Person:Sarah Bugh (1)

Sarah Milinda Bugh
  1. George Washington Bugh1842 - 1926
  2. Maria Amma Bugh1845 - 1863
  3. Sarah Milinda Bugh1848 - 1873
  4. Norman Bugh1849 - 1849
  5. Henry David Bugh1850 - 1924
  6. Ester S. Bugh1854 -
  7. John Samuel Bugh1859 - 1938
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Milinda Bugh
Gender Female
Birth? 5 Mar 1848 Pendelton, Niagria, New York, USA
Death? 9 Jan 1873 Pendelton, Niagria, New York, USA
Sarah died as a young woman. She never married (LL Byerley)

Lockport Daily Journal, January 27, 1873, pg. 3, Col.4 _ DIED in Pendleton Jan. 9, 1873 at her father's residence, Sarah Melinda Bugh, age 25 years, 10 months, 4 days. Later her brother, George, wrote this hymn dedicated to her memory, Emma C. Johnson, and Sarah R. Bugh. _ IN MEMORY OF OUR INFANT ROSES _ also of _ MISS SARAH M. BUGH, _ MRS. EMMA C. JOHNSON, _ AND _ SARAH R. BUGH Devoted to Unveiling Day Nov. 30th, being the day of Sarah Rosena's last words Nov. 30th, 1886:- "Jesus is so good, Hallelujah. He will lead me all the way over this river." _ By Geo. W. Bugh

_ We have silent gardens, _ S'rounded with osage; _ There affection softens _ Where the roses age. _ Where the sylvan bowers, _ Decked with fragrance sweet, _ Fill our eyes with flowers, _ And our hearts with thought. Refrain.- _ There we laid our loved ones, _ Our loved ones, our loved ones! _ There we laid our loved ones, _ In their lonely beds. _ May the dewy roses, _ The roses, the roses! _ May the dewy roses _ Crown their peaceful heads!

_ Ere the angels called them _ To the land of fame. _ Cold and changing winters _ O'er their pathway came. _ But with peace and brightness, _ Stept across the flood,- _ Jesus led the dear ones, _ Sprinkled with his blood. Ref. _ Church and school has missed them _ Home and kindred dear! _ Jesus Christ will keep them: _ Absent, yet so near. _ Stormy rages o'ercome, _ Calmly they repose. _ Jesus lead us o'er home _ To each loving rose. Ref. _ Solemn, quiet gardens, _ You remind us now _ Of death and partings. _ Till in dust we bow: _ But we trust the story _ Jesus came and told; _ Greeting once in golory _ In the love we hold. Ref.