Person:Thomas Mitchell (74)

Thomas Mitchell
b.1680 Ireland
m. 1707
  1. John Mitchell, of Beverley Manor1709 - Bef 1771
  2. Martha Mitchellabt 1711 -
  3. Jane Mitchellabt 1715 - AFT 1772
  4. Janet "Jenet" Mitchellabt 1720 - 1791
  5. Mary Mitchellabt 1724 - abt 1792
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Mitchell
Gender Male
Birth? 1680 Ireland
Marriage 1707 Poss. Irelandto Eleanor 'Helen' Unknown
Death? OCT 1734 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Thomas Mitchell was an Early Settler of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Will of Thomas Mitchell

Will abstract:

In the will of Thomas Mitchell (written 4 May 1734; probated 14 Nov. 1734, Lancaster Co, PA, Will Book A, vol 1, pg 17), Thomas mentions the following family members: "...son John Mitchell & my Wife Elloner Mitchell...Elldest Daughter Martha..Second Daughter Mary ...[to] third Daughter Jean one two year Old mear and one year old Heffer and all the sheep Called her own...Fourth Daughter brother John Mitchell..."

Will Transcript:

May 4th: 1734 [May th: 1734 (no day shown)] IN the Name of God Amen I being weak of Body but in Perfit sence thought good to make my last Will and Testament I asigne my Soul to God who gave it me and my Body after my Decess to be desently Entered in the Meeting house Yard at the Discration of my Friends and well Beloved Son John Mitchell & my Wife Elloner Mitchell to be my Exetors & Administerators I do bequath and leave to my Wife Elloner Mitchell the Plantation while she is alive and the two working Horses with Plough and all Implements belonging therto and a Mare Caled Beefs [Bess] and three her choice of the Cows and two two year old Hefers and a Black Bullock and the Sheep But Jeam [but Jean's] till [at] her dispossel as [and] also the Houshold goods to her own Discretion amongst her Daughters And to my well Beloved Son my best Wearing Sutte of Apperell with Hatt and one Three Old Hefer and one Year Old Bullock and to my Elldest Daughter Martha the Black Horse and Brown Mare but not the foal She is now with and two two year old Hefers and one year old and to my Second Daughter Mary [McCary] one Cow besids the one called her own and one year old Bullock and the young Sorrel Mear
And to my third Daughter Jean one two year Old mear and one year old Heffer and all the sheep Called her own and and to my Fourth Daughter Jenat the Brown Mears foal and one year old Bullock and to her Mothers care and alow what Money is due to me when Sothe Pay'd for the Land I do leave to my Brother John Mitchell my Second best wearing Coat the above is the Last Will & Testament of Thomas Mitchell Late of Donnegal Dessesed as the same was Spoken by him in the Presents of us the Subscribers at which he was prevented by Death from Saying any moreWitness our hands this 14 Day of Nov. 1734.
Lancast. Co: The 14th. Day of November 1734 Then Personally appeared William Mitchell and James Cook and on their Oaths Did Declare that the within Will was written in the time of the last Sickness of Thomas Mitchell the Testator and in his Presence and at his Special Request as his Last Will and that at the time of the Pronounceing and writing thereof he was of Sound mind and Understanding according to the best of their Knowledge but that he was Prevented by Death from Saying anymore.

BE IT REMEMBERED that on the 14 Day of November A D 1734 The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Mitchell Deced was proved in due form of Law and Probate and Letters Testamentary were granted to John Mitchell and Elliner Mitchell Having first Sworn well and truly to Administer the said Deceds Estate and bring an Inventory thereof into the Registers Office in Lancaster Co. at or before the 14th. Day Dec. next And also to Render an Acct. where thereunto Lawfully Required Given under the Seal of the said office.

Information on Thomas Mitchell

Thomas MITCHELL 1680 - Oct 1734 BIRTH: 1680 [46966] DEATH: Oct 1734 [46967] Family 1 : ELEANOR MARRIAGE: 1707 [60152] +John MITCHELL