Person:Thomas Kimbrough (1)

Thomas Kimbrough
m. 1698
  1. Rebecka Kimbrough1699 -
  2. Mary Kimbrough1700 - 1755
  3. John Kimbrough1701 - 1765
  4. Sarah Kimbrough1702 - 1765
  5. Mary Kimbrough1703 - 1746
  6. Thomas KimbroughEst 1707 - Aft 1777
  7. Marmaduke Kimbrough1710 - 1769
  8. Bradley Kimbrough1712 - 1795
  9. William Kimbrough1713 - 1769
  • HThomas KimbroughEst 1707 - Aft 1777
  • WEleanor Graves1713 - Aft 1777
m. 1731
  1. William Kimbrough1734 - 1816
  2. Robert KimbroughAbt 1735 - Abt 1800
  3. Thomas Kimbrough1736 - 1792
  4. Susanna "Suckey" Kimbrough1738 - 1781
  5. Nancy Anne Kimbrough1739 - 1843
  6. Sarah KimbroughAbt 1740 - Bef 1802
  7. John Kimbrough1745 - Bet 1817 & 1823
  8. Mary KimbroughEst 1747 -
  9. Frances "Frankey" Kimbrough1748 - 1794
  10. Graves Kimbrough1749 - 1781
  11. Elizabeth "Betty" Kimbrough1751 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Kimbrough
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1707 New Kent, Virginia, United States
Marriage 1731 New Kent County, Virginiato Eleanor Graves
Will? 20 Sep 1777 Caswell, North Carolina, United States
Death[1] Aft 20 Sep 1777 Caswell, North Carolina, United StatesThomas Kimbrough signed his will on 20 Sep 1777.
Probate[2] Sep 1781 Caswell, North Carolina, United States


Will of Thomas Kimbrow (photocopy of original will received from NC State Archives) - --Sarahs 08:36, 29 April 2014 :(UTC)
In the name of God amen
I Thomas Kimbrow of Caswell County and State of North Carolina being Sick and Weak in Body, but of sound mind memory and understanding, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following
First of all I recommend my Soul to God who gave it, trusting that the same will receive happiness in the World to come through the merits of our Help & Redeemer Jesus Christ; and my Body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors; And as to my Worldly Estate with which it has pleased Almight God to __ me in this Life I dispose of the same in the following manner to wit;
Imprimis, I lend to my beloved Wife Elleanah during her natural Life my Plantation whereon I now live together with the following Negroes to wit, Sam, George, Cato, Suey & Phebe; also all my Household Furniture, Working Tools, one horse called Sorril, and mare called Bonney, and mare call'd Fly, Eight Cows & Calves, four Ewes & Lambs, three Sows & piggs and Port out of my Stock to support her and the abovementioned Negroes one Year; and after the decease of my said Wife I will that the Plantation and Land belonging thereto abovementioned be sold by my Executors hereafter named or the Surviver of them and the money arising from such Sale to be equally divided between my Sons John, William, Robert, Thomas & my Daughter Suckey Nowel, to them their heirs and Asigns forever. And it is likewise my Will, after the Decease of my said Wife, that the Negroes hereby lent to my Wife and their increase if any (except one Child hereafter Will'd to my Son Robert & his Children) together with all the Furniture working tools & Stock which may then remain belonging to my Estate, be equally divided between my Sons John, William, Thomas, Robert and my Daughter Suckey Nowel; to them their Heirs and assigns forever; But in case my Son Thomas should die without any Heir lawfully begotten of his Body, then my Will is that all such Estate which is or may be devised to him in this Will, be equally divided amongst my several Children abovenamed, to them their heirs and assigns forever.
I hereby empower my said Executors to sell the abovementioned Horse & Mares, & furnish others in their stead, if necessary or required by my said Wife.
Item, I give to my son John one hundred & eight acres of Land be the same more or less, Beginning at a Beach on the North side of the South fork of Country line Creek, running thence E 114 poles to a black Oak, thence South 154 Poles to a poplar, thence W 114 poles to a white Oak, thence North 154 Poles to the beginning: also one Negroe Boy called Britain to him, his Heirs & assignes forever. and it is my Will that he be paid the sum of Fifty three pounds six Shillings & eight pence Proclam. money out of my Estate which I justly owe him
Item, I give unto my Son Thomas One hundred acres of Land be the same more or less Beginning at a Beach John Kimbrows Corner, running thence E 114 Poles to a black Oak, thence No 180 Poles to a black Oak, thence West to the first Branch, thence down the branch to the Creek, thence up the meanders of the Creek to the first Station; also one Negroe Girl called Jenney to him his Heirs and Asigns forever.
Item I lend to my Son Robert during his natural Life one Negroe Woman called Lydda, and the first Child which may be born of any of the Negroes lent to my Wife, which may live to be Eighteen months old; and after the Decease of my said Son Robert, I Will the said two Negroes Lydda & the Child, together with their increase to be equally divided amongst my said Son Roberts Children.
Item I Will that the Tract of Land whereon my Son Robert now lives may be saved at the Expense of my Estate & that my Executors furnish my said Son Robert with Money sufficient for that purpose whenever the Land Office shall be opened: and it is further my Will that the said Tract of Land be divided as follows to wit, that Twenty five acres adjoining my Son Thomases Land on the North side, be laid off & confirm'd to my said Son Thomas his Heirs & asigns forever. That the remaining part be divided by Michaels Branch, That the land on the South side, to belong to my Son Robert, and that on the North side, to belong to my Son Graves, to them their Heirs & assignes forever.
Item, I give to my Daughter Sarah Brown one Negroe Boy called Ben & Ten pounds proclamation Money to her her Heirs & assigns forever.
Item I give to my Daughter Mary Bryant one Negroe Boy called Joe, Five pounds proclamation Money and all the Stock, Household furniture [symbol] now in possession of her and Her husband for which I have a Bill of Sale.
Item I give to my Daughter Betty Bruce one Negroe Girl called Daphney now in her possession, also the sum of Ten pounds proclamation Money to her her Heirs & assigns forever.
Item I give to my Daughter Nanney Turner one Negroe Boy called Sam and Ten pounds proclamation Money, to her her Heirs and Assigns forever.
Item I give to my Daughter Suckey Nowel one Negroe Girl called Rachael & Ten pounds Proclamation Money, to her, her Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item I lend to my Daughter Frankey Carmon during her natural life, one Negroe Girl called Agg which She has now in possession and one Negroe Boy called Davey and after her Decease I will that the said Negroe Girl Agg & her increase (if any) and the said Negroe Boy Davey be equally divided amongst the Children of my said Daughter Frankey Carmon, to them, their Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item I give for the support & maintenance of my Son Graves one Negroe Boy called Daniel and one hundred Pounds proc. Money to be placed in the hands of my Son John, which said Negroe & Money, (after the Decease of my son Graves), I Will to my said Son John his Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item I give to my Sons John, William & Thomas all that Estate due to me for my Wifes Legacy or portion, from the Estate of my said Wifes deceas'd Father Thomas Graves, to be equally divided betwixt them.
Item I will that the remainder part of my Negroes and Stock which is not given & devised in this Will, be sold by my Executors and the Money arising from such Sale be applied towards paying off the several Legacies and other purposes given by this Will.
And lastly I do Nominate, constitute & appoint my Sons John and William, whole & Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking, and making void all other and former Will and Wills by me heretofore made, In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & affixed my Seal this 20th day of Sept 1777.
(Signed) Thomas (his mark) Kimbrow
Signed, Sealed, published, pronounced & declared by the Testator to be & contain his last Will & Testament, in the presence of us who in his presence & in the presence of each other hath subscribed our names as Witnesses.
William Gooch (his mark)
Jesse Benton (his mark)
December Court 1777.
The Execution of the within Will was proved by the oaths of William Gooch and Jesse Benton the Subscribing witnesses thereto and order to be recorded.
W(?) Moore (?) Cl.
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    Sept 1781.
  2. North Carolina. Superior Court (Caswell County). Will records, with some inventories, estates and settlements, 1777- 1963. (Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1963-1965)
    Will Book A, pages 147 - 150, Sep 1781.

    The Estate of Thos. Kimbro Deceas'd


    Sept. Court 1781

    The above was [current?] was returned to court by the Executor & ordered to be recorded signed A. Murphey clrk

    The husbands of Thomas Kimbrough's daughters are shown in the estate division: Caswell Co., NC, WB A, p. 147, Sept. Court 1781: “Div. estate of Thomas Kimbro to: Eleanor, Robert, William, Thomas, John, and Graves Kimbro; John Bryant, Leonard Brown, Robert Bruce, Edwd. Nowel, Henry Turner for legacy to their wives; Caleb Carman.”