Person:Robert Crossman (12)

m. 24 Dec 1781
  1. William Crossman1786 -
  2. Mary Crossman1788 -
  3. Alexander Crossman1797 -
  4. Rachel Crossman1798 -
  5. Sarah Crossman1798 -
  6. James Crossman1800 - 1800
  7. Margaret Crossman1800 - 1800
  8. Robert Crossman1803 - 1883
m. 3 Oct 1829
  1. Major-Gen Sir William Crossman, KCMG1830 - 1901
  2. Mary Douglas Crossman1831 - Aft 1883
  3. James Hiscutt Crossman1833 - 1899
  4. Margaret Crossman1834 - Aft 1891
  5. Capt Edmund Douglas Crossman1835 - 1867
  6. Lt Robert Crossman1837 - 1862
  7. Sarah Emma Crossman1839 - 1845
  8. Maria Crossman1841 - 1845
  9. Alexander Crossman1842 - 1916
  10. Eliza Crossman1845 - 1904
  11. Joseph Gilchrist Crossman1847 - 1925
  12. Emma Rachel Crossman1848 - Aft 1904
  13. John Wycliffe Crossman1850 - 1929
  14. Sarah Maria Crossman1852 - 1904
Facts and Events
Name Robert Crossman
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Aug 1803 Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England
Baptism[1] 4 Sep 1803 St Mary the Virgin, Holy Island
Marriage 3 Oct 1829 All Saints, Kingston-upon-Thamesto Sarah A. Douglas
Residence[2] Jun 1841 Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England370 Silver St. Occupation: Brewer
Residence? Apr 1861 Paddington, London, England29 Westbourne Terrace. Occupation: Brewer
Residence? Apr 1871 Oak Hill, SurbitonOccupation: Brewer & Landowner
Residence? Apr 1871 Cheswick, Northumberland, England
Residence? Apr 1881 Cheswick, Northumberland, EnglandOccupation: Magistrate & Brewer
Death[3] 19 Jul 1883 Cheswick, Northumberland, England
Probate[4][5] 1 Oct 1883 Cheswick, Northumberland, England

Robert Crossman of Cheswick House, of Holy Island (which he purchased, 1840 from John Strangeways Donaldson-Selby, D.L.,J.P., whose forbears had owned these properties for some 400 years) and of Forest Lodge, Chigwell, Essex, Lord of the Manor of Holy Island (Lindisfarne), Freeman of Berwick 1827, joined Isleworth Brewery 1827, man. Border Brewery, Berwick 1831, partner in Albion Brewery (Mann, Crossman and Co.)1846, Life Governor, London Hospital, educated Berwick Academy

Brewer of Berwick-upon-Tweed who joined forces with Thomas Paulin to establish a brewery at Isleworth which was to become Mann, Crossman and Paulin. He was apparently "a practical man with a sound knowledge of brewing and much flair and energy" See:

Returned to Berwick and acquired the manor of Holy Island and the family property at Cheswick, Northumberland.

Upon his death he left "upwards of £230,000". In terms of relative purchasing power in 2014 British pounds that is the equivalent of £20,690,000.

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    b 21 Aug 1803

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  5. The will and codicil (both dated July 12, 1833) of Mr. Robert Crossman, J.P., late of Cheswick, Northumberland, of the Albion Brewery, Mile-end-road, aud of Burton-on-Trent, who died on July 19 last, were proved on the 1st ult. by Colonel William Crossman, James Hiscutt Crossman, and Alexander Crossman, the sons, and George Landles Paulin, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to upwards of £230,000. Ths testator leaves to his wife £500, and for life, if she shall so long remain his widow, £2,000 per annum, and the use of his mansion house, Cheswick, with the books, maps, plans, plate, pictures, furniture, statues, bronzes, articles of vertu, wines, horses, and carriages ; at the death of his wife he gives the wines, carriages and horses to his son William; and the statues, bronzes, article of vertu, books, maps, plans, furniture, plate, and effects are made heirlooms to go with the Northumberland estate. He also leaves £20,000, upon trust, for his son Joseph Gilchrist; £10,000, upon trust, for his son John Wycliffe; £5,000, upon trust, for his daughter Mrs. Margaret Richardson, in addition to £10,000 settled upon her at her marriage; £15,000, upon trust, for each of his daughters, Mrs. Mary Douglas Tatham, Mrs. Eliza Pratt, Miss Emma Rachel Crossman, and Miss Sarah Maria Crossman; and his three last-named daughters are to have the use for life of his mansion houue in Holy Island and a portion of his plate. The cottage adjoining the library at Holy Island is to be held upon trust for Alexander Johnston for life, and then upon the trusts of the library, founded by him; and a sum of £l,5OO Consols is to be placed, upon trust, to pay £30 per annum to provide new books, &c., for the library, £10 per annum towards the repairs of the church, and £5 per annum to poor fishermen or fishermen's widows; and there are bequests to his executor, Mr. Paulin, to some of his own and his wife's relatives, to servants, and others. His Northumberland estate, including his property at Holy Island, Lindisfarne, and Berwick-upon-Tweed, he devises to the use of his son William for life, with remainder to his son Robert (testator's grandson) for life, with remainder to his first and other sons according to seniority in tail male. His Bucks estate he settles upon his son James Hiscutt. His property in Kingston, Surrey, and the residue of the real estate are directed to be sold, and the proceeds, with the residue of the personalty, laid out in the purchase of freehold or copyhold property in the counties of Northumberland and Berwick-upon-Tweed, to be held and go with his Northumberland estate. The provision made for his wife and issue is in addition to that made for them by his marriage settlement. [Morning Post]