Person:Rohese de la Pomerai (1)

Rohese de la Pomerai
b.est 1117
d.1176 England
Facts and Events
Name Rohese de la Pomerai
Gender Female
Birth[3] est 1117
Death[2] 1176 England
  1.   Rohese, in Lundy, Darryl. The Peerage: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe.
  2. Rohese, in Cawley, Charles. Medieval Lands: A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families.

    Rohese was the daughter of Sibyl Corbet, but it is not known if her father was Herbert FitzHerbert or Henry I of England. Cawley lists her under both, and does not suggest a leaning towards either possibility. However, the estimated birth year of her son (say, between 1140 and 1150) suggests she was born after her mother's marriage to Herbert FitzHerbert.

  3. Birth year estimated based on estimated birth years of her husband and descendants.