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Samuel Hinckley
m. 10 Feb 1574/1575
  1. Stephen Hinckley1576 - 1577
  2. Stephen Hinckley1578 - 1629
  3. Margaret Hinckley1580 - 1598
  4. Elizabeth Hinckley1582 - Bef 1605
  5. Catherine Hinckley1584 - Aft 1605
  6. Mary Hinckley1587 - Aft 1605
  7. Samuel Hinckley1589 - bef 1662
  8. John HinckleyAbt 1591 - Aft 1605
  • HSamuel Hinckley1589 - bef 1662
  • WSarah Soole1600 - 1656
m. 7 May 1617
  1. Governor Thomas Hinckley1619/20 - 1705
  2. John Hinkley1622 - 1627
  3. Susannah Hinckley1625 - 1675
  4. Marie Hinckley1628 -
  5. Sarah Hinckley1629 - bef 1679/80
  6. Mary Hinckley1631 - Aft 1662
  7. Elizabeth Hinckley1632 - 1633
  8. John Hinckley1634 - Bef 1642
  9. Elizabeth Hinckley1635 -
  10. Samuel Hinckleybef 1637/38 - Bef 1638
  11. Samuel Hinckleybef 1638/39 - abt 1640/41
  12. Hinckley1640 - abt 1640
  13. Hinckley1640 - 1640
  14. Hinckleyabt 1640/41 - bef 1640/41
  15. Samuel Hinckley1642 - 1726/27
  16. John Hinckley1644 - 1709
  • HSamuel Hinckley1589 - bef 1662
  • WBridget1616 -
m. 15 Dec 1657
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Hinckley
Gender Male
Christening[5] 25 May 1589 Harrietsham, Kent, England
Marriage 7 May 1617 Hawkhurst, Kent, Englandto Sarah Soole
Immigration? 1635 on the Hercules with wife, 3 daughters and kinswoman Elizabeth
Marriage 15 Dec 1657 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United Statesto Bridget
Death? bef 31 Oct 1662 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[7] bef 1 Nov 1662 "buried ye End of Octor 1662"
Will[4] 8 Oct 1662

Samuel Hinckley, Esq. was a resident of Tenterden, Kent, England. He came to America in the spring of 1635 on ship Hercules with 102 on board. On 15 March 1634/5 "Saml Hinckley of Tenterden & Sarah his wife, Susan, Sara, Mary children and Elzab a kinswoman" were enrolled at Sandwich for passage to New England on the Hercules [NEHGR 75:219].

He settled first in Scituate, Mass with his family and built a home with Rev. Lothrop called No. 10. In 1638 the Hinckleys moved to Barnstable, Plymouth Colony with the family name is prominent to this day.

Samuel and Sarah Soole had 16 children, names and dates in Hinkley Heritage & History page 15

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    "Samuel Hinckley of Tenterden, country of Kent, England, came to New England in the ship Hercules of Sandwich, which sailed about March, 1634 -- with his wife Sarah and four children. He first settled at Scituate, and by the early records it appears that his wife joined the church there, Aug. 16, 1635. He removed with his family to Barnstable in 1639. His first wife, Sarah, died Aug. 18, 1656, and he married for his second wife, Bridget Bodfish, Dec. 15, 1657. He died at Barnstable, Oct 31, 1662. In Freeman's "History of Cape Cod" he is described as "having been a very prominent man in public affairs." His will was dated Oct. 8, 1662. He leaves the use of his house and garden, and some land, to his wife Bridget, during her widowhood, and also gives her "all the household stuff she brought with her," and her two cows, "Prosper and Thrivewell;" but his landed property and other live stock, which appears considerable, are divided chiefly between his sons Thomas, Samuel and John. He leaves to each of his daughters, Susanna, Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth, and to each of their children, the nominal sum of one shilling, by which I presume the daughters were all married and had been provided for. He also bequeaths some of his live stock to his grandchildren, Samuel and Thomas, sons, and Mary and Bathshea, daughters of Thomas Hinckley, --and "Henry Cobb's sons, Samuel and Jonathan." The inventory of his personal property, #162. 16. 0. was made by Henry Cobb and William Crocker."

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    "SAMUEL, Scituate, from Tenterden in Kent, came in the Hercules of Sandwich, 1635, with w. Sarah, and four ch. Thomas, the future Gov. Susanna, Mary, and Sarah. His w. join. the ch. 30 Aug. 1635, had Elizabeth bapt. next Sunday; Samuel, 4 Feb. 1638, d. soon; Samuel, again, 10 Feb. 1639, d. soon; rem. 1640, to Barnstable, where he had Samuel, 24 July 1642, by Deane call. Sarah; and John, 26 May 1644, bef. ment. beside one d. bur. 8 July 1640, unbapt. and tw. ch. also bur. 1641. His w. d. 18 Aug. 1656; and he m. 15 Dec. 1657, Bridget, perhaps d. but more prob. wid. of vol. 2, p. 425 Robert Bodfish, and d. 31 Oct. 1662. His d. Sarah m. 12 Dec. 1649, Henry Cobb, as 2d w. and Elizabeth m. 15 July 1657, Elisha Parker. Other ds. nam. in his will are Susanna, and Mary, wh. were both m.

  4. Barnstable Families.

    Dated Oct. 8, 1662; names wife Bridget; daughters: Susanna, Mary, Sarah & Elizabeth; sons: Thomas, Samuel & John; grandchildren: Samuel, Thomas, Mary & Bathsheba all of son Thomas and Samuel & Jonathan Cobb. [Barnstable Families]

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  6.   Samuel Hinckley, in Anderson, Robert Charles; George F. Sanborn; and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635. (NEHGS, 1999-2011).

    Origin: Tenterden, Kent. Migration: 1635 on the Hercules. First Residence: Scituate. Removes: Barnstable 1639.
    Birth: Baptized Harrietsham, Kent, 25 May 1589, son of Robert Hinckley [NEHGR 65:315-17]
    Death: Barnstable "the end of Octber 1662" [MD 6:98]
    Marriage: (1) Hawkhurst, Kent, 7 May 1617 Sarah Soole [NEHGR 68:186], baptized there on 8 Jun 1600, daughter of Thomas Soole [NEHGR 68:186-89]. She died at Barnstable on 18 August 1656 [MD 6:97] and was buried there on 19 August 1656 [PCR 8:44]. (2) Barnstable "about the 15 of December 1657" Bridget Botfish [PCR 8:44; MD 6:98; NEHGR 65:318], widow of Robert Botfish {1634, Lynn} [GM 2:1:357:58]

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    "Hinckley, Samuel Sen. d. End of Oct 1662" Extracted from Bowman and Hinckley's transcriptions by NEHGS. See

  8.   Samuel Hinckley, in Find A Grave.

Hercules (1635)
From Hotten:s Original Persons: "Of all such persons as embarked themselves in the good ship called the Hercules, of Sandwicxh, of the burthen of 200 tons, John Witherley, master, and therein transported from Sandwich to the plantation called New England in America; with the cerificates from the ministers where they last dwelt of their conversation, and conformity to the orders and discipline of the church, and that they had taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy. (The certificates, all dated February and March, 1634, are here omitted.)
Sailed: early 1635 from Sandwich, Kent, England under Master John Witherley
Arrived: summer 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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