Person:Pepin the Hunchback (1)

Pepin "the Hunchback"
Facts and Events
Name Pepin "the Hunchback"
Gender Male
Birth? 0769 House of Carolingian
Alt Birth[1] Apr 0773 Aachen,Rhineland,,Prussia
Christening? 12 Apr 0781 Roma, Lazio, ItalyBy Pope Adran I
Alt Death? 8 Jul 0810 Milano, Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Ancestral File Number Q302212?
Death? 0811 Prüm, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Occupation? Koning der LOMBARDEN van Italie

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Pepin, or Pippin the Hunchback (French: Pépin le Bossu, German: Pippin der Buckelige; c. 769 – 811) was the eldest son of Charlemagne. Born to the Frankish noblewoman Himiltrude, Pepin probably developed kyphosis after birth, leading early medieval historians to give him the epithet "hunchback". He lived with his father's court after Charlemagne dismissed his mother and took another wife, Hildegard. Around 781, Pepin's half brother Carloman was rechristened as "Pepin of Italy"—a step that may have signaled Charlemagne's decision to disinherit the elder Pepin, for a variety of possible reasons. In 792, Pepin the Hunchback revolted against his father with a group of leading Frankish nobles, but the plot was discovered and put down before the conspiracy could put it into action. Charlemagne commuted Pepin's death sentence, having him tonsured and exiled to the monastery of Prüm instead. Since his death in 811, Pepin has been the subject of numerous works of historical fiction.

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  4.   Summary of Pippin "the Hunchback" (Carloman)

    Name: Pippin "the Hunchback" (Carloman)

    Father: Charles I "Charlemagne" , King of Aquitaine
    Mother: Himiltrude/Hildegarde , of Swabia
    Facts and Events
    Birth April, 773, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia.
    Death 7-8-810, Milan, Italy.
    Bertha , Queen of Italy Father: William , Count of Toulouse Mother unknown
    Marriage ~795.
    Bernard , King of Italy

    Louis I "The Pious" , "The Fair"