Person:Rena Nix (1)

m. 14 Dec 1919
  1. Vera NIXAbt 1921 - 2003
  2. Zadie Auline NIX1922 - 1993
  3. Sarah NixAbt 1925 - 1996
  4. Rena M. Nix1930 - 1999
  • WRena M. Nix1930 - 1999
Facts and Events
Name Rena M. Nix
Gender Female
Birth? 16 Jan 1930 North Carolina, United States
Marriage to Unknown
Death? 20 May 1999 Livingston, Polk, Texas, United StatesAge: 67y, 2m, 20d

SSDI has Maxine Nix 442-30-3003, b 1 Mar 1932, d 1 Jun 1999, Twin Oaks Deleware OK. Issued in OK before 1951. Need additional research.

This is not the correct card for Rena NIX, but it must belong in the family somewhere. It was a close fit except Rena filed for her social security under her married name. With the current requirement to obtain SSN as a child this problem should go away within a generation.

On Monday, July 29, 2002, at 10:53 AM, Claudia wrote: "Claudia" <> Hey, Dalton. � It's been a while since we've emailed.� I've been so busy getting ready for a Wiggins family reunion -- our first one ever! -- that happened last weekend, that I haven't done much with my other branches for a while. � I was just looking at some of the excellent posting you've done on, and I noticed an entry for my aunt Rena.� I'm sorry to admit that I seem to know more about my "great-greats" than I do about my closer relatives, but I don't think that you have some correct info on her.� She died May 20, 1999, on Mother's Day, near her home in Livingston, Texas.� She was having a cookout for her kids, Stephen, Nancy, and Keith, and their families at her house.� They ran out of hamburger buns, she ran to buy some more, and was struck by another car.� I've never heard her called "Renee," just Rena, but I'll have to ask one of my aunts about her full name.� She was married to Buddy Q. Whitted, and as far as I know, they've never lived anyplace other than Canton, North Carolina, and several towns in Texas. � Thanks for reminding me not to neglect one of my families branches, cousin!� Hope to hear from you soon, � Claudia Wiggins Earhart

A follow up e-mail Hi, again. You got me curious about my aunt Rena, so I went to the SSI death records. As I suspected, she had applied for her first SS card by her married name, Rena M. Whitted. Her correct social security # is 242-36-9995, issued in NC. She was born Jan 16, 1930 and died in Livingston, Polk Co., TX on May 20, 1999.

179. RENA9 NIX (WILLIAM FOUNTAIN8, ELIJAH ALEXANDER7, NANCY ELIZABETH6 LITTLETON, ASA5, WILLIAM4, SAVAGE3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born January 16, 1930 in North Carolina, and died May 20, 1999 in Polk County, Texas. She married BUDDY O. WHITTED.


1930, Fedral Census, North Carolina, Haywood County, Beaverdam, District #3, residence 147, family 148,

NIX, William F, Head, O, 1500, no, M, W, 38, M, 28, no, yes, SC, SC, SC, paper mill, linr #27.

      , Zadie, M., Wife, F, W, 31, M, 21, yes, yes,SC, Sc, SC, none, 
      , Vera E., daughter, F, W, 9, S, yes, SC, SC, SC, 
      , Anline, Z., daughter, F, W, 7, S, yes, SC, SC, SC, 
      , Sarah L.,, daughter, F, W, 5, S, yes, SC, SC, SC, 
      , Mildred I., daughter, F, W, 3 7/12, S, no, NC, Sc, SC, 
      , Rena M., daughter, F, W, 3/12, S, no, NC, SC, SC, 

Nix, Sloan F � View Image Online � Age: 30 Year: 1920 � Birthplace: South Carolina Roll: T625_1706 � Race: White Page: 18A � State: South Carolina ED: 136 � County: Oconee Image: 0193 � Township: