Person:Naythawayne Shawnee (1)

Naythawayne SHAWNEE
b.Est 1790
  1. Naythawayne SHAWNEEEst 1790 - 1840
  1. Wal-kos-ka-ka _____Est 1818 - 1865
  2. Nah-swah-pa-ma _____Est 1820 - Est 1856
  3. Pa-se-quah-mea-se _____Est 1825 - 1857
  4. Way-lahsk-se _____1827 - 1869
  5. May-thahsk-se _____1827 - 1827
  6. Wapameapto "Big Jim" SHAWNEE1834 - 1900
Facts and Events
Name Naythawayne SHAWNEE
Unknown[1][7][11] Nay-thah-way-nah _____
Alt Name[12] Paukeesa Shawnee
Alt Name[2][3][5][10] Pugeshashenwa _____
Alt Name[2] Panther in the Act of Seizing Its Prey _____
Alt Name[3][10] Cat About to Leap upon Its Prey _____
Alt Name[4] Puchethei _____
Alt Name[4] Crouching, Watching His Prey _____
Alt Name Naythawaynah _____
Alt Name[12] Crouching Panther _____
Gender Male
Birth[8] Est 1790
Alt Birth[4] Est 1796
Marriage to Sacomse UNKNOWN
Military[3][10] CanadaOfficer in the British Army
Residence[3] Canada
Residence[3][10] Shawnee, Wyandotte, Kansas, United States
Residence[4] Ohio, United States
Residence[4] "beyond the Mississippi"
Alt Death[4] Aft 1826
Death[11] 1840
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    Tecumseh grew into a man who possessed an intangible,
    and undescribable aura of a leader to follow anywhere,
    anytime. They say that there were many women who
    wished to become the wife of Tecumseh. He did accept a
    maiden to cook for him, and attend to his needs, but
    without the ritual of marriage.
    Tecumseh did marry Mohnetohse and she gave birth to a
    son who was named Mahyawwekawpawe. He invoked the
    ancient Shawnee marital law, to divorce her because she
    did not take care of their son. He took his son and
    put him into the raising care of his sister,
    Tecumapese, ordering Mohnetohse to be away from him

    Upon the urging of his tribesmen, he married second,
    Mamate, a slightly older woman in order to relieve his
    sister of taking care of his son. However, when Mamate
    gave birth, she was so weak that she soon died in the
    night.. Tecumseh named this son Naythawaynah — the
    Panther Seizing Its Prey, and Tecumapese was now in
    charge of raising both sons.

    In an earlier article it was mentioned of a possible
    potential marriage to a frontiersman's daughter,
    Rebecca Galloway. This is only one of stories about
    this romantic leader of Indians. Another rumored
    relationship, or marriage, though not proven, is that
    Tecumseh as a young man married a girl named Tompkins
    here in northwest Ohio and that there were children who
    retained the name Tompkins.

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    This man was one of the signers of the Sam Houston Treaty on 23 Feb 1836

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    Thomas Wildcat Alford is listed as a great grandson of Tecumseh.
    Thomas Wildcat Alford's mother was a sister of Big Jim.
    Big Jim and his sister were children of Tecumseh's son who died in Mexico in 1911.

    It is unclear who the 1911 death refers to, but it isn't likely Naythawayne.

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