Person:Sydrach Williams (1)

m. 2 JAN 1597
  1. Robert Williams
  2. Katherine Williams
  3. Sydrach Williams1599/00 - 1647
  4. Rev. Roger Williams1603 - bet 1682/3
m. 10 OCT 1621
  1. Roger Williams1625 - bef 1676/77
Facts and Events
Name Sydrach Williams
Alt Name[1] Sydrack WILLIAMS
Alt Name Syndrack WILLIAMS
Gender Male
Birth? 10 JAN 1599/00 St. Sepulchres, Newgate Parish, London, England
Christening? 10 JAN 1599/00 St. Sepulchres, Newgate Parish, London, Engl
Alt Birth? 5 FEB 1606/07 London, London, England
Marriage 10 OCT 1621 St. Gabriel, Fenchurch St., London, Englandto Anne (Tyler) Tiller
Death? 29 APR 1647 Barwick In Elmet, Yorkshire, England
Other? GJ2D-59Ancestral File Number
Other? RZ9N-LKAncestral File Number

Son: Sidrach/Sidrack, Sydrach/Sydrack/Shadrack Williams Information sent to correspondant: Amelia Gilreath by Dr. James Courtney, found in London visit, "Boyd's Index" (my summary) THOMAS TILER married JUDITH CLINT Dau: Anne Tiler married 1. Francis Pinner B: 1599 D" 10 Jul 1637 10 Oct 1621 2. SHADRACK WILLIAMS B: 1594 (@@1600 PRIOR INFO) D: 1647. Barwick (in Elmett), Co. York, Eng.

Note: the data on Shadrack agrees with my prior findings. I do not believe that Shadrack ever came to Virginia. He, and his partner, William Clobery, did ship merchandise to Virginia in 1625 from London. I believe (without proof) that he sent his son: Roger to VA to carry on his business and that Roger was, probably, born in London.

Shadrack Williams, Children: from "Main International Genealogical Index (IGI)-British Isles. Shadrack Williams: Father: James Williams; Mother: Alice Pemberton Born: about 1600, St. Albans, Hertford, England. Christening: 10 Jan 1600, St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate Parish, London , England. (christenings usually occured in first year of life...however, Shadrack may have been born in 1594.)

I found St. Sepulchre church, near old Newgate Prison, on my last trip to London. It is near the Tower of London, and is in the Old City of London area. It does not have a cemetery at this time. Visited mid-week and could not get inside the church or find the rector etc. The outside "bulletin board" was completely blank. Most of churches mentioned in the various wills and deeds that I have are still present in London....all of them "locked-up" during the wee week. Strange!!! From IGI: Christenings: St. Albans, St. Albans, Hertford, England HIS CHILDREN:

         o James Williams, 22 Jan 1623
         o Roger Williams, 15 Dec 1625. This is the only piece of DIRECT EVIDENCE that I have that Roger of Virginia was a son of Shadrack and Ann (Tiler) Pinner-Williams.
         o Elizabeth Williams, 24 Jan 1628

Anne, Shadrack's first wife died 1637: "Parish Records, Putney, Surry Co, England" Burials: 1637 July 10 ______(blank)_______, wife of Sydrach Williams, Gent. Judith, Shadrack's second wife, d.@@ Aug 1638: "Administrations, Prerogative Court, Canterbury" Judith Brown, Stepney, Middlesex admin. granted to Sidrack Williams, h. (husband) on 13 Aug 1638. IGI info: Marriage: Shadrach Williams to Judith Brown, 11 Apr 1637, St. Alphage Parish, Greenwich, Kent County, England. There is a discrepancy here in date - they were probably mararied 11 Apr 1638, and she died a few months later. Shadrack's children must have been by his first wife: Anne.

JAMES WILLIAMS DESCENT: (Married - Alice Pemberton) Son: Shadrack/Sydrach Williams, married 1. Anne Pinner 2. Judith Brown

As presented by William Mann Morrison, 280 Rockin Hill Drive, SW, Marietta, Georgia, 30060, Correspondent/author of "Morrison-Williams, Second Edition, 1989", p 166ff.

Morrison, in my opinion, makes a major mistake in the lineage of Sydrach Williams - who married Anne Pinner, England. He places him as a son of John and Anne (Weston) Williams of the Williams=Cromwell=Welch lineage - instead of being a son of James and Alice (Pemberton) Williams, of St. Albans, England. Morrison is an excellent researcher, however, and I am including several pages of his book that outline the Williams-Cromwell descents (plus some of my own research).

It has been well documented, elsewhere, that Roger Williams, of Rhode Island, son of James and brother of Sydrach - initially tried to marry a ward of Lady Joan Barrington, of London. Roger was serving as Chaplain to this family of Sir Francis and Joan (Cromwell) Barrington at the time. OLIVER CROMWELL, (LATER LORD PROTECTOR OF ENGLAND), was a nephew of this Lady Joan (Cromwell) Barrington. Therefore, Roger Williams, of Rhode Island and Oliver Cromwell must have known each other quite well. (see included Cromwell/Williams information, below).

Oliver Cromwell married Elizabeth Bourchier, whom he probably met at the home of his aunt - Lady Joan Barrington. Lady Barrington was a close neighbor of Sir James Bourchier, father of Elizabeth Bourchier.

Descent (including) JOHN WILLIAMS Son: MORGAN WILLIAMS, MARRIED KATHERINE CROMWELL, eldlest dau. of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex. Son: SIR RICHARD WILLIAMS, married Frances Murfyn, daughter of Sir Thomas Murfyn, Lord Mayor of London. (King Henry VIII had a Cromwell ancestry, which had "died out" and asked Sir Richard Williams to change his name to that the name could be perpetuated... Sir Richard did so...and was Knighted etc....) Son: Sir Henry Williams alias Cromwell, Knight, married Joan Warren, dau. of Sir Ralph Warren, Twice Lord Mayor of London. Children: (including) 1. Robert Cromwell, married Elizabeth Steward Son: OLIVER CROMWELL, LORD PROTECTOR OF ENGLAND. 2. Joan Cromwell, who married Sir Francis Barrington, Bart. Then, according to Morrison's book information: ROGER WILLIAMS, BROTHER OF ABOVE SIR RICHARD WILLIAMS alias CROMWELL - Married Margaret Mathew Son: John Williams Son: John Williams married Ann Weston Son: SYDRACH WILLIAMS AND ANNE PINNER Son: Roger Williams married Joan ____________. NOTE: I believe this line to be in error!

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