Person:Thomas Chandler (20)

Thomas Chandler
m. 6 Nov 1625
  1. Thomas Chandler1628 - 1702/3
  2. Hannah Chandler1630 - 1711
  3. John Chandler1634 -
  4. William Chandler1636 -
  5. Sarah Chandler1638 -
  6. Joseph Chandler1638 -
  • HThomas Chandler1628 - 1702/3
  • WHannah Brewerabt 1630 - 1717
m. 28 May 1659
  1. John Chandler1655 - 1721
  2. Hannah Chandler1659 -
  3. William Chandler1659 - bef 1728
  4. Sarah Chandler1661 - 1757
  5. Thomas Chandler1664 - 1736/37
  6. Henry Chandler1667 - 1737
  7. Joseph Chandler1669 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Chandler
Gender Male
Christening[1] 1628 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Birth? 9 Aug 1628 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, EnglandCitation needed
Marriage 28 May 1659 Andover, Essex, Massachusettsto Hannah Brewer
Death[1] 15 Jan 1702/3 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

Captain Thomas Chandler was born in England ca 1630 and in 1645 was one of the early settlers of Andover, his name 23rd on the list of names. There about 1650 he married Hannah, daughter of Thomas Brewer of Ipswich. He was constable of Andover in 1661-2, on the grand jury in 1664, and for years an officer of the Andover military company. He was a blacksmith and ironworker like all of the Chandlers and by 1678 was a wealthy man.

Salem Witch Trials Important Persons: . . . Mary Parker's luck plummeted when Mary Warren suffered a violent fit in which a pin ran through her hand and bloodd came from her mouth during her examination. Indictments followed for the torture and other evil acts against Sarah Phelps, Hanna Bigsbee, and Martha Sprague. Martha's indictment was rejected, returned reading "ignoramus", but the indictments for both Hannah Bigsbee and Sarah Phelps were returned "billa vera" and the court held Mary Parker for trial. Sara claimed that Mary tortured her on the last day of August as well as "diverse other days and times." Hannah said that Mary tortured her on the first day of September: the indictment stated that she had been "Tortured aflicted Consumed Pined Wasted and Tormented and also for Sundry other Acts of Witchcraft."

Capt. Thomas Chandler approved both indictments. Significantly both Sarah and Hannah were members of the Chandler family, one of the founding families in Andover. The Captain's daughter Sarah Chandler married Samuel Phelps on May 29, 1682. Their daughter Sarah Jr. testified against Mary Parker in 1692. Hannah Chandler, also the daughter of Capt. Thomas, married Daniel Bigsbee on December 2. Capt Thomas Chandler's daughter Hannah and granddaughter Sarah gave evidence that held Mary for trial. Did the Chandler family have it out for the Parkers?[2]

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    Ancestor of Rutherford Hayes. 88. Thomas Chandler, bp. Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 1628-Andover, Mass. 15 Jan. 1702/3. [m] Hannah Brewer. Parents William Chandler and Annis/Agnes Bayford.

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Founders of Andover, Massachusetts
The first permanent settlement in Andover was established in 1641 by John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Newbury and Ipswich. Ten men signed the 1644 covenant establishing the church (the 24th organized in Massachusetts), and eighteen men had settled there by 1646 when grants of land were confirmed by the General Court. See The Essex Genealogist Vol. 21:195 (2001).
Signers of the 1644 Covenant: John Woodbridge - Richard Barker - Robert Barker - Richard Blake - Edmond Faulkner - John Frye - Nicholas Holt - John Osgood - Joseph Parker - Nathan Parker
Additional Settlers by 1646: George Abbott - Andrew Allen - John Askett - William Ballard - Thomas Chandler - Andrew Foster - Henry Jacques - John Lovejoy - Daniel Poor(e) - John Russ - Benjamin Woodbridge
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Newbury, Ipswich   Daughter Towns: