Person:Robert Lovell (1)

Robert Lovell
d.Bet 3 Apr 1651 and 25 Jun 1672 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
m. Jan 1590
  1. Elinor LovellAbt 1590 -
  2. Anne LovellAbt 1590 -
  3. Thomas LovellAbt 1590 -
  4. George LovellAbt 1590 -
  5. James LovellAbt 1590 -
  6. Robert LovellAbt 1595 - Bet 1651 & 1672
  7. Anne Lovell1605 -
  • HRobert LovellAbt 1595 - Bet 1651 & 1672
  • WElizabeth UnknownAbt 1599/00 - Aft 1651
m. Abt 1619
  1. Anna LovellAbt 1618/19 -
  2. Zacheus LovellAbt 1619/20 - 1681
  3. John LovellCal 1627 - 1700
  4. Ellinor LovellAbt 1628 - Bet 1683 & 1692/93
  5. James LovellAbt 1633 - Bef 1706
Facts and Events
Name[6] Robert Lovell
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1595 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Marriage Abt 1619 Englandto Elizabeth Unknown
Residence[2] 1635 Wookey, Somerset, England
Immigration[4][8] 3 May 1635 Massachusetts, United Statesaboard the Marygould (Hull Company)
Will[3] 3 Apr 1651 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] Bet 3 Apr 1651 and 25 Jun 1672 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[3] 25 Jun 1672 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
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  1. 1.0 1.1 Great Migration Newsletter. (Boston, Massachusetts: Great Migration Study Project).

    BIRTH: About 1595 (aged 40 on 20 March 1634/5 [Hotten 285]).

    DEATH: After 3 April 1651 (date of will) and before 6 November 1658 (when a deed refers to “land of the widow Lovell” [SLR 11:179]).

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  3. 3.0 3.1 Chamberlain, George Walter. History of Weymouth, Massachusetts. (Weymouth, Massachusetts: Weymouth Historical Society, under direction of the town, 1923)

    In his will, dated 3 April 1651 and proved 25 June 1672, "Robert Lovell of Weymouth" bequeathed "my dwelling house & the land adjoining to it to my loving wife to possess & enjoy all the time of her widowhood," and "my dwelling house & land before mentioned unto my son John after my wife's widowhood"; to "my son John four acres of land that was of Carpenter's & three acres of land bought of Hart & … half half the meadow that I bought of Smith & half the meadow that I bought of Holebrooke & … my lot by the mill which is eighteen acres"; to "my son James my Great Lot which is thirty-six acres & … the other half of the meadow before mentioned that was bought of Smith & likewise that of Holebrooke's"; to "my son-in-law Andrew Forde one of my heifers"; to "Andrew Ford's eldest son one of my heifers"; to "Andrew Ford's youngest son "a calf; to "John Lovell's son my yearling bull"; "my loving wife to be my sole executrix" (Suffolk Probate, 7:217)

    ..."He died at Weymouth shortly before 25 Jun 1672." [I am not sure what they base this on. THEORY: I think it more likely that he died closer to 1651 but the will was not probated until his wife died.]

  4. Charles Edward Banks, and Elijah Ellsworth Brownell. Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620-1650. (Philadelphia, PA: The Bertram Press for E E Brownell, 1937)

    LOVELL, Robert [Name of the Emigrant]; Wookey, Somersetshire [English Parish]; Weymouth, Mass. [New England Town]

  5.   Chamberlain, George Walter. History of Weymouth, Massachusetts. (Weymouth, Massachusetts: Weymouth Historical Society, under direction of the town, 1923)

    ESTATE: In the Weymouth land inventory of about 1642, "Robert Lovell" held four parcels: "one acre and a quarter in the West Field first given to him"; "six acres and half in King Oak Hill first given to himself"; "fifteen acres near the mill"; and "thirty acres in the Great Lots"

  6. Griffin, Paula Porter, and Thomas Stephen Neel. The Ancestors of Daniel White, 1777-1836, and his wife, Sarah Ford, 1778-1847, and Their Descendants. (Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphic, 1979)
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  7.   Origin Unknown. First residence Weymouth.
    OCCUPATION: Husbandman [Hotten 285].
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Weymouth church prior to 2 September 1635 implied by freemanship.
    FREEMAN: 2 September 1635 (fifth in a sequence of six Weymouth men [MBCR 1:371]).
  8. MIGRATION: 1635 on the Marygould (on 20 March 1634/5, "Robert Lovell, husbandman, aged 40," "Elizabeth Lovell, his wife, aged 35," "Zacheus Lovell, his son, 15," "Anne Lovell, his daughter, aged 16," "John Lovell, his son, aged 8," "Ellyn, his daughter, aged 1," "James, his son, aged 1," and "Joseph Chickin, his servant, 16," were enrolled at Weymouth as passengers for New England on the Marygould [Hotten 285; GMN 7:9].

Marygould (1635)
This ship carried the "Hull Company", a group of settlers traveling with Rev. Joseph Hull, who settled in Weymouth after reaching New England. Some references to this ship consider it unnamed, but more recent Great Migration profiles say those who enrolled at Weymouth on 20 Mar 1634/5 sailed on the Marygould.
Sailed: aft 20 Mar 1634/5 from Weymouth, England
Arrived: 3 May 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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