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Users Researching

I am interested in gathering the facts of the people for the baseline of who these people were, but what I am really passionate about are the stories about the people that I find names/dates for, and especially pictures of what they looked like! If anyone has any photos they could pass along to me via email posting, I would really appreciate it.

Another area that I am very interested in is the Robinson line. For far too long this line has been stuck, with apparently no end in sight. We have been able to get to Amasa Robinson, being born in 1786 in New York, and we know his actual death date, marriage date, who he married, who all his descendents are. What noone has been able to figure out EVER is who his parents were. I guess he just mysteriously materialized from space...maybe an alien from Mars? :)

Also I want to find out about the Shuler line. I am stuck on good ol' Bert Shuler being born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, marrying in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and dying in Alliance, Nebraska. We know his wife, children, etc., but once again, think he must be from Mars as well as we don't know who his parents were. We know he left home at about 16 years old because he got into a fight with his dad over a violin--Bert wanted it, his dad wouldn't buy it for him. On his funeral itemization paper from the funeral home, his parents are listed as "unknown". Must have been a very bitter ending with his family to not even recognize who they were. Does anyone know? If you do, you'd be my hero if you could help me out with this.

Thanks to my family in Norway and Utah we have the Christensen/Mangelson lines pretty well figured out. It helps that after you get my grandparents, on the Christensen side, they were first cousins, so it's easy on that line. What my struggles are are the Robinson, Shuler, Taylor, Hunt, Morton, Weidner, etc.

Speaking of Weidner, I am 95% sure I have Dora's parents from the 1900 census. I don't have proof other than that though. Does anyone else out there have the proof I need? Also, what happened to Dora's mom, Cena? Family lore says that she died from diptheria after Dora was born, and that Dora was one of 12 kids, but I can't find any death record for her. She appears on the 1900 census and then is not there in the 1910 census, her husband Henry is a widow. Then on that same 1910 census he has 2 more boys listed as sons, and one stepson. No wife listed. He is as a widower. Any clues?

I hope this page can be mutually beneficial. Maybe I have something you need, maybe you'll have something I need.

Take care and happy hunting!