Person:Samuel Martin (52)

Samuel Martin
m. Abt. 1715
  1. Sarah Martin1716 - Bef 1722
  2. Sarah Martin1722 -
  3. William Martin1733 - 1795
  4. Grizel Martin1734 -
  5. Hannah Martin1735 -
  6. Samuel Martin1738 -
  7. Mary Martin1741 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Martin
Gender Male
Birth? 26 March 1738 Carnmoney, County Antrim, Ireland

Possible Records of Samuel Martin in Augusta County:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1762 (B). - McClenachan vs. Augusta Vestry.--Warrant signed by Ben. Waller to arrest Robert McClenachan, late Collector of Augusta Parish Levy, to appear at General Court to answer the Church Wardens. Dated 6th May,in 29th year of reign. Declaration: John Archer and John Christian, Church Wardens, complain of Robert McClenachan, late Collector, &c., in 1748, collected in 1749 levies which he has not paid over. General issue pleaded April, 1757. November 3, 1757, trial by jury, viz: Richard Bland, John Ruffin, Christopher Chamney, John Leaeve, Thomas Knox, Charles Coppidge, Charles Anderson, Clement Read, William Taite, Andrew Munroe, John Lovell and Nathaniel Venable. Verdict for plaintiff, £20. A copy. Test: Litt. Savage, for Ben. Waller, Cl. Crer. Set-off filed by defendant. To delinquents in Montgomery's list: Gilbert Strahorn, Samuel Martin, Peirce Coslie, John Dickson, Stephen Halston, Cornelius Towlin, John Martin, John Welsh, Nicholas Welsh, Silas Staus (Stans).