Person:Roger Burlingame (2)

Roger Burlingame
b.24 Jan 1620 Kent, England
  1. Roger Burlingame1620 - 1718
  • HRoger Burlingame1620 - 1718
  • WMary Lippitt1642/43 - 1718
m. 3 Oct 1663
  1. Eleanor Burlingame1662 - 1696
  2. John Burlingame1664 - 1719
  3. Thomas Burlingame1666/67 - 1758
  4. Jane Burlingame1668 -
  5. Mary Burlingame1668/69 - 1760
  6. Alice BurlingameAbt 1673 -
  7. Mercy Burlingame1675 - 1716
  8. Roger Burlingame1678 - 1765
  9. Peter Burlingame1680 - 1712
  10. Elizabeth Burlingame1683/84 - 1752
  11. Patience Burlingame1685 - 1746
Facts and Events
Name Roger Burlingame
Alt Name Roger Burlingame
Gender Male
Birth? 24 Jan 1620 Kent, England
Alt Birth? 24 Jan 1629/30 Kettingham, Norfolk, Kent Co., England
Marriage 3 Oct 1663 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, United Statesto Mary Lippitt
Death? 1 Sep 1718 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Alt Death? 1 Sep 1718 Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island

Came to Boston with British Army May 10, 1650. Resigned commission and went to Connecticut. Planned to call over wife and child, but Jacoly had died in the meantime.

He moved to New London (Pequot) before 1656, when he and his brother-in-law Thomas Griffin purchased land. He eventually built a home "about one and one-half miles northwesterly from Oak Lawn Depot, Cranston, Rhode Island." In the early 1660s, he was involved in a dispute over a tract of 4000 acres. Roger, along with Thomas Ralph and John Harrud, claimed they had purchased the land from Indians in June 1662. Several others, including Andrew Harris, claimed they had been granted the land by the king. The Court sided with Harris, but Roger and ther others refused to vacate. They eventually won out, more or less by default with Harris died.

In 1671, he served as one of those charged with levying tax for the town of Mashantatack. He was elected to the General Assembly from Warick on 6 May 1690, but was not accepted by the Assembly because of the question of his legal residence. In 1682, he had purchased land and sold it to his son the same day, claiming residency in Mashantatack in one deed and in Warwick in the other. The Assembly declared he was from Mashantatack, not Warwick.

In 1697, he was one of 21 men ordered to take men to hunt for Indians. Roger would have been 77 at the time, so this is the source of some debate over his birthdate. (Above three paragraphs cites Austin's Gen. & Dict. of R. I, Gen. & Biog. R. I. vol II, Savage Gen. dict. and Pioneers of Mass, by Pope.)

Roger's will was proved 13 September, 1718 ; was located at Stonington, Connecticut, in 1654; at Warwick, Rhode Island, 1660, and before 1670 setled in the part of Providence now Cranston, in the western portion known as Meshanticut; was the first white settler in this district; elected Deputy to General Assembly in 1690, but on account of some question as to the legality of the election, not accepted; Member of the Town Council, 1698.

source: LDS files and "Colonial Families of the United States of America" edited by George Norbury Mackenzie