Person:Robert Bradford (1)

Robert Bradford
  • HRobert BradfordAbt 1435 - Bef 1523
  • W??? BradfordAbt 1438 - Aft 1524
m. Abt 1456
  1. Peter BradfordAbt 1460 - 1542
Facts and Events
Name Robert Bradford
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1435 Bentley, Yorkshire, England
Alt Birth? Jun 1435 Bentley, Arksey, Yorkshire, England
Marriage Abt 1456 Bentley, Yorkshire, Englandto ??? Bradford
Death? Bef 1523 Bentley, Yorkshire, England
Burial? Bef 1523 Bentley, Yorkshire, England

Peter's father was most probably Robert Bradford (c1435-1523), known in his time as Robert Bradforth, who was most probably the earliest ancestor presently known in this Bradford line. He is identified as the Robert Bradforth who was taxed in goods at Bentley, in the Parish of Arksey, in the Subsidy of 14 Henry VIII (1522-23), but who was not taxed in the Subsidy of 16 Henry VIII (1524-25), his wife being taxed in that year instead. It is inferred that he died in the interim, in 1523. His wife or wives names are unknown, and he left no will that has yet been found. He almost certainly left two sons, William and Peter, both of whom left wills, and perhaps a third, named John. It is possible, but less likely, that Robert was a brother to William and Peter. It is not known whether or not Robert was literate, for the All Hallows Church in Arksey, which he may have attended, did not have a Bible in the Engliah Language until the early 1500s. It is also not known if Robert owned any property. There is no evidence that he did, however, the fact that he was taxed on goods indicates that he may have practiced a trade, or, held some merchant inventory of goods.