Person:Nathaniel Worden (3)

m. 26 Aug 1665
  1. Peter Worden1668 - 1732
  2. Samuel Worden1670 - 1727
  3. Isaac Worden1673 - BEF 1718
  4. Thomas WordenABT 1676 - 1759
  5. Mary Worden1677 - BEF 1728
  6. Hopestill WordenABT 1678 - AFT 1716/7
  7. Dr. Nathaniel Worden1679 - BEF 1738
  8. Rose WordenABT 1679 - AFT 1716/7
  9. William Worden1698 - 1790
m. 1706
  1. Hopestill Worden
  2. Margaret Worden
  3. John WordenBEF 1707 - BEF 1737
  4. Daniel Worden1707 -
  5. Nathaniel Worden1709 - 1740
  6. Gabriel Worden1710 - ABT 1800
  7. Elizabeth WordenABT 1711 -
  8. Job WordenABT 1713 -
  9. Roger WordenABT 1715 - 1754
  10. Samuel WordenABT 1718 - BEF 1737
  11. Thankful Worden1719 - AFT 1780
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Nathaniel Worden
Gender Male
Birth? 1679 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts
Marriage 1706 Little Compton, Newport Co., Rhode Islandto Margaret Marshall
Death? BEF 7 Nov 1738 Greenwich, Fairfield Co., Connecticut

Doctor in Greenwich, CT Religion: Congregational

1737. Will of dr. Nathaniel Worden, Greenwich, proved 1741, names wife Margaret, sons rogers, Gabriel, Daniel, Nathaniel Jr., Jobe, daughters elizabeth m to Jonathan Merritt, thankful m to Samuel W., Hopestill, and Margaret. He owned "Captain's Island," Great Captain's Island was in dispute between CT and NY; now has on it a U.S. Light house. Job was alive in 1753.

Of Rhode Island, Dr Nathaneal owned Captain's Island near Greenwich Conn. George Worden of Harrison NY was the grandson of Dr Nathaniel and George Worden's grandson was Captain of the "Monitor".In world history, another Worden, Jesse, had the honnor of being a guard for George Washington.

. Dr Nathaniel’s will was signed at Greenwich CT 30 Aug. 1737 and probated 7 Nov. 1738. The substantive provisions are best quoted directly: “to wife Marget 1/3 of all of my movable estate forever and all my lands excepting ye right and lott which I bought of John Marshall Jr. and likewise my now dwelling house to her my sd loving wife all which above premises unto her my sd wife during ye term of time she remains my widow and at her decease or marriage then my sd house and lands to return to my loving sons Roger and Gabriel Wordens their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between them; to son Daniel Worden all that right and lot that I bought of John Marshall Jr. of Greenwich by reason lot makes up his double portion; to son Nathaniel Worden 5 s by reason I have already gave his portion to him; to son Jobe Worden ye sum of five s by reason I have already gave his portion to him; to daughter Elizabeth wife of Jonath Merritt 5 s by reason I have already gave her portion to her; to daughter Thankful wife of Sam Worden 5 s by reason I have already gave her portion to her; the island now known as Capts island be sold and ye money of ye purchase to be equally divided between my daughters Hopestill and Marget Wordens.

The reference to “his double portion” for Daniel is explained by the practice of awarding equal shares to all children except the eldest son, and two equal shares to him. There is no guarantee in the language of the will that there were no further living children, nor any grandchildren from deceased children. However, the tenor of the language implies this, in that four children were given a token five shillings each, just to be recognized in the will, having already received their meaningful shares. This too was common practice.