Person:Samuel Mayo (2)

Capt. Samuel Mayo
b.ABT 1620 England
  1. Capt. Samuel MayoABT 1620 - Bef 1664
  2. Nathaniel Mayo1625 - 1661/2
  3. Hannah Mayoabt 1628 - aft 1691
  4. John Mayoabt 1630 - 1706
  5. Elizabeth Mayobef 1638 - 1700
  6. Bathsheba Mayoabt 1640 -
m. Abt. 1644
  1. Mary Mayo1645 - 1711
  2. Samuel MayoAbt 1647 - 1668
  3. Hannah Mayo1650 - 1671
  4. Elizabeth Mayo1653 - 1696
  5. Joseph Mayo1654 - 1712
  6. John MayoAbt 1656 - 1725/6
  7. Nathaniel Mayo1658 -
  8. Sarah Mayo1660/61 - Bef 1745
  9. Mercy MayoAbt 1664 - 1748/49
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Samuel Mayo
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1620 England
Marriage Abt. 1644 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USAto Thomasine Lumpkin
Death[4] Bef. 25 Apr 1664 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number 8WRH-5F
Ancestral File Number LZLV-KH
Residence? Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

Samuel Mayo, s/o Rev. John and Thomasine Mayo, was born abt. 1615 in England. Ordained as teaching elder on 15 Apr 1640 and worked with his father at Barnstable. He was a mariner and had many land dealings with Indians and settlers at Oyster Bay in Long Island, living there during much of the 1650's. By 1658, when his son Nathaniel was born, he had returned to Boston where his father was preaching. He died there probably early 1664 as his inventory was taken 25 Apr 1664.

Samuel's wife was Thomasine Lumpkin, the daughter of William and Thomasine Lumpkin. After Samuel died, she married John Sunderland, whom she survived.


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Disputed Lineages

The appearance, within a couple of generations, of several ladies sharing the approximate given name Tamsen/Tamisen/Tomasin has led to a fair bit of confusion. Several uploaded GEDCOMs incorrectly indicated Rev. John Mayo's wife as Thomasin Lumpkin. She is actually a daughter-in-law, married to Samuel. The actual spouse of Rev. Mayo is Tamisen Brike.

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    [This article is not the most valuable source, only providing an assertion by the editor that John Sunderland's wife was the widow of Samuel Mayo without explaining how that is known. It quotes William Lumpkin's will of 20 Jul 1668 which refers to her as "my Daughter Tamsin the wife of John Sunderling" since she had remarried by this time. Her daughters by her first marriage are named in her second husband's (John Sunderland) will of 27 Sep 1700, "Mary Bangs Sarah ffreeman and Mercy Seers". No other connection to Samuel Mayo or data about him is given. Jrich.]

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