Person:Peter Worden (6)

m. 26 Aug 1665
  1. Peter Worden1668 - 1732
  2. Samuel Worden1670 - 1727
  3. Isaac Worden1673 - BEF 1718
  4. Thomas WordenABT 1676 - 1759
  5. Mary Worden1677 - BEF 1728
  6. Hopestill WordenABT 1678 - AFT 1716/7
  7. Dr. Nathaniel Worden1679 - BEF 1738
  8. Rose WordenABT 1679 - AFT 1716/7
  9. William Worden1698 - 1790
  • HPeter Worden1668 - 1732
  • WMary Holley1665/66 - 1733
m. 20 Feb 1693
  1. Judah WordenABT 1695 - 1726
  2. Peter Worden1697 - 1745
  3. Mary WordenABT 1700 -
  4. John Worden1702 -
Facts and Events
Name Peter Worden
Gender Male
Birth? 2 Jan 1668 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 20 Feb 1693 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Holley
Will? 14 Sep 1732 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, United States
Death[1] 18 Nov 1732 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, United States

Peter and Mary were first cousins.

Peter III signed his will at Warwick RI 14 Sep 1732 and it was probated 4 Dec. 1732. He gave five shillings each to Joshua and Mary, children of his deceased eldest son Judah, and ten shillings to his son Peter. All the rest of his estate he left to his only daughter Mary, with the provision that his wife enjoy a half a share during her lifetime. Without any further information, there appears room for additional sons, unnamed. As inventoried, the estate amounted to a trifle over 115 pounds, but the inventory did not include land. The bequest to Mary encompassed ”land and houses and movables and stock of what nature soever,” so the figure of 115 pounds is an incomplete one reflecting movables and stock. Peter III had bought a tract of land at Westerly RI from Captain John Babcock in 1713, and in 1721 he divided the land between his sons Judah and Peter, gifts made “freely and clearly after my decease and decease of my wife Mary Worden.” Thus the bequest of twenty shillings appear to have the same tone as the comparable bequest by Dr. Nathaniel, recognition in the will of three family members already provided for. It seems still possible that Peter III had more than three children, but not likely (excluding, of course, any who had died without issue prior to 1732).

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