Person:Robert Mays (3)

Robert Mays
b.Abt. 1731
m. Bef. 1712
  1. Jane Mays1715 - 1756
  2. Sarah Maysest 1720/24 -
  3. Esther MaysABT 1721 - 1756
  4. Joseph Mays, Sr.1722 - 1787
  5. William Mays1723 -
  6. James Mays1724 -
  7. Richard Mays1726 -
  8. Robert MaysAbt 1731 - 1808
  9. John MaysEst 1733-1740 - 1802
m. 27 Dec 1756
  1. Benjamin Mays1757 -
  2. William Mays1759 -
  3. John Mays1761 -
  4. James MaysAbt 1763 -
  5. Richard MaysAbt 1765 -
  6. Sarah MaysAbt 1767 -
  7. Mary MaysAbt 1769 -
  8. Rhoda MaysAbt 1771 -
  • HRobert MaysAbt 1731 - 1808
  • W.  Susanna Wade (add)
m. 4 September 1780
Facts and Events
Name Robert Mays
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1731
Marriage 27 Dec 1756 Stafford County, Virginiato Elizabeth Bolling
Marriage 4 September 1780 Amherst County, Virginiato Susanna Wade (add)
Death? 1808 Amherst County, Virginia


Information on Robert Mays

(NOTE: Elizabeth Bolling, according to other sources was a daughter of Benjamin Bolling and Mary Latham)

Elizabeth BOLLING, daughter of John BOLLING and Elizabeth BLAIR , was born April 05, 1731 in Chesterfield, Virginia. She died bef. 1831 in Amherst, Virginia.

Notes for Robert MAYS:

Sat Jul 23 2005 "Karen Cotter" Robert Mays, born about 1731, possibly in Stafford County, Virginia; married first Elizabeth Bolling, daughter of Benjaamin Bolling and Mary Latham, on 27 December 1756, Stafford County, Virginia; married second Susanna Wade, daughter of Pierce Wade and Mary Ballenger, on 4 September 1780, Amherst County, Virginia and had issue by both wives: Children of Robert Mays and Elizabeth Bolling:

1. Benjamin Mays, born 10 September 1757, died 1835
2. William Mays, born 1759, married Jane Swinney
3. James Mays, born about 1763 married Lucrisa Wade
4. Richard Mays, born about 1765 married Pattey Evans
5. Sarah Mays, born about 1767 married William Yelton
6. Mary Mays, born about 1769 married her cousin Joseph Mays
7. Rhoda Mays, born about 1771 married Hansley Carpenter

Children of Robert Mays and Susanna Wade:

8. Joseph B. Mays, born about 1781 married Elizabeth Williamson
9. Jesse Mays married Nancy Unknown
10. Ballenger Mays, born 1784 married Mary "Polly" Wright
11. Mary "Polly" Mays married Thomas Williamson
12. Pierce Mays, born about 1783 married first Polly Flucher; second Nancy Robinson
13. Edwin Mays married Martha Ann Carter

The descendants of Robert Mays, Amherst County, Virginia, from Family Record of James Henry Mays published by his son Lee Mays (Fitzhugh Lee Mays) by Custom Printing Co., Ravenswood, West Virginia, June 1971, transcribed and posted on USGenWeb archives by Valerie Burd.


Will of Robert Mays

Will of Robert Mays of Amherst County

In the name of God Amen. I Robert Mays of Amherst County, being in my proper senses, and knowing the Certainty of death, and the uncertainty of the time it may happen, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the manner and form following: (To Wit:) I give to my son Jesse Mays one hundred and six acres of Land, it being part of the tract of land I purchased of William Tucker whereon the said Jesse Mays has built and is now living, Item I give to my son Pierce the balance of the tract of land I purchased from William Tucker, Item I give to my beloved wife Susannah the tract of land whereon I now live during her natural life, and at her death to be equally divided between my two sons Joseph B. Mays and Ballenger Mays. Item I give to my son Joseph B. Mays one sorrel mare. More a feather bed and furniture and a cow and calf; Item I give to my son Ballenger Mays a sorrel mare (called Dimond) a feather bed and furniture and a cow and calf; Item I give to my daughter Polly Mays one negro girl named Sarah, a sorrel Horse Colt (out of a Mare called Kitty) a feather bed and furniture and a cow and calf. The whole of the balance of my estate I wish to remain in possession of my wife during her natural life and at her death and for the whole with its increase to be equally divided between my children above named. To wit Jesse, Pearce, Joseph B., Ballenger and Polly Mays to them and to their heirs forever. Finally I appoint my trusty friends Charles Tucker, J. W. Smith and my son Pearce Mays executors to this my last Will and Testament given under my hand and seal this third day of June 1806. Robert Mays, his mark. Teste Charles Taliaferro, Peter Taliaferro, James Clements.

At a Court held for Amherst Co. the 18th day of July 1808 This last Will and Testament of Robert Mays deceased was proven by Charles Taliaferro, Peter Taliaferro and James Clements, three witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And Charles Tucker, John Smith and Pearce Mays the executors named in said will hereon came in to Court and qualified according to Law and together with John Crawford and John Fulcher their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $5,000 current money conditional as the Law directs.

At a Court held for Amherst Coounty the 19th day of September 1808 This Bond was acknowledged in open Court by the subscribers and ordered to be recorded.

Inventory of Robert Mays' Estate

In obedience to the above order, we the subscribers being sworn have proceeded to appraise the slaves and personal Estate of Robert Mays deceased as follows:

One woman slave, Sylvia 85 pounds 1 boy John L65- 1 Warwick 125 pounds 1 girl Mary 85 - 1 woman & child 110 175 pounds Two beds & furniture 18 pounds 1 smooth ? L3 1 pair of hand irons 15/0 3.15 a parcel of pewter 2.8.6 a parcel of earthen ware .6 2 jugs & 2 crocks .8 a parcel of tin ware .6 2 pairs of shears .3 1 pair of sad irons .7.6 2 linen wheels .12 2 sickles 4/ & 1 cupboard 12/ .16 1 Table 12/ 1 Trunk and Chest L1.4 1.14 5 Chairs 7/6 4 pair of Cords 12/ .14.6 2 Cotton Wheels L1/14 - 1 ? Saw L1.10 2.16 1 pair of steelgards 1.2 1 auger 1 chisel .3 1 pair of wedges 1 Bell .13 1 Drawing Knife and fro .8 1 parcel of old iron .18 1 piece of new iron .9 .6 2 pair of iron traces .18 3 pole axes .12 1 hemp hackle .7 .6 7 hoes 1.1 8 head of cattle 15.15. 4 1 yoke oxen 9.12 29 head hogs 17.8 1 grey horse 18 1 sorrel mare 12 1 black horse 12 1 small grey horse 12 14 geese 1.15 .6 8 sheep 4 1 large pot, hooks, ladle & skimmer 1.4 1 ditto .18 1 small ditto .6 1 large oven .18 1 small ditto with hooks .7 1 skillet .4 1 log chain .6 1 loom .18 4 weaving heads .9 2 old Books & candlestick .3

At a Court held for Amherst County the 19th day of September 1808 This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Robert Mays deceased, was this day returned and ordered to be recorded. Teste Bartlett Cash William Sandidge John Ball Will transcribed on USGenWeb archives

Records of Robert Mays

Mays vs Mays, 1809 - Amherst County, VA Found in the Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Volume II, Augusta County Circuit Court Records, Page 150. Mays vs Mays, O.S. 179; N.S. 63 – Bill 10th February 1809 Complainants are, viz: Benjamin, William, James, Richard Mays, William Yelton and Sarah, his wife; Joseph Mays and Mary, his wife; Hansley Carpenter and Rhoda, his wife, children and legal representatives of Robert Mays, deceased, late of Amherst County, who died in 1808, having made a will devising his whole estate to Susanna Mays (his widow and second wife) and Jesse, Pearce, Joseph B., Ballenger and Polly Mays. Bill asks to have will set aside. Will of Robert Mays of Amherst, dated 3rd June 1806. Recorded in Amherst 18 July 1808. Sons Jesse, Pearce, Joseph B, Ballenger, wife Susanna, daughter Polly.

Submitted by Valerie Burd