Person:Pierre Gaudet (4)

Pierre "dit l'Aine" Gaudet
d.08 Dec 1741 Port Royal, Acadia
m. ABT 1645
  1. Anne GaudetABT 1646 - BEF 1679
  2. Marie GaudetABT 1650 - 1734
  3. Pierre "dit l'Aine" Gaudet1651 - 1741
  4. Pierre "dit Le Jeune" GaudetABT 1654 - 1741
  5. Pierre dit leJeune Gaudet1654 -
  6. Marie Gaudet1657 - ABT 1704
m. ABT 1672
  1. Giraud Gaudet1666 -
  2. Bernard (dit Le Vieux) GaudetABT 1673 - 1751
  3. Pierre Gaudet, IIABT 1675 - 1707
  4. Claude GaudetABT 1677 - AFT 1754
  5. Abraham GAUDETABT 1679 - 1728
  6. Madeleine (Twin) Gaudet1681 -
  7. Madeleine GaudetABT 1682 - 1757
  8. Magdelaine Gaudet1682 -
  9. Marie GaudetABT 1682 - 1739
  10. Jeanne GaudetABT 1684 - BEF 1732
  11. Augustin GaudetABT 1686 - ABT 1760
  12. Jean GaudetABT 1690 - BEF 1766
Facts and Events
Name Pierre "dit l'Aine" Gaudet
Alt Name[3] Pierre (L'aîné) Gaudet
Gender Male
Birth[1] C1651 Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
Marriage ABT 1672 Port Royal, , , Acadiato Anne Marie Blanchard
Alt Marriage C1672 Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canadato Anne Marie Blanchard
Alt Marriage ABT 1672 Port Royale, Acadie (Annapolis Royal, NS, Canada)to Anne Marie Blanchard
Alt Marriage to Anne Marie Blanchard
Census? 1686 Port Royale, Acadie (Annapolis Royal, NS, Canada)
Census? 1693 Port Royale, Acadie (Annapolis Royal, NS, Canada)
Residence[8] 1696 Beaubassin, Acadie (Amherst, Cumberland, NS, Canada); Residence: on the hill beside the Tintamarre (today Tantramar) river
Death? 08 Dec 1741 Port Royal, Acadia
Burial? ABT 08 Dec 1741 Beaubassin, Acadie (Amherst, Cumberland, NS, Canada)

!BIRTH-PARENTS-CENSUS-MARRIAGE: Stephen A. White, DICTIONNAIRE GENEALOGIQUE DES FAMILLES ACADIENNES; 1636-1714; Moncton, New Brunswick, Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, 1999, 2 vols.; p. 668; own copy. #4:

!BIRTH-PARENTS-MARRIAGE-CHILD-DEATH: Web page of Univ. of Moncton, Centre d'etudes acadiennes, by Stephen White, on the 37 Acadian families hosting the 1994 World Congress; orig. published by La Societe historique acadienne, CAHIERS; vol. 25, no. 2&3 (Apr-Sep 1994), at <>. Pierre GAUDET l;aine', born around 1652, son of Denis & Martine GAUTHIER, married around 1672 to Anne BLANCHARD, daughter of Jean & Radegonde LAMBERT (widow of Francois GUE'RIN); nine children. He lived at Port-Royal, where he died on 8 Dec 1741 [sic, could this be correct? More likely 1714?].

!BIRTH-NAME-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-RESIDENCES: Bona Arsenault, HISTOIRE ET GENEALOGIE DES ACADIENS; 1625-1810; Ottawa, Editions Lemeac, 1978, 6 vols.; p. 555 (Port Royal); own copy. Pierre GAUDET dit l'Aine' [the Elder'], born 1650 [has a brother Pierre born 1654]. This Pierre married around 1672 to Anne BLANCHARD [sister of the Marie who married his brother Pierre. BEWARE of name confusion.] Ten children listed, first born 1673, although marriage was around 1672. [Check] In 1714 he lived at Beaubassin, at the home of one of his sons. [Were the first two children born of his wife's first marriage to Francois GUERIN?]

!CENSUS: 1671, Port Royal, Acadia, age 20 years.

!CENSUS: 1678, Clarence J. d'Entremont, "Recensement de Port-Royal," in MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETE GENEALOGIQUE CANADIENNE-FRANCAISE; vol. 22, no. 4; p. 2321; sent by PERSI in Jun 1999. On verso of Folio 19: Pierre GODET "Lesne'" (the elder) & Anne BLANCHARD, living with three sons on 3 arpents of land, with 4 head of cattle.

!CENSUS: 1686, Port Royal, Acadia, age 35 years, living with wife age 41 and 8 children. They have 4 arpens worked land and 10 pigs. Living next door is his sister Marie 1, one year older, with family.

!CENSUS: 1693, age 41 years.

!CENSUS: 1698, Beaubassin, Acadia, age 46 years.

!CENSUS: 1700, age 48 years.

!CENSUS: 1714.

!DEATH: after 1714 census of Beaubassin.

Pierre Gaudet dit l'Ainé settled on land west of his younger brother,Pierre le Jeune. In the census of the Port Royal river valley for the year 1686, Pierre Godet l'Ayné was 35 years old, his wife Anne Blanchard was 41 years old, their children were: Gérard (stepson),aged 20 years; Bernard, aged 13; Pierre, aged 11; Claude, aged 9;Abraham, aged 7; Marie, aged 4; Madeleine, aged 4; and Jeanne, aged 2.Pierre l'Ainé had 4 arpents of cultivated land.

In the 1693 census of the Port Royal river valley, Pierre Godet l'Aynégives his age as 41 years old, his wife Anne Blanchard was 48 year sold; their children were: Bernard, aged 19 years; Pierre, aged 17years; Claude, aged 15; Abraham, 13; Magdeleine and Marie (twins), 11; Jeanne, 9; Augustin, 7; and Jean, aged 3 years. Pierre l'Ainé had26 arpents of cultivated land, 10 cattle, 12 sheep, 10 pigs, and 3shot guns.

Pierre l'Ainé left the Port Royal river valley in 1696, leaving his farm to his eldest son, Bernard "le Vieux" (the old), who married Jeanne Terriot. In 1698, the farm had an orchard of 50 trees. Bernard became the chief of the branch of Gaudets who perpetuated in this place at the same time with the descendants of his uncle Pierre Gaudetdit le Jeune, his neighbor. Pierre l'Ainé settled at Beaubassin, where he expanded the most vast marshland on the east coast of North America. He built his home on the hill beside theTintamarre (today Tantramar) river. -- Glenn Laffy 35 years old 41 years old

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