Person:Solomon Holman (1)

Solomon Holman
b.abt 1671
m. 1668
  1. Solomon Holmanabt 1671 - 1753
  2. Samuel Holman1672 - 1737
  3. John HOLMAN1674 - ABT 1725
  4. Peter HOLMAN1676 -
  5. Phillip HOLMAN1678 -
  6. Edward HOLMAN1680 -
  7. Naomi HOLMAN1683 -
  8. Joseph HOLMAN1685 -
  9. Abigail HOLMAN1687 -
  10. Mary HOLMAN1689 -
  • HSolomon Holmanabt 1671 - 1753
  • WMary Barton1673 - 1736
m. bef 1694
  1. Mary Holman1694/95 - 1716
  2. Solomon Holman1697 - Bef 1785
  3. Edward Holman1699/00 - Bef 1742
  4. Elizabeth Holman1701 - 1702
  5. Elizabeth Holman1703 - 1727
  6. John Holman1705 - 1762
  7. Sarah Holman1707 - 1707
  8. Ruth Holman1708 - 1708/09
  9. Rachel Holman1710 -
  10. Sarah Holman1713 -
  11. Anna Holman1715 - 1788
  12. Thomas Holman1717 - Bef 1794
m. 18 Apr 1738
Facts and Events
Name[1] Solomon Holman
Gender Male
Birth[2][4] abt 1671
Marriage bef 1694 Based on birth of eldest known child
to Mary Barton
Marriage 18 Apr 1738 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Emery
Death[2][4] 7 May 1753 West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other? M4N2-X3Ancestral File Number
Burial[2][4] West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesWalnut Grove Cemetery

Information about Solomon is a bit fragmented and confused, see the sources below for the details. No information has turned up about his parents, so until such information is found, the parentage shown here is highly doubtful.

Based on the varied accounts it sounds like his family (with three sons) migrated from Wales or England some time between 1670 and 1690 (though based on the other information I would narrow that range to 1672 to 1685). He and his brother, John, were seized by a press-gang and he served for 7 years on a man-of-war (that would mean Solomon was around 14 when that happened). When the vessel arrived at York, Maine (I'm guessing around 1692), he was sent to get milk, but hid in the farmer's barn until the vessel sailed. While hidden, he survived by milking the cows. He was discovered by the owner (presumably named Barton) of the farm, befriended him, and eventually married his daughter. They moved to Newbury around 1693 or 1694.

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    SOLAMAN HOLMAN was born probably in 1671-2 and died May 7, 1753, in the 82nd year of his age. He married (1) Mary Barton, of York, Maine, who was born probably 1673, and died Oct. 18, 1736, aged 63 years. He married, (2) Elizabeth Kelley, the widow of Mr. John Kelley. She was a Miss Emery. She was born about 1680, and died May 8, 1753, in the 74th year of her age. All are buried at West Newbury, in Walnut Grove Cemetery.

    Solaman Holman was a member of the 2nd Foot Co, of Newbury under Hugh March, Jan 15, 1710-11

  3.   Bass, H. Royce. The history of Braintree, Vermont: including a memorial of families that have resided in town. (Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle & Co., state printers, 1883), p. 149.

    Solomon Holman, b. in England, was pressed on board a man-of-war; the vessel touched the American coast, and he escaped and settled in Mass.

  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Solomon Holmon.

    Birth: 1671
    Essex County
    Massachusetts, USA
    Death: May 7, 1753

    Died in the 82nd year of his age.

    "Here lies Buried
    The body of Mr.
    Solomon Holmon
    Who departed
    His life May 7
    1753 in the 82
    year of his life"

  5.   Benedict, William Addison, and Hiram A Tracy. History of the town of Sutton, Massachusetts, from 1704 to 1876: including Grafton until 1735; Millbury until 1813; and parts of Northbridge, Upton, and Auburn. (Worcester, Mass: Sanford & Company, 1878), p. 663.

    "The Holman family migrated from Wales to the Bermuda Islands between 1670 and 1690. It included three sons, born in Wales. Two of the sons, Solomon and John, were seized by a press-gang and brought to Newburyport. There they succeeded in escaping from the British ship.

    John, the younger, settled in North Carolina. Solomon settled in Newbury; married a Miss Mary Barton of Old York. [See History Mendon Association, letter of Rev. David Holman, page 144]

    Coffin, in his "History of Newbury," says, "Solomon Holman and his wife Mary came to Newbury about 1693 or 1694."

  6.   Coffin, Joshua. A sketch of the history of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. (Boston: S.G. Drake, 1845), p. 394, 301.

    Solomon Holman, was one of the early settlers in the west parish of Newbury. He was born in England, served seven years on board of a man of war, ran away in Bermuda, when sent after milk, secreted himself in the barn till the vessel sailed, and lived by milking the cows. He was discovered by the owner of the barn, who befriended him, and gave him employment. He afterward married his employer's daughter Mary, came to Newbury, built him a bark, and then a log house, on land of which he bought thirteen acres for a fat heifer. The land is now owned by Mr. Jonathan Ilsley, from whom I obtained this account. Mr. Holman died May seventh, 1753, in his eighty-second year.

    HOLMAN. SOLOMON and wife, Mary, came to Newbury about 1693 or 4. Ch.— Mary, 24 Feb, 1695, Solomon, 25 Nov. 1697, Edward, 20 Jan. 1700, Elizabeth, 24 Oct. 1701.