Person:Sarah Meadors (3)

Sarah Meadors
m. Bef 1795
  1. Travie Meadors - Btw 1819
  2. Mary Meadors1795 - 1855
  3. Elizabeth Meadors1796 - 1883
  4. Thomas Moberly Meadows1799 -
  5. Sarah MeadorsAbt 1802 - Aft 1850
  6. Pleasant Winkler Meadors1803 - 1865
  7. William Troy Meadors1803 - 1862
  8. Nancy Meadors1807 - 1882
  9. Dorcas Meadors1810 - 1888
  10. Harrison W Meadors1811 - 1852
  11. Jemima Meadors1814 - 1885
  12. Jane S MeadorsAbt 1815 - Abt 1890
  • HIsom Meadowsabt 1802 - bef 1853
  • WSarah MeadorsAbt 1802 - Aft 1850
m. 1 Sep 1822
  1. Elizabeth MeadowsAbt 1822 -
  2. Riley C. MeadowAbt 1827 -
  3. Isom Meadows1827 - 1874
  4. Mary Meadows1833 - 1906
  5. Thomas MeadowsAbt 1834 -
  6. Pleasant W. Meadowsabt 1836 - 1903
  7. Wade Hampton MeadowsAbt 1839 - 1907
  8. Cornelis Dee MeadowsAbt 1844 - 1919
  9. Paulina Meadows1849 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Meadors
Alt Name Sarah Meadows
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] Abt 1802 Kentucky, United States
Other[4] Mar 1819 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statesnamed in court as one of father's heirs
Marriage 1 Sep 1822 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statesto Isom Meadows
Property[5] 8 Nov 1827 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateswith siblings (all heirs of Thomas), had land where mother lived surveyed
Property[3] 6 Mar 1828 Montgomery, Indiana, United Statessigned deed of sale with husband
Other[4] Jan 1839 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statesnamed in court as one of mother's heirs
Census[2] 1850 Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana, United States
Death[1][2] Aft 1 June 1850 Monroe, Indiana, United States
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    Meadows, Isom, age 50, m, laborer, RE=$100, b. KY
    , Sarah, 48, f, b. KY
    , Thomas, 16, m, laborer, b. KY
    , Pleasant, 14, m, b. KY
    , Wade, 11, m, b. IN
    , Cornelis, 5, m, b. IN
    , Paulina, 1, f, b. IN

  3. Montgomery County (Indiana) Deed Records; Montgomery County Recorder’s Office, Crawfordsville, Indiana, Volume 1, p. 224, Nov 1823-Oct 1830, Primary quality.

    Know all men by these presents
    Isom Meadows and Sarah his wife of Montgomery County, Indiana
    Were paid $20 by Christopher Johnston of same place
    For which Isom and Sarah “grant bargain Sell alien release Convey and Confirm and forever Quit Claim”
    The E1/2 of the SW1/4, S2, R5W, T19N
    Also the W1/2 of the SE1/4, Section same Range and Township
    “and was purchased by my late Father Isom Meadows at the Land Office at Crawfordsville and the part here intended to be conveyed is one part of the same as heirs of the said Deceased.”
    Signed 6 March 1828, Isom x his mark Meadows, Sarah x her mark Meadows
    Witnesses James Man, John W. Martin
    On 6 March 1828 William Brutton, JP, said the above named grantors personally appeared before him and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the deed of conveyance for the purposes therein named and expressed.
    Recorded 6 March 1828

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    Order Book 1, p. 53, Mar Term, 1819, Whitley, KY
    --Order that the following persons be certified to the register of the land office as the proper heirs of Thomas Meadows: Tarvie, Polly Shelley, Betsy Campbell, Thomas M. Meadows, William T. Meadows, Pleasant Meadows, Sally Meadows, Nancy W. Meadows, Darky Meadows, Harrison W. Meadows, Jamima Meadowes, and Jane S. Meadows.
    Order Book No. 1, p 485, Whitley, KY, January Term, 1839
    --Satisfactory proof was this day made in open court on the oath of Nathaniel Smith that Elizabeth Meadows, Polly Shelly, Mobley Meadors, Elizabeth Campbell, W. T. Meadors, Pleasant Meadors, Sally Meadors, Nancy Smith, Darky Mayfield, Mima Moor, Harrison Meadors, Jane Hughes are the heirs and legal representatives of Elizabeth Meadors

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    8 November 1827
    Surveyed for Polly Shelly, Betsey Campbell, Thomas M. Meadors, William T. Meadors, Pleasant Meadors, Sally Meadors, Nancy W. Meadors, Darkey Meadors, Harrison W. Meadors, Jemima Meadors, Jane L. Meadors heirs of Thomas Meadors 100 acres of land in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky approved February 6th 1819 being part of Knox County Court certificate No. 192 granted to Israel Mayfield on the first day of August 1813.
    Situate in Whitley County on Cumberland River including the improvement Elizabeth mother of said children now lives. . . .
    William Mayfield HK [House Keeper], William T. Meadors ChM [Chain man], Harrison White marker
    Joseph Gilless surveyor