgan Co., Ala., died 6 Sep 1900 in Morgan Co., Ala.

Lastly, and quite interestingly, two *fourth* cousins named George W. Dutton; the great-great-great-grandchildren of Zachariah Dutton, Sr.:

(1) George Washington Dutton, son of Samuel B. Dutton (son of William D., son of James, son of John) and Mahala Ellen Moreland, born 22 Sep 1868 in Walker Co., Ala., died 1 Dec 1941 in Granite, Greer Co., Oklahoma. [This is Eula's uncle.]

(2) George W. Dutton, son of Cecil Houston Dutton (son of Solomon P., son of William Zachariah, son of Stephen) and Elma Biggs, born 1922, died 1991. [This is Dale Brown's first cousin.]\

Very lastly, George Washington Dutton (Eula's uncle--#1 directly above) has a son named George Washington Dutton, Jr.

Whew! I hope that cleared up some confusion, rather than created more!

Cousin Josep