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Sarah Unknown
b.Bet 1755 and 1760
  • HThomas CokerAbt 1755 - Bef 1818
  • WSarah UnknownBet 1755 and 1760 - 1846
  1. William B. CokerAbt 1785 -
  2. Anna CokerEst 1786 -
  3. Elizabeth CokerEst 1787 -
  4. Thomas Coker1788 - 1836
  5. Sally CokerAbt 1792 - 1860
  6. Noah B. CokerAbt 1793 - Abt 1865
  7. Jonathan Clark CokerAbt 1796 - Abt 1878
  8. Robert CokerEst 1802 -
  9. Agnes CokerEst 1803 -
  10. Lutisha CokerAbt 1804 -
  11. James M. Cokerabt 1809 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Sarah Unknown
Gender Female
Birth? Bet 1755 and 1760
Other[1][2] Dec 1823 Bibb, Alabama, United StatesMiscellaneous
Death? 1846 Bibb, Alabama, United States

From estate papers of Sarah's husband Thomas Coker. "The next sheaf of papers were tied together and on the jacket was written: Sarah Coker, widow of Tho Coker dec'd To / AC N. B. Coker extor $96.18 3/4. These papers were mostly notes and bills presented to the executor for payment. Some of them are copied below. Sir please To let Garison have one quart of whisky and It will settle one half Dollar For blacksmith work and I will settle with you for the same. no date Sarah Coker

Mrs. Sarah Coker pleas to pay N. B. Coker one dollar for me & this order shall be your Receipt for the same no date Woodson Young

Noah B. Coker Executor of the estate of Thomas Coker deceased to Henry Denison Dr. To medicine & attendance on Isaac three months [evidently slave bequeathed to James Coker] To medicine for Sam .75 To medicine for Anne [daughter Anna?] 1.00 Sept. 10«sup»th«/sup» 1822 Received payment - Henry Denison

Received of N. B. Coker for Sarah Coker two dollars in full for smith work this 12«sup»th«/sup» day of Sept. 1821. Jonathon Clower

Dec. 1823 (or 1820?) Sally Coker to Starling Strange Dr. to smith work $3.00

Received of N. B. Coker Executor of Thomas Coker decest [sic] fifty cts. in full of all demands up to this date this 1«sup»st«/sup» Day Sept. 1821. Signed: Thomas ("X" his mark) Cost [Who is this? Beth Gay] Witness: Matthew Cox

November the 27«sup»th«/sup» 1821 Rec'd of Noah B. Coker for the Widow Coker three dollars and sixty two cents and his own Tax $2.50 John Henry, Shff.

Recd of Sarah Coker by hand of N. B. Coker four Dollars in full of book -----(illegible) May 3, 1821 Willis Brown

Mrs. Sarah Coker's acct with Willis Brown cards $1.25 whis 2.00 whis «u»1.50 «/u» $4.75 Rec'd pay Demb the 25«sup»th«/sup» 1819 Willis Brown

Sally Coker acct James Strange 1822 28 June 1823 James Strange swears acct is true

Widdow Coker to P. J. Waner?

Cahawba County May---- Rec'd of N. B. Coker for Sarah Coker three dollars & seventy five cts in full for territorial & county tax. Andrew Henshaw

N. B. Coker Esqr. to Wm. B. Allen Dr. For «i»Cahawba Press«/i» from No. 9 Vol 3 to No. 35 Vol 4 (in Co. with R. S. Cargil) 1 and ½ years @ $7.50 half of which is 3.75 To advertising Thomas Coker's Estate Recd payt by J. Jones Esqr. Wm. B. Allen

State of Alabama Bibb County Personally came before me the underassined [sic] Jesse Potter acten [sic] Justice of the Peace in and for the county of aforesaid Edward Lawlarnce [sic] and being Duly sworn on oath deposth and sayeth that a certain acount [sic] for blacksmith woork [sic] dun [sic], for the Estate Thoms Coker deseced [sic] to the amount of $5 and 50 cents is Just and true and this being the leagagle (legal?) way to obtain his write [sic] Sworn and attested to before me this the 5 of August 1822 Witness Jesse Potter J. P. Signed: Edward Larrance

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    Reference number: Thomas Coker & Sarah

  2. or 1820? Transcriber unsure and estate records appear to have been stolen; maybe they will be returned.
    Sally Coker to Starling Strange for smith work