Person:Samuel Fuller (2)

m. abt 1605
  1. Capt Matthew Fullerabt 1605 - bef 1678
  2. Samuel FullerAbt 1609 - 1683
  • HSamuel FullerAbt 1609 - 1683
  • WJane Lathrop1614 - bef 1683
m. 8 Apr 1635
  1. Hannah FullerEst 1636 - 1683
  2. Samuel Fuller1637 - 1683
  3. Elizabeth Fuller1640 - 1683
  4. Sarah Fuller1641 - Bef 1654
  5. Mary Fuller1644 - 1720
  6. Thomas Fuller1650 - 1683
  7. Sarah Fuller1654 - 1683
  8. John Fuller1655/56 - 1726
  9. Child Fuller1656/57 - 1656/57
  10. Child Fuller1658 - 1658
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Fuller
Gender Male
Alt Birth[7] abt 1608 England
Birth? Abt 1609 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Alt Birth? 8 Apr 1612 Egerton, Kent, England
Marriage 8 Apr 1635 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Jane Lathrop
Other[3] 7 Nov 1636 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesMembership
Emigration[6] 1639 Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Will[7] 29 Oct 1683 Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1][7] 31 Oct 1683 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[7] 5 Jun 1684 Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States

Caution: there are many Samuel Fullers. This is Samuel Fuller of Scituate and Barnstable, who was a passenger on the Mayflower with his father Edward Fuller and his uncle, the Dr. Samuel Fuller.

New England

Samuel Fuller came to New England, a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620. He was left an orphan soon after the arrival of the ship at Plymouth, MA and made his home in the family of his Uncle Samuel Fuller, the physician who gave him "loving care and affection: throughout his first years in the colony, and remembered him generously in his will, proved Oct ober 28, 1633.

Samuel Fuller "the younger" shared in the division of lands in the colony in 1623 receiving three acres on the south side of the town brook. His neighbors were John Howland, Stephen Hopkins, Edward Winslow and Gilbert Winslow. He became a freeman of the colony in 1634 and settled in the nearby town of Scituate where he married, April 8, 1635 Jane Lothrop, daughter of Rev John Lothrop, pastor of the Scituate church, which Samuel Fuller joined receiving his letter of dismissal from the church at Plymouth. In 1636 he built a house on Green field street. The walls were made of poles filled between with stones and clay, the roof thatched, the chimney to the mantel of rough stone, and above of cob work, the windows of oiled paper and the floors of hand-sawed planks.

In 1639 Rev Lothrop, his father-in-law and many members of his church removed and founded the town of Barnstable probably at that time the most easterly settlement on Cape Cod, whither Samuel Fuller and his young wife followed and together with his cousin Matthew Fuller who came to Barnstable about this time, purchased of the Indian Secunke, that portion of Scorton or Sandy Neck which lies within the town of Barnstable. Samuel Fuller also bought other lands and lived in the northwest angle of the town in a secluded spot where few had occasion to pass. He was eminently pious and retired in his habits and not much mentioned in public affairs, but his name appears as constable at Scituate and as a juryman or on committees to settle difficulties with the Indians at Barnstable. He was the only one of the Mayflower passengers to settle permanently at Barnstable and one of the last survivors of that company. He died October 31, 1683 and was buried if not on his own estate, in the ancient burial place at Lothrop Hill in Barnstable, near the site of the first meeting house.

A deed by which the Mayflower Passenger, Samuel Fuller, son of Edward Fuller, sold his house and land at Scituate, on 25 March, 1650, to Peter Collamore of Scituate. [MD 16:129]

As Samuel Fuller, the grantor in this deed, is called "of Scittuate" and had a wife Jane, who consented to the sale, it is certain that he was identical with the Samuel2 Fuller who came over with his father, Edward1 Fuller, in the Mayflower, and married Jane, the daughter of Rev. John Lothrop of Scituate, in 1635.

"[On the back of the deed] this 16th of may 1650 Jane ffuler the wife of Samuell ffuler did com befor me Timothy hatherly asistant to the governer of new plimoth in new England and did freely acknowlidge her willingnes of the within mensioned sale and did freely resign up her right to Peter collemer Timothy hatherly"


Will of Samuel Fuller [MD 2:237]

The last Will and Testament of Samuell ffuller of Barnstable Late Deaceased Exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift of June 1684 on the oath of Capt: Josepth Laythorp and Mr Samuell Allin as followeth.

The nine and twentyeth Day of October in the yeer of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty and three; I Samuell ffuller seni'r of the Towne of Barnstable in the Gov'rment of New Plymouth being ancient and very weake in body but of good and Compitent memory thankes be unto allmighty God; and Calling to remembrance the uncertaine state of this transitory life and that all fflesh muste yeild unto Death when it shall please God to Call, Doe make ordaine and & Constitute & Declare this my last will and Testament in Manor and form following;

Revoking and Anulling by these presents all and every Testament and Testaments will and wills heertofore by mee made and declared either by word or wrighting; and this to be taken onely for my last will and Testament and none other; and first I give and Comitt my soule unto almighty God my Saviour in whom and by the merritts of Jesus Christ I trust and beleive assuredly to be saved; and my body to the earth; from whence it was taken to be buried in such Decent and Christian manor as to my executors heerafter Named shalbe thought meet and Convenient; and Now for the settleing of my temporall estate and such goods Cattles and Debts as it hath pleased god farr above my Deserts to bestow upon mee; I Doe order Give and Dispose the same in Manor and forme following; That is to say first I will that all those Debts and Dutyes as I owe in right or Consience to any manor of p'rson or p'rsons whatsoever shalbe well and truely Contented and payed or ordained to be payed within Convenient time after my Decease by my executors heerafter Named;

Item I Give and bequeath unto my eldest son Samuell ffuller two p'rsells of Marsh one of them I bought of mr Samuell house Decease and the other I bought of Captaine Matthew ffuller Deceased that hee had of mr John ffreeman;

Item I give and bequeath to my son John ffuller four acrees of Marsh and one halfe which I bought of Peter Blossome

Item I Give and bequeath that p'rsell of Marsh that lyes by Ralph Jones, his Marsh, To my two sones Samuell ffuller and John Ffuller to be equally Devided betwixt and one p'rsell of Marsh that lyeth on this side Scoton ffeildes to be Devided as abovesaid and the angle Lotts of Marsh att Scoton point to be equally Devided between them alsoe and alsoe the Eelcreik Lott of Marsh to be alike Devided as above specifyed and the Lott of Marsh att Sandy neck upon the same accoumpt alsoe; and all my upland upon Scoton Neck to be equally Devided betwixt them as the other above Mensioned

Item I give to my son Samuell ffuller all my upland that lyeth above my uppermost ffeild and to range quite Crosse my land upon one and the same lyne as the uppermost ffence as my upmost feild Now ranges, but alwaies to allow Cart wayes to the Comons into the Comons for his brother John ffuller his heires and assignes

Item I give and bequeath unto my son John fuller my now Dwellinghouse orchyard and all outhousing and all the rest of my upland wherever it doth lye, but alwaies to allow a Cart way into the meddowes for his brother Samuell ffuller his heires and assignes

Item I Give and bequeath to my son John ffuller one three yeer old horse running in the woods;
Item I Give and bequeath to my son Samuell ffuller two mares runing in the woods;
Item I Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Tayler five pound in Mony and two Cowes;
Item I Give unto my Daughter hannah Bonham four pounds in Money and two Cowes;
Item I Give unto my Daughter Mary Williams four pound in Money and two Cowes
Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Crowe four pounds in Mony and two Cowes
Item I Give and bequeath unto my four Daughters hannah Bonham Mary Williams Elizabeth Tayler and Sarah Crow all my houshold Stuffe to be equally Dvided betwixt them
Item I Give and bequeath to my son John ffuller the Indian Joell; my p'rte in the oxen the Cart and plow and the Cart and plow Geares and working tooles and one fatt Cow that is to kill and my bald faced horse; and my Great bible;
Item I Give and bequeath to my two sones Samuell ffuller and John ffuller all the rest of my Neat Cattle to be Devided To my son Samuell one third p'rte; and to my son John ffuller the other two third p'rtes therof; and all my sheep to be equally Devided betwixt them;
Item I Give and bequath to my son Samuell ffuller ten pounds in mony which hee now owes to mee and hath now hath it alredy; and all the rest of my estate in what kind soever it be I Give and bequeath it to my two sones Samuell ffuller and John ffuller; to be Devided to my son Samuell ffuller one third p'rte therof and to my son John ffuller the other two third p'rtes therof, and by these pr'esents make ordaine & Declare the above said Samuell and John ffuller the executors of this my last Will and Testament; In Witness wherof I the said Samuell ffuller have heerunto sett my hand and seale the Date above Written;

Samuell ffuller and a seal

Witnesse / Joseph Laythorp / Samuell Allin

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    3 SAMUEL(2) FULLER (Edward(1)) b. prob. England ca 1608; d. Barnstable 31 Oct. 1683.
    He m. Scituate 8 April 1635 JANE LOTHROP, bp. Edgerton, co. Kent, England 29 Sept. 1614; d. bef. her husband; dau of the Rev. John and Hannah (Howes) Lothrop, his first wife. The will of John Lothrop, pastor of the Church of Christ at Barnstable dated 10 Aug. 1653, probated 7 March 1653/4, names daughter Jane as already have her portion.
    After being left an orphan shortly after arriving in Plymouth on the MAYFLOWER, Samuel was brought up by his uncle, Dr. Samuel Fuller, the physician of the Pilgrims. Samuel was admitted a freeman in Plymouth Colony in 1634, moved to Scituate in 1635 where he built a house; he joined the Scituate church on 7 Nov. 1636; and was elected constable there in 1641. Sometime later he moved to Barnstable, to which his father-in-law had moved in 1638. Samuel was the only MAYFLOWER passenger to settle permanently in Barnstable and was one of the last surviving MAYFLOWER passengers.
    The will of Samuel Fuller Sr. of Barnstable dated 29 Oct 1683, exhibited 5 June 1684, names oldest son Samuel, son John, daughters Elizabeth Tayler, Hannah Bonham, Mary Williams and Sarah Crowe, and his Indian, Joell (bequeathed to son John); sons Samuel and John as executors.
    No probate record for Jane Fuller in Barnstable.

  8.   Find A Grave, Deacon Samuel Fuller.