Person:Unknown Eck (1)

Mr. _____ Eck
Facts and Events
Name Mr. _____ Eck
Gender Male
Birth? , , , Germany
Death? Y
Burial? Briar Creek Twp., Columbia, Pennsylvania
Other? Notes

!SOURCES: Historical and Biographical Annals of Columbia and Montour

          Counties, PA, by Beers (1915), p 811.
          Research of Helen Arkey, Allentown, PA in "Eck Families," p 397.

Battle p. 202 - The various religious bodied were early represented in Briarcreek township. The Friends were the first to erect a house of worship. October 21, 1799, the ground was purchased upon which a brick structure that succeeded it is situated. The following entry appears in the minutes of Catawissa monthly meeting, November 11, 1800: "Friends of Berwick laid before this meeting in a serious manner, in writing signed by Aquilla Starr, a request for the privilege of holding a meeting for divine service on the first day of the week at the eleventh hour." April 25, 1801, the request was favorable considered but the meeting thus established has long since been discontinued. Evan Owen, Joseph Stackhouse, Andrew Shiner, William Rittenhouse, Joseph Pilkington and Joseph Eck were prominently identified with the affairs of this meeting. Battle p. 193 - The first indications of settlement and improvement in Briarcreek township became apparent about this time. A number of families removed from mount Bethel, Northampton county, near the Delaware river. Among the number appear the familiar names of Freas, Bowman, Hutton, Rittenhouse, Cauley and Mack. They emigrated in a body and entered the region in 1793, journeying by way of Bethlehem, Nazareth and Beaver Meadows. Mutual assistance was rendered in the work of clearing the land and providing temporary shelter. The tract upon which John Freas located comprised farms now owned by Levi Garret and Henry Bower. On the land of the former a rude log cabin was built, the main room of which was used as a dwelling and am addition as a stable. Daniel Bowman and Wesley B. Freas own a tract originally occupied by Thomas Bowman. A substantial brick and stone structure, which superseded a log cabin first erected, was built in 1802 and was the first house of such material in this section of the country. Jesse Bowman settled on the river road at its intersection with Briar Creek. William Rittenhouse secured the title to an extensive tract on both banks of the creek to a considerable distance above the junction of its north and west branches. It embraced the farms of Samuel Conner, William Hughes, Joseph Eck and William Freas. The Bower, Millard, Evans, Engle, Adams and Wartz families were also among those who arrived at an early period and located at various parts of the township. Jacob Mack, who possessed considerable knowledge of building, superintended the erection of many of the first houses.


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