Person:Nathaniel Collins (4)

m. 20 Nov 1628
  1. Daniel CollinsAbt 1629 - Aft 1658
  2. Rev. John Collins1631/32 - 1687
  3. Sybil CollinsEst 1634 - 1672
  4. Ensign Samuel Collins1636 - 1695/96
  5. Martha Collins1639 - Bef 1674
  6. Rev. Nathaniel Collins1642 - 1684
  7. Abigail Collins1644 - 1673/74
  8. Edward CollinsAbt 1646 - Aft 1663/64
  9. Phebe CollinsEst 1648 - 1653
  • HRev. Nathaniel Collins1642 - 1684
  • WMary WhitingEst 1644 - 1709
m. 3 Aug 1664
  1. Mary Collins1666 - 1722
  2. John Collins1667/68 -
  3. Susanna Collins1669 - 1711/12
  4. Sybil Collins1672 - Bef 1684
  5. Martha Collins1674 - 1748
  6. Rev. Nathaniel Collins1677 - 1756
  7. Abigail Collins1681 - 1758
  8. Samuel Collins1683 - 1683
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Rev. Nathaniel Collins
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][4] 7 Mar 1642 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Degree[1][2] 1660 Harvard College.
Marriage 3 Aug 1664 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Whiting
Ordination[1][2][3] 4 Nov 1668 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesMinister at Middletown.
Alt Death[1][6] 21 Dec 1684 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Escape or Runaway[6] Aft 21 Dec 1684 1679-01-09. Taken by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White & William Warde.
Death[1][2][3][5] 28 Dec 1684 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Probate[6] 24 Mar 1684/85 Administration to the widow.
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    6. Rev. Nathaniel2 Collins (Edward1, JohnA-B) was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 7 March 1641/2, and died in Middletown, Connecticut, on 28 December 1684 (probate record says 21 December), aged 42. … Nathaniel graduated from Harvard, Class of 1660, and finished advanced study there in 1663. He moved to Middletown by 1664, where he was one of the early settlers. Nathaniel and his brother Samuel2 were admitted freemen on 9 May 1667. Probate of Nathaniel’s estate was begun in Middletown after December 1684. Nathaniel was ordained minister of the First Church of Christ in Middletown on 4 November 1668, succeeding Rev. Samuel Stow. Nathaniel died, quite prematurely and unexpectedly, in 1684. After a vacancy of four years, he was succeeded by Rev. Noadiah Russell."

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    "4. Rev. Nathaniel2 Collins (Dea. Edward1), born in Cambridge, Mch. 7, 1642, Harvard College 1660, was a minister, and was ordained pastor of the church at Middletown, Nov. 4, 1668. He had lands recorded to him at Middletown, Jan. 24, 1664. He is one of Cotton Mather's worthies, of whom the Magnolia says: 'There were more wounds given [by his death] to the whole colony of Connecticut in our New England, than the body of Cæsar did receive, when he fell wounded in the senate-house.' … He died Dec. 28, 1684."

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    "Nathaniel (Collins), Middletown, s. of deac. Edward, ord. 4 Nov. 1668, m. 3 Aug. 1664, Mary, d. of William Whiting of Hartford, d. 28 Dec. 1684, had Mary, b. 11 May 1666; John, 31 Jan. 1668; Susanna, 26 Nov. 1669; Sibyl, 20 Aug. 1672, d. young; Martha, 26 Dec. 1674; Nathaniel, 13 June 1677, H. C. 1697; Abigail, 31 July 1681; and Daniel, or Samuel, 16 Apr. 1683, d. in 1 wk. His wid. d. 26 Oct. 1709. Mary m. Jan. 1685, John Hamlin; Susanna m. 26 May 1692, William Hamlin; and Abigail m. 1702, William Ward; but she may have been d. of Samuel."

  4. Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital Records of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to the Year of 1850. (Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1914-15)

    "Collens, … Nathanael, s. Edward and Martha, [born] Mar. 7, 1642."

  5. Middletown Vital Records [NEHGS], in Connecticut, United States. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records

    "Collins, Nathaniel, Rev., d. Dec 28, 1684 [LR1:13]"

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    "Probate Records. Vol. IV, 1677 to 1687. Page 221-2-3.

    Collins, Nathaniel, Middletown. Died 21 December, 1684, Invt. 1679-01-09. Taken by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White & William Warde.

    The children of the Decd are: Mary, age 18 years, John 16, Susannah 14, Martha 11, Nathaniel 7, and Abigail, 4 years of age.

    Court Record, Page 92—4 September, 1684: Mr. John Whiting, Mr. Joseph Whiting, Mr. John King in Right of Mrs. Sarah his wife, and Mr. Nathaniel Collins in Right of Mrs. Mary his wife, are plaintiffs; Corporall Thomas Bissell, Defendant; in an Action of the Case of unlawfull detaining from them their proportion of Land now in your possession, sometime the Land of their Father Mr. William Whiting, Decd, given them by the last Will of their Father.

    Page 105—24 March, 1684-5: Adms. granted to Mary Collins. This Court do appoint Mr. Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White & Deacon John Hall to be Overseers to the sd. Widow & Children, & the Estate is to be dist., to the Relict £57, To John (Eldest son) £147, and the rest of the Children are to have £73 apeice.

    Page 64 (Vol. V) 6 December, 1693: This Court appoint Capt. Nathaniel White & Deacon John Hall to Dist. to the Widow & Children of Mr. Nathaniel Collins his Estate according to the Order of the Court as followeth: To the Relict 1-3 part of Real Estate during life, & to John his Double portion, & to each of the rest of the Children their single portions of sd. Estate.

    Page 146—(Vol. XIII, Probate Side) : We the Subscribers, being the heirs or Legatees of the Estate of our honoured Father, Mr. Nathaniel Collins, and our honoured Mother, Mrs. Mary Collins, both Deceased, being sensible of the necessity of mutual acting something that may prevent all future debates and controversies rcfering to the Estate above mentioned, we do therefore, in pursuance thereof, all as one thus agree: That we do all of us rest contented in and do hereby acknowledge ourselves full satisfied in what Capt. White and Deacon Hall did in the first Dist. of our Father's Estate made by them do and among us the heirs and Legatees. And also further, we having after our honoured Mother's decease made choice of our Brother Mr. John Hamlin and Capt. White to dist. to and among us our honoured Mother's Estate, do also rest contented in and do hereby acknowledge ourselves satisfied in the Dist. made by the above mentioned Gentlemen, Mr. John Hamlin & Capt. White, And that we do take, the several things set out to us by them out of the. Moveables of our Mother's Estate without any contention or difference. And we do hereby promise and engage to and with each other we will not at any time after signing of this by any means contend and differ with one an other with respect to the Estate, either in whole or in part, above mentioned, That being completed according to the Dist. entered in our Father's Book. And we do set to our hands & Seals this 5th day of May, 1712.

    John Hamlin in behalf of his wife.
    Mary Hamlin alias Collins. LS.
    John Collins. LS.
    Nath: Collins. LS.
    William Hamlin. LS.
    Thomas Hurlbut. LS.

    Witness: Israhiah Wetmore, Thomas Anderson."