Person:Thomas Rockwell (11)

Thomas Tolbert ROCKWELL
b.12 MAR 1756 Harford Co, MD
m. ABT 1739
  1. Jacob ROCKHOLD1740 - 1827
  2. John ROCKHOLD1741/42 -
  3. Mary ROCKHOLD1744/45 -
  4. Charles ROCKHOLD1749 - 1844
  5. Thomas Tolbert ROCKWELL1756 - 1833
  6. Elizabeth ROCKHOLD1758 -
  • HThomas Tolbert ROCKWELL1756 - 1833
  1. Jesse ROCKHOLD1781 - AFT 1859
  2. John ROCKWELLABT 1782 -
  3. William ROCKWELLABT 1783 -
  4. Thomas Tolbert ROCKWELL, Jr1790 - 1875
  5. Mary ROCKHOLDABT 1807 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Tolbert ROCKWELL
Alt Name Thomas Talbot ROCKHOLD
Gender Male
Birth[15] 12 MAR 1756 Harford Co, MDnear the crossroads (possibly upper crossroads)
Death? 22 OCT 1833 Morgan Co., VA (now WV), USA
Residence? Resided at: 1.Near the Crossroads, Harford Co., MD., abt 1776 - abt 1793 2.Hagerstown, MD, abt 1793 - ? 3. Green Castle, PA ? - abt 1815 4. Morgan Co., VA (now WV), abt 1815 - 1833

Thomas Tolbert Rockhold was born about 1756 near the Crossroads in Harford County, Maryland. In 1776 he was in Gun Powder Upper Hundred. He owned Patterson's Chance in Harford Co according to 1783 tax rolls.

He was a revolutionary war soldier, enlisted as a private in the Harcourt Blues. He claimed over 5 years of service in testimony in 1833. He was a minuteman in 1776 or 1777. He served under Capt. Abraham Jarrett, Barrett? Bussy, and Col. Thomas Bond.

He changed his surname from Rockhold to Rockwell, as did some other branches of the Rockhold family descended from Robert Rockwell of Nansemond Virginia and Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

He had 4 male children and 3 females (of unspecified age) in Hagerstown, MD in 1790. He had 8 children and an adult woman in his household in the 1800 and 1810 Maryland Censuses, although the age ranges imply that more than 8 children were included in the two censuses. In the 1820 Virginia Census there are two children (boy and girl under 10) not included in the earlier census, plus an adult woman matching in birth date range withone of four girls in the 1810 census.

There was a Thomas Rockhold in Franklin County, PA in 1810 and Thomas Tolbert Rock* reported living there in that period in his Revolutionary War pension testimony. However, the age range is wrong and there's only one child in the Pennsylvania household. Perhaps this other Thomas Rockhold is the one living as a single male in Anne Arundel Co. with 9 slaves in 1800.

Image Gallery
  1.   Thomas Tolbert Rockhold Revolutionary War Pension file.
  2.   1810 MD Census, Washington Co.

    Thomas Rockhold 2 Males under 10, 2 Males 10 thru 15, 1 Male 45 and over, 2 Females under 10, 1 female 10 thru 15, 1 Female 16 thru 25, 1 Female 45 and over.

  3.   1830 VA Census, Morgan Co.

    Rockholt T Thomas 1 Male of 5 and under 10, 1 Male of 10 and under 15, 1 Male of 70 and under 80, 1 Female of 5 and under 10, 1 Female of 30 and under 40

  4.   1790 MD Census, Washington Co.

    Thomas Rockhole 1 Male 16 and upwards, 4 Males under 16, 3 Females

  5.   1800 MD Census, Conococheague Hundred, Washington Co.

    Thomas Rockwell 1 Male under 10, 2 Males 10 thru 15, 2 males 16 thru 25, 1 Male 45 and over, 1 Female under 10, 2 Females 10 thru 15, 1 Female 45 and over.

  6.   1820 VA Census, Morgan Co.

    Thomas Rockhole 1 Male under 10, 1 Male 45 and upwards, 1 Female under 10, 1 Female 26 to 45.

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  15. According to his Rev. War pension testimony, he turned 75 on 12 Mar 1833, implies born 12 Mar 1758.
  16.   Sarah Clawson ‎is the accepted wife of Thomas Tolbert Rock* Sr. See for example ­http­://­www­.­findagrave­.­com­/­cgi­-­bin­/­fg­.­cgi­?­page­=­gr­&­GRid­=­60124843­ and the book "Nine Pioneer Families from the Sideling Hill Area in Western Maryland" ‎(F.M. Whitman, Heritage Press, 2000)‎

    However, the signature on the marriage license does not match the signature of Thomas Tolbert Rockwell Sr. on his Rev. War Pension application. The Pension application is undoubtedly his signature. The marriage license is not even the correct name - Rothwell instead of Rockwell.

    Besides, the date of marriage ‎(1797, not 1787 as sometimes stated)‎ is too late for Sarah Clawson to be the mother of Thomas Tolbert Sr.'s children, except for Mary who is doubtful as a child of Thomas Tolbert Sr. anyway.

    The place of marriage, Berkeley, Virginia ‎(now WV)‎, is inconsistent with the birth of Thomas Tolbert Sr.'s children in Maryland.

    Sarah Clawson is, nonetheless, a distant cousin, a descendant of Claes Corneliszen "Meutelaer" Van Schouwen‎. Claes Corneliszen "Meutelaer" Van Schouwen is an ancestor of our Wyckoff line ‎(Joanna Wyckoff was the mother of Eva Beckley who married Walter E. Rockwell)‎. Van Schouwen's daughter Pieterje Claeszen's daughter Geertje "Charity" Van Arsdalen married Cornelius Pieterse Wyckoff‎.

    No record of Thomas Tolbert Sr.'s marriage in Maryland has been found. He lived in Harford County as a young man and later in Washington County, where in 1790 he lived with his family, consisting of himself, four males under sixteen and three women whose ages are not given. Washington Co. Maryland is adjacent to Berkeley Co. Virginia.