Person:Rachel Scaggs (1)

Rachel Scaggs
m. abt 1739
  1. Catherine Cornstalk1734 -
  2. Greenbrier Cornstalk1740 -
  3. Elinipsico CornstalkAbt 1742 - 1777
  4. Young Peter Cornstalk, I1744 -
  5. Mary Blue Sky Cornstalkabt 1744 - abt 1791
  6. Esther Cornstalk1748 -
  7. Oceana Cornstalk1752 - 1770
  8. Rachel Scaggsabt 1765 - after 1846
m. abt 1784
  1. James Whitt1782 - 1855
  2. Griffith "Griffy" Whittabt 1785 - 1853
  3. Susannah Whittabt 1785 -
  4. Jonas Whittabt 1785 -
  5. Rebecca Whitt1785 -
  6. Jonathan Whittabt 1785 -
  7. Richard Nelson "Devil Dick" Whitt1791 - 1855
  8. John Bunyon Whitt, Sr.1795 - 1867
Facts and Events
Name Rachel Scaggs
Gender Female
Birth[4] abt 1765 South Carolina, USA(date estimated based on the estimated birth of first child)
Marriage abt 1784 Montgomery County, Virginia, USAto Hezekiah Whitt
Death? after 1846 Cedar Grove,Wythe County,Virginia, USA(one source says Indian Creek, Tazewell)
Burial[4] Whitt-Lowe Cemetery, Cedar Bluff, Tazewell County, Virginia, USA

Sometimes confused for Rachel Skaggs who married William Calvin Lester.

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  2.   "She was a daughter of Chief Cornstalk and took the surname Skaggs in honor of William Skaggs who led an expedition with Hezekiah Whitt. So the younger Hezekiah was a nephew of Rachel and named after Rachel's husband." ~October 16, 2008 J Red Wolf [Note: This is probably Person:William Skaggs (7) because William Skaggs (7) served with Thomas Mastin and Hezekiah Whitt. user:cthrnvl ]
  3.   Discussion about the various Rachel Skaggs/Scaggs by Carol at the Bishop_Bischoffresearch forum
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  5.   "She was thought to be Indian and I do have some information on that from her [granddaughter]daughter Shone." Excerpt from SKAGGS-L Archives by Bev Tracy
  6.   Hezekiah WHITT of Tazewell County Virginia was the son of Richard WHITT and Susannah SKAGGS. Hezekiah WHITT married Rachel UNKNOWN. A newspaper article in Grundy County MO on Shone WHITT HARRISON, granddaughter of Hezekiah and Rachel, states that Shone was 1/2/ Cherokee. Does anyone have knowledge as to who Rachel is? I have been told she was a SKAGGS, but I have seen no proof of this.
    Beverly Tracy [1]
  7.   "Find the Greenbrier, not the place, but the woman. She was a daughter of Chief Cornstalk. Much older than her sister Rachel. Once you find Greenbrier and Reuben Kinnison, you find Rachel again. Greenbrier names Rachel Whitt as her sister. Look for them with William Parrish and his wife Elizabeth Kinnison. Elizabeth was daughter to Greenbrier and Reuben." October 21, 2008 J Red Wolf
  8.   "You will find no birth record nor a baptismal record, not a christening, nor any other for this Rachel Skaggs as a daughter of or other blood relation to any Skaggs family. Be aware that she was not of the Skaggs blood, instead, a Shawano. A Cherokee by the tradition of carrying her mother’s clan, but Shawano by the blood of her father. You can only find her “name change” on record, a legal change from her Indian name to Rachel Skaggs. This will give proof to you of her relation to the Cornstalks. Look for her in Montgomery County. She was NOT a Skaggs, keep this in mind." October 20, 2008 J Red Wolf Genforum post