Person:Timothy Thrall (1)

m. bef 1639
  1. Phillipa Thrallest 1639 - 1698
  2. Timothy Thrall1641 - 1697
  3. David Thrallabt 1643 -
  • HTimothy Thrall1641 - 1697
  • WDeborah Gunn1641/42 - 1694/95
m. 10 Nov 1659
  1. Deborah Thrall1660 - 1715
  2. Capt. Timothy Thrall1662 - 1723/4
  3. Mehitable Thrall1664 - 1723
  4. Elizabeth Thrall1667 - 1714
  5. John Thrall1669 - 1669
  6. Sgt. John Thrall1671 - 1732
  7. Martha Thrall1673 - 1710
  8. Thomas Thrall1675 - 1675
  9. Thomas Thrall1676 - 1724
  10. Abigail Thrall1681 - 1725
  11. Samuel Thrall1681 - 1709
Facts and Events
Name Timothy Thrall
Gender Male
Birth? 25 July 1641 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Christening? 27 Feb
Marriage 10 Nov 1659 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Deborah Gunn
Death[2] June 1697 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Burial[4] Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Timothy Thrall was born in Windsor, Connecticut. He was married to Deborah Gunn on 10 November 1659. Deborah was the daughter of Thomas Gunn who came over from England with Timothy's father and the Dorchester Company in 1630. In the Windsor Church records of this period Timothy Thrall is grouped with the men who had a family, a horse and two yokes of oxen, so it would appear that he was a better businessman than his brother-in-law, John Hosford. Hosford,however, is on two military lists. First on a list dated 11 March 1658 of 37 Windsor men in the first horse troops (30 horse) in the colony. Second, he was paid 6s 8d for fighting in King Philip's War.

Both men protested the town vote to invite Mr. Chauncy to replace the aging Rev. Wareham as minister of the Windsor Church in 1662. When the 54 dissenting members were allowed to form their own church, the brothers-in-law went with them and became leaders of the Second Church. This new congregation were more Presbyterian than Congregational, and opposed to Chauncy's ideas. This sort of schism was occuring throughout all the New England colonies and therefore the Windsor dissenters, when they appealed to the Colonial Council, were less harshly treated than they might have been. In the end, after years of wrangling, which split the town, the two Windsor Churches reunited The first overtures were made by the Second Church, who sent John Hosford, Timothy Thrall and Jacob Gibbs to negotiate.

Timothy Thrall was a land-owner. He had his own place, or did soon after his marriage in 1659. His father-in-law, Thomas Gunn, gave him the original Gunn homestead and lot, as well as Gunn's land on the other side of the River. Timothy moved to a new house and again he was a leader in the forming of a new Church. Timothy was, we assume, honest and able, as he was named as executor in several wills.

Deborah Gunn Thrall is mentioned in Old Windsor records. Her father moved in 1665, to Westfield, Mass. and became active in the Westfield Parish, leaving all his Windsor property to his son-in-law. Thomas Gunn died in Westfield on 26 February 1681. Timothy Thrall and Deborah had eleven children. Two died in infancy. [Source:]

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    Land of John Phelps as described in Stiles, Vol II, page 595 (land assigned Samuell Phelps by John Gunn): "At a place commonly called Mr. Hill's neck, near pequannuck, in quantity thirty six acres, bounded W. by the fence and Land of the aformentioned Samuell Phelps (his father deceased), to take in land from the river to the fence of Timothy Thrall and run downward between the river and up to the fence of Timothy Thrall's mansion house untill it accomplish the aforementioned quantity of thirty-six acres, and allso all the upland without the fence from the bounds between the land of John Owin and the sayd Timothy Thrall. 10 Feb., 1686."

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    THRALL, TIMOTHY, Windsor, only s. of William of the same, m. 5 or 10 Nov. 1659, Deborah, d. of Thomas Gunn of the same, had Deborah, b. 9 Aug. 1660; Timothy, 7 Dec. 1662; Mehitable, Mar. 1665; Elizabeth 1 May 1667; John, 8 June 1669, d. soon; John, again, 5 June 1671; Martha, 31 May 1673; Thomas, 5 May 1675, d. at 3 mos.; Thomas, again, 10 July 1676; Samuel, and Abigail 1681; and his w. d. 7 Jan. 1695. He d. June 1697, leav. good est.

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