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LindaS/Getting More From Online Land Records
    I'm Linda Schreiber, 56 years old, and have been working on genealogy for more than 25 years.  All that the 'more than 25 years bit' means is that I have learned a lot about my people, but have learned even more about patterns of people who are not mine through following the wrong ones, and have made pretty much every mistake in the book, and now have a really clear idea of how little I know.....  

Concerning the trees I have here:

The names/dates/relationships/places/notes are as correct as I have been able to track them, but do be aware that these are still just working files, and aren't fully proofed. Please feel free to correct goofs, add alternative data, throw in questions and problems, etc, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, I am better at finding things than I am at recording all details and inputing all sources for the details I do put in. If you see someone or something or someplace that sparks an interest, please drop me a note. I may have other documentation, other kids, other dates/places, other life info, or other source references that I just have not gotten into the posted trees yet. This is especially true for the many sources I've found that corroborate information received from others. I'll try to get more of the additional data and sources input over time.

I am very, very grateful to a number of other related researchers who have helped immeasurably in so many ways, and especially to those who have gifted me with some of the segments of these lineages! Luckily, I've been able to help many others in the same way with other research and other family lines. We all have to keep passing the helps along. That's how we all make progress

And a note: Because of the way my otherwise-great gen-program handles some reports, many of the notes that should really be 'family notes' are entered under notes for the head of household. My apologies, but that's where to look for them.

I think WeRelate has huge potential! As long as we all chip in with what we know. I'll keep trying to add data, research tips, techniques, etc, as I can.