Person:Richard Barker (1)

Richard Barker
b.bef 1619
  • HRichard Barkerbef 1619 - 1692/93
  • WJoanna Unknownbef 1624 - 1687
m. bef 1644
  1. Deacon John Barkerest 1644 - 1721/22
  2. William Barkerabt 1645 - 1718
  3. Sarah BarkerAbt 1646 - 1728/29
  4. Esther Barker1649 - 1713
  5. Ebenezer Barker1651 - 1747
  6. Richard Barker1654 - 1729
  7. Hannah Barker1656 - 1687
  8. Lieutenant Stephen Barker1659 - 1741
  9. Lieutenant Benjamin Barker1663 - 1750
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][5] Richard Barker
Gender Male
Birth[3] bef 1619 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage bef 1644 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesBased on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Joanna Unknown
Death[4][5] 18 Mar 1692/93 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Founders of Andover, Massachusetts
The first permanent settlement in Andover was established in 1641 by John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Newbury and Ipswich. Ten men signed the 1644 covenant establishing the church (the 24th organized in Massachusetts), and eighteen men had settled there by 1646 when grants of land were confirmed by the General Court. See The Essex Genealogist Vol. 21:195 (2001).
Signers of the 1644 Covenant: John Woodbridge - Richard Barker - Robert Barker - Richard Blake - Edmond Faulkner - John Frye - Nicholas Holt - John Osgood - Joseph Parker - Nathan Parker
Additional Settlers by 1646: George Abbott - Andrew Allen - John Askett - William Ballard - Thomas Chandler - Andrew Foster - Henry Jacques - John Lovejoy - Daniel Poor(e) - John Russ - Benjamin Woodbridge
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Newbury, Ipswich   Daughter Towns:
Image Gallery
  1. Abbott, Lemuel Abijah. Descendants of George Abbott, of Rowley, Mass., of his joint descendants with George Abbot, Sr., of Andover, Mass: of the descendants of Daniel Abbott, of Providence, R.I.; of some of the descendants of Capt. Thomas Abbott, of Andover, Mass.; of George Abbott, of Norwalk, Ct.; of Robert Abbott, of Branford, Ct.; with brief notes of many others of the name, original settlers in the United States. (Boston: T. R. Marvin & Sons, 1906), 1:20.

    "Richard Barker was a husbandman, one of the first settlers of Andover, and the only citizen known to have been in the place from the town recs., 1643. His name is connected with the first business transaction of record, and all other town affairs of importance for 50 yrs. He was prominent in ch. affairs, frequently selectman, etc., and was often admr. of estates. Several of his descendants were officers in the Rev. War, and Hon. Stephen Barker was rep. to the G. C. 7 yrs., mem. of Convention for revision of the Constitution 1820, and a mem. of the Council 1825. Others native or resident of Andover, have been Dr. Charles Otis Barker, a grad. of Harv. Univ. 1822, of Nashua and Lynn, Mass.; John Barker, of Michigan City and Chicago, the affluent car mfr. and dealer in grain; Jonathan Tyler Barker, of eccentric habits, peddler and trader, who founded a free school in Boxford, Mass.; Rev. Stephen Barker, grad. of Cambridge Div. Sch. 1856, of Leominster, Chaplain in the Army in the Civil War, and others of local influence. (Bailey's Hist. Sketches of Andover, Mass., 1880.)"

  2. Richard Barker, in Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 1:116.

    "Richard (Barker), Andover 1645, was one of the found. of the ch. there, by w. Joanna had John, William, Richard, Ebenezer, Stephen, and Benjamin, wh. all sett. in A. beside ds. Sarah, wh. m. 17 Nov. 1673, John Abbot; Esther, wh. m. 10 Aug. 1676, John Stevens; and Hannah, wh. m. 27 May 1680, Christopher Osgood; and he d. 18 Mar. 1693."

  3. Richard of Andover, Mass., in Barker, Elizabeth Frye. Barker Genealogy: Robert of Plymouth Colony, 1628; John of Duxbury, Mass., 1628; James of Rhode Island, 1634; James of Rowley, Mass., 1638; Edward of Branford, Conn., 1640; Richard of Andover, Mass., 1643; Samuel of Delaware, 1682; Virginia Barkers, 1700. (New York: Frye Publishing Co., 1927), 265.

    "Richard Barker, with his wife Joannah settled and is the only citizen known from the records to have been in Andover, Mass. in 1643. 'The record of transfer of farm from Wm. Howes of Topsfield to Richard Barker in 1643 being first date recorded in Andover History. The transfer included house, land, stock, corn and hay' His was the fourth name on the list of Freeholders, and he continued to buy large tracts of land, mainly around the pond. Later he signed with 23 others for more land, 'there being from forty to a hundred ready to go up and settle with sons and servants if they can get possession of Granite Hills, north of the Merrimac They try for Concord but have to take Methuen. Richard holds the pocketbook.' He was Selectman of Andover until his death, and his name was connected with the first recorded business transaction and all town affairs of importance for fifty years. In 1645 Richard's name was on the Church Com. and he was one of ten freeholders (required by law to constitute a church) to organize the First Baptist Church at No. Andover, 10-24-1645."

  4. Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Andover, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Topsfield, Massachusetts: Topsfield Historical Society, 1912), 2:387.

    "Barker, Richard, sr., [died] Mar. 18, 1692-3."

  5. 5.0 5.1 Abbott, Charlotte Helen. Early Records of the Barker Family of Andover.

    Richard (1) Barker, here in 1643, "led all the rest." His wife was Joanna __, she d. Apr 11, 1687; he, March 18, 1693. Their children were: John...William...Sarah...Esther...Ebenezer...Richard...Hannah...Setphen...Benjamin...