Person:Ounaconoa Moytoy (1)

Ounaconoa Muskrat Moytoy, 2nd Wife
b.abt 1720
  1. Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller1710 - 1792
  2. Ounaconoa Muskrat Moytoy, 2nd Wifeabt 1720 -
m. abt 1740
  1. Black Beard Cornstalk1735 -
  2. Black Wolf1741 -
  3. John Wolf1750 -
  4. Chief Peter Cornstalk, II1755 -
  5. Susannah Cornstalk1757 -
Facts and Events
Name Ounaconoa Muskrat Moytoy, 2nd Wife
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1720
Marriage abt 1740 to Chief Hokoleskwa Cornstalk

Ounaconoa’s brothers and uncles were of the Principal Chiefs, members of the 1730 Delegation to King George II. Their portraits hang in the British Royal Museum in London. Ounaconoa‘s brother Fivekiller, a member of the delegation, married Tame Doe. Their daughters, Nancy Moytoy, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, married Bryant Ward, and Elizabeth Kittegusta Moytoy married Chief John Walker. N1

  1.   The Death of Chief Peter Cornstalk (III) By Freda Cruse Phillips