Person:Samuel Porter (38)

Samuel Porter
b.before 1730
m. Before 1730
  1. Samuel Porterbefore 1730 -
  2. Andrew Porter1734 - 1821
  3. George Porterabt 1735 -
  4. James Porterabt 1738 - aft 1810
  5. Jane Porter1739 - 1784
  6. William Porterabt 1741 -
  7. Stephen Porterabt 1743 -
  8. Mary Porter1746 - 1778
  9. Elizabeth Porter1748/49 - 1819
  10. Eleanor Porterabt 1750 - aft 1810
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Porter
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] before 1730


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Old Augusta Records for Samuel


Records for Samuel are found in Old Augusta between May 1751 and August 1765. Samuel owned a parcel on Buffalo Creek in what is now southern Rockbridge County. Our 1751 records for him came when improvements to this property were valued. This is presumably in preparation for the sale of the land, though this did not occur until 1765, when we find that he is living in Dromore Township in Lancaster County PA, and that his 300 acre tract "below the Forks of Buffalo Creek is sold by John Mitchell on behalf of Samuel, to James Dryden, son of David Dryden.


1:437 1751 Valuation of Samuel Porter's improvements on Buffalo Creek, 22d May, 1751. Person:Samuel Porter (38)
3:22 1751Page 359.--22d May, 1751. Improvements valued on Samuel Porter's plantation, by John Poack and James Davis, on Buffelow Creek.Person:Samuel Porter (38)
3:4281765 Page 116.--17th August 1765. Samuel Porter, of Dromore township. County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, schoolmaster, by John Mitchel, of Augusta County, to James Dryden, £26, 300 acres below the Fork of Buffalo Creek. Teste: David Dryden, Arthur McClure. Delivered: David Dryden, son of James, 1st April, 1791.Person:Samuel Porter (38)


  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).
  2. Samuel owned land "below the forks of the Buffalo in modern Rockbridge County in 1751. To own land he would have to have been over the age of 21, so was presumablly born before 1730.