Person:Wayne Quass (1)

m. 16 DEC 1915
  1. Kenneth Werner Quass, Sr.1917 - 1982
  2. Norman Howard Quass1920 - 1939
  3. Lucille Quass1924 - 2013
  4. Bernice Henrietta Quass1926 - 2010
  5. Wayne Quass1929 - 2009
  6. Dorothy Ruth Quass1933 - 2005
Facts and Events
Name Wayne Quass
Baptismal Name Louis Wayne
Gender Male
Birth? 1 February 1929 Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, United States
Christening? Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, United StatesBaptist Church
Death? 3 April 2009 Frederika, Bremer, Iowa, United States
Burial? 06 Apr 2009 Randalia, Fayette, Iowa, United StatesPublic Cemetery

Personal History

Louis Wayne Quass, or Wayne as he was known, was a line supervisor at Shield Bantam in Waverly, Iowa. He began work there as a machine painter and worked his way to supervisor until his retirement. He began school at age 4 and graduated from Randalia High School at 17. He didn't want to work with his father, Ralph on the family farm, and sought work in a nearby town. Since he was only 17, no business would hire him full time. He decided to work with his brother-in-law, Ralph Wegner on his farm. A couple of years later he took a job with a friend after marrying Rosella (Rosie) McComb. That led to his getting a job at Shield Bantam in Waverly on a production line in the paint shop. Wayne played football in high school and was a good athlete. He and an older brother, Norman would compete in family contests, such as racing ponies. Norman always won, especially racing ponies. Norman was a natural athlete and could handle horses very well, so it didn't make any difference which pony he rode. Wayne was taught to sing by a neighbor who would babysit for his parents, Emma and Ralph. He sang his first solo at 4 years of age and then a woman gave him voice lessons. He sang solos in school and met his future wife, Rosie, when she became his accompanist. He sang in the church choir. He began playing a trumpet in band. His brother, Norman was a very good tuba player and was asked to play in the Randalia band after he had graduated from Independence. After Norman's death in 1938, the band instructor asked Wayne if he would switch to tuba to take his brother's place. Wayne did and became a very good tuba player. Like his father, Wayne was an excellent student. He was disgusted that his sisters, Lucille and Dorothy could go on to college, but he couldn't as he was expected to help with the family farm. While he enjoyed farming, he didn't want to work with and for his father. Wayne had a ready smile, an easy laugh and was pleasant to be around. He loved his family and loved to tease and have fun. He began smoking after graduation from highschool and never could give it up. The habit affected his health in later years and he developed COPD which contributed to his death. He enjoyed raising horses and doing farming tasks. When his son purchased a farm outside of Fredrika, Iowa, Wayne enjoyed helping him.

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