Person:Thomas McLain (1)

m. 24 Nov 1868
  1. Edward Warren McLain1867 - 1952
  2. William Hurles McLain1870 - 1946
  3. Thomas Pratt McLain1873 - 1955
  4. Mary Whitaker McLain1876 - 1877
  5. Charles Franklin McLain1879 - 1953
  6. Cyrenus Augustus McLain1882 - 1938
m. 6 Sep 1896
  1. Merrill Thomas McLain1897 - 1985
  2. Maynard Leonard McLain1899 - 1976
  3. Lester Sparks McLain1901 - 1999
  4. Velma Mae McLain1904 - 1971
  5. Wava Letha McLain1907 - 1974
  6. Florence Ellen McLain1909 - 1966
  7. Revah Frances McLain1914 - 1997
  8. Cyrenus Augustus McLain1915 - 1997
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Pratt McLain
Gender Male
Birth[1] 30 Nov 1873 Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska, United States
Graduation[4] 1895 Graduated from High School in La Grange, Indiana
Marriage 6 Sep 1896 Clay Township, Lagrange County, Indianato Lilly Augusta Sparks
Other Gail has another place that says married Sept. 1, 1896Marriage fact
with Lilly Augusta Sparks
Death[2] 18 Jul 1955 Perryton, Ochiltree, Texas, United States
Burial[3] 20 Jul 1955 Ochiltree cemetery, Perryton, Ochiltree, Texas
Religion? Baptist

Tom left Cassopolis in 1902 and bought a store in Jones, Michigan. In 1905 he sold that store and bought a farm at Gray, Oklahoma. It was dry land and living was not easy. To make enough to raise his family he opened a real estate and insurance business and also went into politics. He served several terms as a county commissioner in Beaver County. In the 1920's the Santa Fe built a branch line across the Texas panhandle and a whole string of new towns grew up. The family moved south to Perryton and Tom opened a finance business and owned several business buildings. This comes from Shawn Gail McLain.

Born in a half-dugout at Fairbanks, Nebraska near Lincoln. While a small child moved to LaGrange, IN. In Sept. 1896 married Augusta Sparks. After two years moved to Cassopolis, Michigan. Due to ill health decided to come west.

Gail has that he was born in Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska.

From his obituary: Came to Beaver County in 1904 and brought his wife and four children to his homestead in 1905, making the trip from Salina, Kansas by covered wagon; Born in a dugout in Nebraska, between Gather and Fairbanks; He recalled making regular trips into the Texas cattle country from his Beaver County homestead in order to gather cowchips for the winter fuel; Moved the second building to Perryton;

Family record book found in Gail's book says that Thomas Pratt was born in Jefferson County, Nebraska

In 1899 Cassopolis directory, Thomas is listed as a clerk at a bazaar on Broadway street. Edward is listed at the same bazaar.

1900 Census of Cassopolis, Cass County, Michigan, ED #91, p. 92A Appears to live on Dis(tan?) Street 64-67 McLain, Thomas head Nov 1874 25 md 4 yrs NE IN OH Merchant Buyer

                      Augusta       wife     Sept 1876   23    md 4 yrs   2 - 2      IN   IN    IN
                          Merrill      son     July 1897    2                                    IN   NE   IN
                         Maynard   son     Oct 1898      1                                    MI   NE  IN
                         Edward   brother  Dec 1869     30    md 3 yrs               IN    IN   OH   Merchant Buyer
                         Emma  sis-in-law  May 1870   30    md 3 yrs   1 - 1     IN    OH   NY
                         Gail      nephew    July 1898    1                                   IN    IN    IN

1910 Grand Valley Township, Beaver County, Oklahoma Census p. 294 99-99 McLain, Thomas P. Head 36 14 yrs Neb. IN OH farmer

                       Augusta L.    wife     33  14 yrs.  6   6     IN      IN   IN
                       Merrill           son     12     s                    IN      NE  IN
                       Maynard       son     10     s                    MI      NE  IN
                       Lester           son      8      s                    MI      NE  IN
                       Velma           dau      6      s                    MI      NE  IN
                       Wava            dau     2      s                     OK     NE  IN
                       Florence       dau   7/12   s                      OK     NE  IN

1912 he was living in or around Gray, Oklahoma.

Was elected County Commissioner in Beaver Co., OK in 1913, 1915, and 1917

According to Lester Sparks McLain:

    Thomas Pratt filed on a farm in Beaver Co., OK in 1905.  Elected County Commissioner in Beaver Co., OK in 1913.  Put a real estate office in Gray, Beaver Co., OK in 1914; Moved to Perryton, TX in 1918.  Worked real estate until he died in 1955.  According to Lester, when Thomas Pratt moved to Beaver Co., OK they must have stopped off at Salina, Kansas for a couple of months.  Augusta had a sister in Salina.

Business partners with a man last name Willis in Real Estate sometime before 1922.

1920 Census of Ochiltree County, Texas ED 189 McLain, Thomas P. 46 Neb Ind Ohio

             Augusta L.      43      Ind        Ind    Ind
             Maynard L.     20      Mich     Neb   Ind
             Lester S.         18      Mich     Neb   Ind
             Velma M.        15      Mich     Neb    Ind
             Wava L.          11      Okla     Neb   Ind
             Florence E.     10      Okla     Neb    Ind
             Revah E.          6       Okla    Neb    Ind
             Augustus S.     4        Okla    Neb    Ind

1930 Census of ED# 3, precinct 2, Ochiltree County, Texas p. 16A 802 South 1st street

        name                                          age  married    born   FB  MB   Occupation

McLain, Thomas P. head $5000 radio 56 md. 23 NE IN OH Dealer, Real Estate

             Augusta L.    wife                  53  md 20        IN     OH  OH
            Revah E.        dau                  16                    OK    NE  IN
          Serenus A.       son              14                    OK    NE  IN

Merriman, Ida sis in law 66 wd 19 IN OH OH

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  2. Family record book found in Gail McLain's book.
  3. Funeral card from Thomas Pratt McLain's funeral.
  4. T.P. McLain's obituary.