Person:Thomas Blanchard (7)

Thomas Blanchard
b.Bef 1597
m. Bef 1622
  1. George BlanchardCal 1622 - 1699/00
  2. Samuel Blanchard1629 - 1707
  3. Nathaniel Blanchard1636 - Bef 1680
  4. Thomas Blanchard, Jr. - 1651
  • HThomas BlanchardBef 1597 - 1654
  • WAgnes Bent1602 - 1639
m. 15 May 1637
  1. Unknown Blanchard1639 - 1639
  • HThomas BlanchardBef 1597 - 1654
  • WMary Unknown - Aft 1654
m. Aft 1639
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Blanchard
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1597 Based on estimated date of first marriage.
Marriage Bef 1622 to Unknown Unknown
Marriage 15 May 1637 Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSt. Edmund's
to Agnes Bent
Marriage Aft 1639 Massachusettsto Mary Unknown
Death? 21 May 1654 Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Jonathan (1639)
What appears to be known about its passengers is drawn from testimony taken 13 years after its arrival by a small subset of its passengers. Passengers settled in Newbury and Charlestown.
Sailed: 1639 from England
Arrived: 1639 at Boston Bay

Thomas Gould, Frances Cooke, Thomas Blanchard, Agnes Bent, Nicholas Noyes, Dorothy Noyes, Abigail Noyes, Peter Noyes, John Waterman, Richard Barnes, William Stret (Street), Elizabeth Plemton, Anie Bent, Anthony Somerby

Resources: Primary Sources: "Passengers and Vessels that have Arrived in America: The Voyage of the Jonathan to New England, 1639", NEHGR 32:407-411

  1. Thomas 1. Blanchard, in Wyman, Thomas Bellows. The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, Massachusetts: in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1629-1818. (Boston, Mass.: David Clapp and Son, 1879)

    Blanchard, Thomas. 1 Came from London in ship "Jonathan" 1639; Braintree, 1646-1650; m. (1) ----- -----; (2) Agnes Bent, who d. on passage, 1639; (3) Mary ----- (of Noddle's Island 1663); d. May 21, 1654. Issue.--i. George, b. 1622. ii. Thomas, 1625. iii. Samuel 1630. iv. Nathaniel, 1636, v. Child, 1639.

  2.   The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society)

    Mass. Archives, ix. 4 -- Petition of Thomas Blancher, 2-4-1646, says:-- Whereas Anne [Agnes (Bent)] Barnes of Way-hill in Hampshire, England, gave her son Richard Barnes 20 pounds and Anne [Agnes (Gosling)] Bent grandmother to said Richard gave him 16 pounds committed to the trust of John Bent, with whom the said Richard hath been "mantayned since his coming to New England about seven years." John Bent gives security for payment when said Richard is twenty-one, signed by Thomas Blancher, John Bent and Peter Noyes.

  3.   Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Middlesex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1648-1871. (American Ancestors, 2014)
    Thomas Blanchard Case # 1920 (see also NEHGR 17:156).

    link I, Thomas Blanchard, of Charlestowne, being weake in body, but through mercy in Sound memory, do make this my last will & testament. Unto my wife, Mary Blanchard, any sonne, Nathaneill, the Use of the new End of my dwelling house, and the dairy house dureing the life of my wife; also unto my wife, eight Cowes, whereof three or fower are called and knowne by the name of her Cowes, also I give unto my wife, free Sumer feed and winter Stower or food for the said eight Cowes, or so many other Cowes to be kept and provided for, by my Executors in all Respects in matter of food among their owne Cowers. I give unto my wife, fifty bushels of Corne a yeare, dureing her life, to be payd by my Executors yearely, at or before the first of the 2d no in wheate, Rie, pease, barley and Indian, in Equall prportions; also I give my wife one of the beds I now ly on, with all things apprteyning there unto as also one third part of all other my household stuff (excepting the bedding) to be sett out, or apportioned by my overseers. I give my wife, my old mare, the aforesaid Cowes, househould stuffe & mare to her and her heyres for ever. I do dispose and betrust Benjaman Tompson, unto and with my wife to prvide for, and bring up in learning (at her owne pleasure) so as to fit him for the university, in case his parents please to leave him with her, & shee live to that time. I give unto my Sonne, Samuel, besides all former giftes now in his hands, the Sume of four score poundes, whereof thirty pounds to be payd in cattle, upon valluacon of my overseers, at or before the first of the 9th month next after my decease, and ten pounds in Corne, at or before the first of the second month following, and ten pounds a yeare, in cattle or Corne, at or before the first of the 10th month, for the space of fower yeares follwoing. I give unto my Sonnes, George & Nathaniell, all my farme, houseing and appurtenances after my decease, unto them & their heyres forever, excepting as before expressed, to the Use of my wife. I give unto my Grand Child, Joseph Blanchard, my two teate heiffer, to be kept for his use by my son, George, his father. I give unto my Reverence & wellbeloved Friend, Mr. Mathews, one Cow, and to the Church of Mauldon one Cow, and to Jno Barrit, 40s. I give unto my sonne, Nathaniell, my Colt to Run with the dame untill the first of the 10th mo. next; also I give unto Nathaniell, my six workeing oxen, but Bucke & Sparke to be none of the six, & to George my horse. All other my estate of what kind soever not before disposed of, I give unto my Sonnes, George and Nathaniell (my debts and Funrall Charges first discounted) who I do make Joint executors unto this my last will & testament. I appoynt my welbeloved Friends, Mr. Edward Collines & Mrs. Joseph Hills my overseers, to whom as a Remembrance of my love, I give 10s a peece, beside what my Executors shall allow for their paines on their occasions: who also I do appoynt & impower to approprotion the land and estate hereby disposed of as need shalbe, and to Settle all other things that may be of doubtful understanding, as to them shall see Just, and equall, for the establishment and prservacon of peace, love and unity among all my relacons. The marke of Tho: x Blanchard & a seale.

    In the prsence of Willm. Seargeant, the mark of Jno Barrett, Joseph Hills.
    Memr. that wee, Edward Collines & Joseph Hills, who took in reife notes from Thomas Blanchards mouth the prticrs expressed in htis Will, did Understand the reservacion of his wives dwelling in the house, and prvision for eight Cowes to be dueing the time of her Widowhood & not otherwise; Witness or hands this 22 3rd mo. 1654. Joseph Hills, Edward Collines.

    At a County Court held at Charlestown, the 20th 4th mo. 1654, Mr. Joseph Hills, Mr. William Sergeant and Jno Barrett, attested upon oath, that the above named Tho: Blanchard, deceased, being of sound Judgement & good memory to their best knowledge, made this his last Will & Testament. Tho: Danforth Recorder.

    A true Inventory of all the goodes, lands and estate of Tho: Blanchard, of Charlestowne, deceased the 21 3d mo. 1654. Amt. L562.09.08. Taken the 25th of the 3d mo. 1654, by Joseph Hills, Edward Collines.

    Debts owing by ye testator to Mr. Shrimpton, Mr. Ozban, Rich: Wallis, old Burton, Will: Holloway, Tho: Wibourne, Leiut: Cooke, Mr. Stoddard, Edmund Jacson, Will. David, Tho: Clarke, Joseph Rocke, Mr. Jno Clarke, Tho: Eames, to Parker, Mr. Edward Collines, Joseph Hills, Tho: Danforth.

    Charlestowne--20th 4th mo 1654. George Blanchard deposed to the estate of his father, Thomas Blanchard.

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    link Thomas1 BLANCHARD (son of Herbert).[4] Bom probably in Penton, Hampshire, England.[5] Died 21 May 1654 (21. 3dmo. 1654) in Charlestown, Mass.[6] Resided in Clatford, Southamptonshire, England. Will made 16 June 1654, probated 20 June 1654 in Middlesex Co., Mass.171
    Thomas1 married (1) Hannah_c. 1617 [citing no evidence for this name - several baptisms in Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire, England may belong to this family one listing a mother Elizabeth for a son Nathaniel. There is also a burial record for an Elizabeth just priory to Thomas's second marriage to Agnes] in England [est. from birth of 1st child/TOR]. Edmund Swigart includes a son John as the third child, conceding that many genealogies (including Essex Antiquarian, Wyman and others) do not list such a child and there is no mention of a John in Thomas’ will. The situation is clarified by Ezra Steams’ statement that "evidence recently discovered establishes the fact that Dea. John [of Dunstable] was a son of Widow Ann Blanchard, who died in Chelmsford 24 June 1662." Unfortunately Steams does not supply any documentation for this statement.[17] However, the inventory of Ann BLANCHARD of Chelmsford was presented in the Chelmsford Court 7 Oct 1662 by John BLANCHARD identified as her son.1181 Since there is no record of a wife of Thornes1 named Ann, John may be eliminated from the list of children of Thomas.

    The children, therefore, of Thomas1 BLANCHARD and his first wife, [omitting John], bom probably in Clatford Parish, Andover, Hampshire, England, are:

    i. George2. 1622. Died 16 March 1699/1700 in Medford, Mass., aet. 84.1191 He married (1) Mary_c. 1651 [est. from 1st birth/TOR] and (2) c. 1653 Elizabeth (HILLS) (HARRIS), widow of Anthony HARRIS and daughter of Joseph HILLS and an unknown wife.[20] Issue, wife unspecified: six sons and eight daughters.[21](sic the author is wrong here he did not marry Elizabeth Hill be careful)

    ii. Thomas2. Est. 1624. Died before 1651 [date of wife’s remarriage]. He married Ann2 ROLFE, daughter of Henry1 and Honour (ROLFE) ROLFE.1221 Issue: two daughters. Ann married (2) Richard GARDENER1231 (c. 1619-1698) of Woburn Oct 1651 and had 10 children.[24]

    iii. Samuel2. 6 Aug 1629.1251 Died 22 April 1707 in Andover, Mass.1261 He came to New England in 1639 with his father and moved to Andover in 1686. He married (1) Mary SWEETSER (d. 20 Feb 1669/70), daughter of Seth and Bethia (COOKE) SWEETSER,1271 3 Jan 1654/5.1281 Issue: three sons and three daughters. He married (2) Hannah2 DOGGETT (1646-1725) 24 June 1673,1291 daughter of Thomas1 OGGETT.1301 Issue: three sons and one daughter. Thomas1, "yeoman of Clatford", married (2) Ann/Agnes (BENT) BARNES "of St. Edmunds, Sarum" 15 May 1637 in Salisbury, England.1311 Agnes was christened 16 Jul 1602 probably in Penton-Grafton, Hampshire, England. Agnes, the widow of Richard BARNES of Wayhill, Southampton, England,1321 died on shipboard en route to New England on the Jonathan as did her mother and infant child. Her parents were Robert (1566-1631) and Agnes (GOSLING) BENT.[33] She gave her husband, Thomas, £10 and her son Richard BARNES £20 from her estate.[34]

    Children of Thomas1 and Ann (BENT) (BARNES) BLANCHARD bom probably in Salisbury, England:

    iv. Nathaniel2. Est. 1636. Died Aug 1676 in Weymouth, Mass. He married Susanna BATES/BEATS, daughter of Edward and Susanna (_) BATES,l35] 16 Dec 1658 in Charlestown.1361 Issue:three sons and three daughters. Susannah married (2) Thomas BASS 30 Nov 1680.[37]
    [There is a bp in Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire, England on 22 July 1631 for a Nathaniel and if this is his record his mother was Elizabeth]

    v. Joseph2. Est. 1639. Died 1639 on his way from England.[38]

    Thomas1 married (3) Mary_after 1639.[39] She survived Thomas and was living on Noodles Island in Boston Harbor in 1663. She died before 3 June 1676 when her will was proved.[40]
    [Mary was probably Mary Shrimpton, as Henry Shrimpton of Boston in his will probated July 17. 1666, left five pounds to his sister 'Widow BLanchette; Her probate was admin by their adopted son see Suffolk Probate Case # 810]

    Child of Thomas1 and Mary (_) BLANCHARD:

    vi. Mary2. Est. 1640. Died 1 Feb 1675/6 in Framingham, killed by Indians. Married (1) Jonathan PADDLEFORD/PADDLEFOOT (7-1661) 5 Oct 1652.[41] She married (2) as his 2nd wife Thomas1 EAMES 1662 in Cambridge.

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