Person:Thomas Webster (5)

m. 7 Nov 1609
  1. Matthew Webster1609/10 - 1675
  2. Margaret Webster1611/12 -
  3. William Webster1614 - 1688
  4. Thomas Webster1616 - 1686
  5. Lt. Robert Webster1619 - 1676
  6. Anne Webster1621 - 1662
  7. Mary Webster1623 - 1623
  8. Elizabeth Webster1624 -
  9. Faith Webster1627 - 1627
m. 16 Jun 1663
  1. Abigail Webster1667/68 -
  2. Abigail Webster1668/69 -
  3. George Webster1670 - 1721
  4. Capt. John Webster1672/73 - 1735
  5. Elizabeth Webster1676 -
  6. Thankful Webster1679 -
  7. Mary Webster1681 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Webster
Gender Male
Christening[3] 24 Nov 1616 Cossington, Leicestershire, England
Marriage 16 Jun 1663 Hadley, Hampshire, MAto Abigail Alexander
Death[1] 20 Oct. 1686 Northfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
  1. William Holcomb Webster & Rev.Melville Reuben Webster, D. D. History & Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut.. (E.R. Andrews Printing Cp, Rochester, N.Y. 1915), p.29 & 39.

    It is believed that he went with his parents & Rev. Hooker to Hartford, CT. He moved with them to Hadley and in 1661 he & his brother William inherited their fathers land there. He was abt.35 & William abt. 44. Thomas married Abigail Alexander, dau of George Alexander of Northampton, Hampshire Co.,MA. in 1663.

    By 1670 he was of Northampton as shown in this court record: On Mar 28, 1670, Thomas Webster, of Northampton, & Edward Scott, of Hadley, were arrested for defaming the Sabbath by traveling to Westfield from Windsor late in the night before the Sabbath. The trip ended after midnight, so they were admonished and ordered to pay a fine of 2 & 6 pence each.

    Soon after this time he settled in Northfield. In 1675, Northfield was attacked by Indians and the settlement broken up and from 1676-82 Thomas Webster & family returned to Hadley where his last 3 daughters were born. In 1677, while residing in Hadley, Thomas received a military deferral: "by reason of an infirmitie in his eye is freed from milatarie trayneings". He was abt.51yrs old. After the Indian distrubances of the King Philip War subsided he returned to Northfield where he died in 1686, abt 60yrs old, leaving a widow and 5 children from age 16 to 5. In the Northampton County probate records is an inventory of the estate of Thomas Webster of Northfield, filed Oct 1686, however, the Genealogy didn't include it.

    A second Indian devastation in 1690 rendered his Northfield property valueless for more that 20 yrs. and his children were brought up among the Alexanders and other relatives, locating in the next few years to Lebanon, CT where they became 'first citizens'. It is believed that Abigail died prior to 1690.

  2.   Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical Notes or Contributions to the Family History of some of the First Settlers of CT and MA, 243, 1969.

    "Mr.Thomas Webster settled in Northampton MA. In or abt 1674, he removed to Northfield, but was soon driven away by the Indians and went to Hadley, MA. He however returned to Northfield and ther resined during the remainedr of his live. He prob lost all his estate in Northfield when attacked by the enemy in 1675, but at the time of his death, he left a good estate there in land; Northfield being broken up again in 1690, remained desolate over 20yrs thereafter and its lands became valueless. Mr.Webster's children were brought up amount the Alexander and other relatives."

  3. Thomas Webster, in Skillington, S.H. The Ancestry of Governor John Webster. The American Genealogist. (American Genealogist, Oct 1948), 24:208.

    1616. Thomas Webster, s. of John Webster, chr. 24th November