Person:Nicholas Davies (1)

Nicholas Davies
Facts and Events
Name[1] Nicholas Davies
Alt Name[1][2] Nicholas Davis
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1594 Stepney, Greater London, England
Marriage Abt 1620 Stepney, Middlesex, England(based on age of child)
to Sarah Unknown
Emigration[1] 1634

Nicholas was married before 1620, when the first of three children were baptized at St Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex to "Nicholas Davis of Wappingwall, tailor, and Sarah his wife."

22 March 1634/5: "Nicholas Davies," aged 40, "Sara Davies," aged 48, and "Joseph Davies", aged 13, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Planter with a certificate from Stepney. Daughter Mary would have been about 9 at the time may have been omitted, or she may have sailed at another time.

1637: Was caught up in the "Antimonian" crisis of 1637, refused to recant, and chose to emigrate with his pastor, Thomas James, who'd been invited by Roger Williams to settle in Rhode Island. ("From Emigrants to Rulers," NEHGR, 131:16).

But it looks like he returned:

"The Charlestown Oligarchy in 1638," NEHGR 131:27: 67. Davis, Mr. Nicholas 1595-1670; m Sarah 1586-; tailor, merchant, tavernkeeper (Antimonian); Wapping, Stepney, Middlesex; 53.5 (acres in 1638); (in Chas.) 1635; Newport, 1637; Woburn, 1642; Boston, 1650; Barnstable; Newport. 24 May 1648: was alive at the time his wife died in Woeburn.

7 Jul 1648: Nicholas Davis of Charlestown sold to William Reade of Muddy River a house and lands in Woburn, described in a bill of sale in Suffolk Deeds, Book 1, p. 93.

Apparently became a Quaker. S2

In his will, dated 27 April 1667 and proved 5 July 1670, "Nicholas Daviss of Yorke" named his "cousin Mathew Barnard of Boston the wife of Mathew Barnard," "cousin William Locke of Owborne", "daughter Astine & her two children Mary & Sarah Austine," "Mary Dod, Elizaeth Dod & Mehitabell Dod," "my beloved wife Elizabeth Davis."

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    Origin: St Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex Migration: 1635 on the Planter First Residence: Charlestown
    Birth: About 1595 (aged 40 in 1635) [Hotten 43]
    Death: Between 27 Apr 1667 (date of will) and 12 Mar 1669/70 (date of inventory), probably closer to the latter.
    Marriage: 1) By 1620 Sarah ___, born about 1586 (48 in 1635). She died at Woburn 24 Mar 1643 [WoVR 2:51].
    2) Woburn 12 Jul 1643 Elizabeth Isaac [WoVR 3:73] (probably widow of Joseph Isaac).

The Planter (1635)
Part of the Great Migration. This was the Planter's second voyage to New England under Nicholas Trerise.
Sailed: April 1635 from London, England under Mr. Nicol. Trarice (Nicholas Trerise)
Arrived: 7 Jun 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts.

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Resources: Primary Sources: Passenger list from Totten Founders of New England, NEHGR 14:302