Person:Shadrach Hogan (3)

Shadrach Hogan, Jr.
m. Bef 1766
  1. Shadrach Hogan, Jr.
  2. William HoganAbt 1775 - 1804
  3. Griffin Hogan
  4. Sylvaneus Hogan
Facts and Events
Name Shadrach Hogan, Jr.
Gender Male
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    Shadrach HOGAN, Jr. was born in Anson Co., NC, the namesake of his father. Following the lead of their Gibson in-laws, Shadrach Hogan Sr. and his unmarried children migrated to opening lands to the southwest in the post-Revolutionary years. They eventually settled in 1791 on Clarke's Creek, Wilkes Co., GA and moved over to Lincoln Co. about 1795. In Jan. 1801, Shadrach, Jr. bought a sorrel filly from his father's estate, and on Feb. 1, 1802, he acknowledged receipt of $68.00 from the estate.

    His marriage to the eighteen-year-old Frances "Franky" DALE probably occurred in Jackson Co, GA at the DALE/DEAL home on Candler's Creek west of present-day Maysville. Her father, William, had settled on the site in 1796. From his first residence in Jackson Co. to sometime after 1810, Shadrach was living as a tenant on either his brother John's or his father-in-law's land. Sometime before 1820, he was deeded 202 acres of the DEAL/DALE land (the surname, during this period, was spelled alternately). He drew 490 acres in Irwin Co. from the Land Lottery of 1820. Eventually, he turned this land over to his son William (1829). Apparently, he was deeded other parcels from the Deal farm, on Candler's Creek at the Oconee River, by his brother-in-law Stephen Deal prior to 1830. His mother-in-law, Jemima DALE, was still living as of the 1832 Gold (Land) Lottery list and is presumed to be the 'female' enumerated at 'over eighty years of age', in the Shadrach HOGAN household in the FC of 1840. From 1810 on, his closest significant land-owning neighbor was Hardy STRICKLAND (1782-1872) who occupied a tract of the old DEAL land plus some other parcels on Candler's Creek.