Person:Shadrach Hogan (1)

Shadrach Hogan
b.1734 Virginia
  1. James HoganAbt 1728 - Bef 1800
  2. Shadrach Hogan1734 - 1800
m. Bef 1766
  1. Shadrach Hogan, Jr.
  2. William HoganAbt 1775 - 1804
  3. Griffin Hogan
  4. Sylvaneus Hogan
Facts and Events
Name Shadrach Hogan
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 Virginia
Marriage Bef 1766 to Elizabeth Gibson
Death? 1800 Anson County, North Carolina
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    'In Anson County, NC, Shadrach Hogan served as Justice of Peace. There are many land transactions, starting about 1762, and continuing until he resigned as JP on 7 Nov 1786 and moved to Rutherford Co., NC. Shortly after, they moved to Wilkes and
    Lincoln Co., GA. Again he was appointed JP in Lincoln Co., GA, Benson's List. There are land transactions there also, with Mary Gibbon and Griffin Hogan. Shadrach had land in Wilkes County on Long Branch of Clark's Creek. In Nov 1800, he died leaving
    one minor son, Sylvaneus. Wm Moore was appointed his guardian. In Dec, Wm Hogan was appointed adm of his father's estate, James Hogan and Sylvaneus Gibson going his bond. John, James, and Elizabeth appointed others to represent them during the
    settlement. By 1802, receipts were received from Shadrach, Griffin, and John Hogan, and from Elizabeth, James, and Sylvaneus by 1803. Wm had received permission from the courts to sell Shadrach's land in Wilkes Co and the sale of personal items. We do not know where Shadrach and Ruth are buried, but the logical guess would be that they are buried in the Hogan Cemetery, located in the south-central part of Lincoln County off Hwy 77 to the east of Gray's Creek on the west. William Hogan purchased the 100 acres on which the cemetery is located from Griffin and his wife, Mary Gibson, in 1801. There are unmarked graves indicated by natural stones at the head and foot, which just may be the graves of Ruth, Shadrach, William, and Mary (Gibson) Hogan. Until recently (1993), the land was owned by descendants [Steed, Tom Beck; Stephens, Alice Steed, Descendants of Milton J. Steed and Susan Lurena Hogan, (Steed/Stephens, Lincolnton, Georgia, July 1994). Compilation, 1994].